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The Day of Arafah – its determination and practices

Maulana Shaykh Nazim’s elaboration on this year’s Hajjul Akbar 1st Nov 2011 A’uzubillah himinash shaitan nirrajeem Bismillah-hir Rahman-nir Raheem Assalamu’alaikum wrh wbkt (Maulana first spoke on this matter on the 28th of July this year (2011), predicting that although the … Continue reading

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13 Capitoli di Buon Comportamento (Parte 2)

In questa sintesi, Maulana fornisce consigli semplici ma chiari sul aver cura dei poveri, tenendo incontri spirituali per il grande pubblico, avverte di astenenersi dal consentire ai giovani di star fuori dopo Maghreb, di evitare di rimanere in città affollate e congestionate, di insegnare ai nostri figli ad utilizzare le loro abilità pratiche con le mani per guadagnarsi il proprio sostentamento, di sposarsi in fretta, consigli riguardo le famiglie e le loro donne, e la necessità di istituire un fondo centrale chiamato Baitul Mal per aiutare i membri meno fortunati della comunità. Continue reading

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The tragic end of Osama bin Laden

Osama bin Laden has been a controversial figure in the Muslim world. Some view him as a true Islamic warrior, others, as a murderer and terrorist. Is his death that of a martyr or otherwise? Maulana skillfully dissects Osama’s actions and motives, explaining to the mureeds a very important lesson as to why Tariqah is so important, for it is the only means of subduing the Ego. Maulana says, we are all servants – either to our Egos, or to our Lord. One who returns to Allah as a slave to his Ego, has lost his honour, forever.

This is perhaps one of the most important Suhbahs ever Summarised, it is for anyone who seeks to know what religion is really all about. The aim of religion is so simple, so fundamental, but shaitan has distracted us from the true destination – it is like a student who enrolls in the best University, who goes to campus everyday, and participates in so many campus activities (like Sports, Social work, running the Campus newsletter and standing for elections on the Student Council etc) – he does everything, except study, and in the end he fails his examinations.

Today’s believers are doing just that – they are aimlessly going through the motion of performing the religious rituals, but they are not tasting or feeling anything real, for they have left out the most important ingredient of the meal. Food without salt is tasteless, just as drinks without sugar is. Each time we have whip up a gourmet meal, shaitan ensures that we forget the salt and sugar. Because religion is so tasteless today, people are seeking to taste from the enjoyment of dunia instead.

Read this Suhbah slowly and with a real desire to understand what has gone wrong in our lives. Maulana has laid out our most important struggle in religion, clearly for us to see.

May Allah bestow us all with understanding and wisdom, ameen! Continue reading

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Four Divine Orders for all Mankind

We have entered a long tunnel that will lead, via the Armageddon, to the arrival of Mahdi (as). Maulana says, “We are passing through a very difficult tunnel. You can’t imagine the fear and the terribleness of that tunnel through which people must pass in order to reach the time of Mahdi (as)! Cleanliness is a main condition for being protected. Dirty ones will never be protected as they are put in the dustbin and taken away. Try to be clean ones with clean minds, clean hearts, clean bodies, clean tongues, clean work (source of sustenance), and clean intentions! If not, like garbage, you will be taken away. Who becomes unclean cannot be at the time of Mahdi (a), when there will be no more unclean people; there will only be Paradise people at the time of Mahdi (a) and no more Hell’s people, they are finished! May Allah grant you to be Paradise people, and forgive me.”

So only Paradise-bound ones will emerge from the end of this Tunnel of Subjugation! Read the four Orders that were revealed by inspiration into the heart of our beloved Warner, and make the necessary changes that you must, in order to survive the unfolding events. Continue reading

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Secrets of Damascus and Blessings of Guests: 9th November 2010

In these two short snippets, Maulana speaks about the Blessings of Damascus (Sham Shareef), and the special significance of Mount Qasiyyun. He also touches on the type of advice that can penetrate the hearts, as well as the blessings that guests bring. Continue reading

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Allah likes to see His servants happy: 1st November 2010

In this Suhbah, Maulana advised Shaykh Kayyal on six specific matters – how to stand like a servant during prayers, to stop at the appropriate places when reading a Surah, to keep prayers swift and brief when being the Imam, to sport beards, to be happy ones who made people laugh, as well as to the purpose of advising one another. It is a brief Suhbah, but full of bite-sized delicacies! Continue reading

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