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We are living in troubled times.

There is upheaval and unrest throughout the world. War. Terror. Global warming. Pollution. Exploitation. Human trafficking. Persecution. Racism. Slavery.

Then there is manipulation of information. The deceit of advertisements. The rat race. The insatiable appetite of Man for wealth, power and domination.

And then there is drug addiction. Prostitution. The emergence of a promiscuous lifestyle, a decadent life filled with pleasure-seeking, no matter how repungent or repulsive the means to acquire it.

Welcome to the end of the End of Times.

In every Holy Book, these troubled times, heralding the approach of Armageddon, and the end of this world as we know it, has been written of.

In the past, hushed whispers emerged, as the Signs of the Last Days began to trickle forth. Now, it is blaring loud and clear, we are smack in the middle of these feared times.

In the midst of all this uncertainty, Man’s Soul cannot find the peace he seeks. All the pubbing and clubbing he indulges in, all the wealth he acquires and entertainment he immerses himself in, cannot bring him the peace he so desperately seeks.

Your Soul is a heavenly being, it cannot find satisfaction in this realm of physicality. It can only find what it seeks from that realm where it came from, the unseen, the Spiritual Station from whence it was despatched.

“It is only in the remembrance of Allah, that hearts find peace.” (Quran 13:28)

This website seeks to be a window into the world of Saintly teachings, opening a portal of a refreshing heavenly breeze that brings serenity and tranquility into your hearts.

You need not be a follower of the Tariqah in order to partake of that breeze. You need not even be a Muslim.

You only need to be seeking.

You must want to understand the Divine purpose for your creation. You must want to seek that inner peace that has eluded you thus far.

Seek and you shall find.

The Lord Almighty will never turn you away.

“Oh Muhammad, if My Servants ask you about Me, tell them, I am close to them, closer to them than their jugular veins.” (Quran 50:16)

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