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13 Chapters of Good Advice (Part 1)

In these series of short advices, Maulana gives pertinent advice on how to remain healthy, what to do when one is pregnant, the need to scrutinize the Suhbahs carefully, and whether Umrah/Haj is permitted this year. The second part will follow shortly insyaAllah. Continue reading

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Sayyidatina Nafisah at-Thohirah

Rare Lady Saint of the Egpytians [Excerpted from From the Light of Ahl al-Bayt: My Spiritual Experiences Unveiled] by Imam Metawalli ash-Sha`rawi Sayyida Nafisa was born in Makkah on the 11th of Rabi`a al-Awwal, the same night that the Prophet … Continue reading

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