“Oh My servant, I am happy with you!”


Summary of Maulana Shaykh Nazim’s daily Suhbahs

11th April 2010, Sunday

“Oh My servant, I am happy with you!”

A’uzubillah himinash shaitan nirrajeem

Bismillah-hir Rahman-nir Raheem

Assalamualaikum wrh wbkt

  • Mawlana began by reciting A’uzubillah himinash shaitan nirrajeemand Bismillah-hir Rahman-nir Raheem, explaining that the recitation of these verses cleans us of the filth that Shaytan is always throwing at us. Since Shaytan is doing so at every opportunity, we must be in constant recitation of Bismillah-hir Rahman-nir Raheemwe must recite this so often, to the point that those around us wonder if we have been transformed into a different person (compared to when we never used to read this so often)!
  • Mawlana then made a prayer, “Oh my Lord, increase me in knowledge, Oh Allah, grant me knowledge that is beneficial.” Such beneficial knowledge, with which we are asked to pray for, consists of the entire knowledge brought by Rasulullah (saw).
  • Spiritually drunk people, are those who seek other than this knowledge, for a drunk one cannot differentiate reality from illusion, and he lives in his own world of fantasy and imagination – he has drowned himself in the Shaytanic world of day-dreaming. (Man lives in a make-believe world of worry, uncertainty and fear. He worries about his future, his wealth, his life, and he invents scenarios full of ‘what ifs’ such as “What if I fall sick in my old age? What if I can’t afford to send my kids to a good school? What if my investments don’t bear fruit? What if I am not re-elected? What if I become poor? What if I don’t insure my house, my shop, my life? What if…?”
  • Why is Man always worried, unhappy and upset? He is always forecasting and fearing about what is in the future, whereas what he worries about never materializes in the end! This is a way of life that is whispered by Shaytan into our hearts, making us worry and live fearfully about the unseen worldly problems that may lie ahead. Such worry and fear (about potential problems in dunya) is a useless act that drains us emotionally and destroys our faith in Allah.
  • Mawlana also asked why so many religious scholars are always stern and grouchy, why have they made themselves unapproachable and why are they always treating other harshly, as if this was part of the pre-requisite of being a learned one? By acting so, they have created a special ‘level’ for themselves, as if they are superior to other believers of this Nation. Have they not heard of the hadith, “Give good tidings and do not repel people?”
  • Allah says in the Holy Qur’an “Say: “In the bounty of Allah, and in His Mercy – in that let them rejoice, that is better than the (wealth) they hoard.” (Quran 10:58)
  • Allah wants His servants to be happy! We must be happy that we have been created as human beings. We must be happy to be servants to One who is Merciful and Bountiful. We must be grateful to have been bestowed life and pleasure, goodness and blessings by a Generous One. We must be thankful that we have been created by a Kind One and showered with blessings by a Gentle One, who knows our needs intimately. Why then is Man constantly worrying, fearful, angry, sorrowful, complaining and frowning?
  • We must be so happy and cheerful all the time, so much so that people around us would pause and ask us, “Why are you so happy?” And we must recite the Quranic verse above to them, saying, “I have a Lord Most Merciful who is showering mercy upon me, in that I take my joy! I am happy to be in my Lord’s endless Blessings Oceans!” Allah prepared these Oceans so that we would be happy, so call people to this understanding so that people are to be pleased with what Allah has decreed upon them. We must be happy that Allah Almighty has granted us from His endless mercy, to be His servants.
  • It is a Commandment of Allah that we be happy, so we should stop scowling and frowning at every tiny inconvenience! Mawlana said we must be joyful, not just a little bit, but we must be filled with joy to have been created and to be receiving what Allah has decreed for us from His Blessing Oceans.
  • A hadith says, “Give good tidings and do not repel people.” We must spread the joy amongst the believers – teach everyone to be happy with what Allah is bestowing to them, in their lives! Every representative of Rasulullah (saw) has been ordered to be a joyful one and to spread that cheer. Hence we should not be grouchy, grumbling ones who are always unhappy and complaining, and neither should religious guides conduct their lessons in a serious, somber and sorrowful manner. No, do not be like that – instead be happy ones! Allah is happy, when His servants are happy!
  • So we should show Muslims the way to be happy with their Lord, for, true happiness lies in being with Allah, not with dunya. Whoever abandons the company of Allah, and seeks the (temporary) companionship of dunya, with fall into endless sorrow.
  • The rich and always monitoring commodity prices, and when their stocks fall, they are filled with sorrow and worry; they are unable to enjoy the pleasures of dunya. When their stock prices skyrocket, then they are filled with happiness. Such is the meaningless cycle of worldly sorrow and joy, of the rich (but foolish) ones. They take their sorrow and joy from this meaningless dunya, instead of being joyous when they are with Allah, and being sorrowful at the thought of being far from Him. People of understanding, are contented with a simple plate of food, they are thankful that the food did not bring them any disease or suffering, and they are quick to recite Alhamdulillah, Syukrulillah.
  • Why are we so worried about dunya? Rasulullah (saw) said, “If this world was worth a mosquito’s wing in the sight of Allah, He would not have given a disbeliever a single gulp of water to drink.” (Narrated by At-Tirmidhi) (see Suhbah dated 24/03/10). Mawlana said, write this hadith with golden letters and put it everywhere so that people may acquire peace within themselves and never again be sorrowful at the loss of their dunya!
  • One who understands this will not fret even if his oil wells dried up. He will simply say, “It is okay, Alhamdulillah. He, the Almighty, is granting and He, is taking.” We must use the wealth He bestows us, for fisabilillah (for the path of Allah – for feeding the poor and for performing good deeds with it), it will bring us so much happiness.
  • So even if your source of sustenance dries up (or if you are facing any hardship or difficulties), still you must be happy, do not show sorrow, or seek sympathy from others. You must always say, “Oh our Lord, Oh our Lord, if You are happy with us, that is our capital! Nothing is better than to be in Your Divine Presence on the Day of Resurrection and to hear the Lord of Heavens saying, “Oh My servant, I am happy with you!”Anyone who has been told that Allah is pleased/happy with him, even if he were to be thrown through the seven Hells, the fires of the seven Hells would be extinguished by the pleasure, enjoyment and happiness in the heart of such a person! Allahu Akbar! Is there any happiness beyond this?
  • Do not curse anyone, even if he has brought you misfortune, for it is His Will that such a person was created, and when you are unhappy with such a trouble-maker, it means that you are unhappy with His Will, and that will backfire at you, resulting in your loss, not the person whom you cursed. So make Him happy, tolerate those around you patiently. It is sad that today, some Muslims are cursing Muslims from other sects and even declaring them as kafir (disbelievers), even though it is forbidden to declare someone who recites La ilaha illAllah as a disbeliever. Mawlana warned such Muslims to beware of Divine Anger.
  • Salafi scholars have taken it upon themselves to declare so many acts of believers as kufur (disbelief), shirk (idolatry), bida’ah(blameworthy innovations) and Haram (forbidden). Who gave them that authority, to declare rulings based on their shallow understanding? Mawlana said, “Do not cause people to run away from Islam (by such an extremist and fanatical interpretation of Islam).” That is a big crime, to drive people away from Islam by their un-Islamic ways and behavior!
  • The Prophet (saw) had said, “Make it easy, and do not make it difficult.” In the Holy Qur’an, it is stated that ‘The Prophet (saw) speaks only by Divine inspirations, not from his own desire,’ (Quran: 53:3). So why are these Wahhabi scholars not obeying this Divine Command? So many Kings, governments and officials are making things difficult for Muslims and Mankind in general – they will be hauled before Allah and they will be questioned as to why they did not make it easy for people, and they will be punished for the hardship they brought upon others!
  • Many Muslim leaders have allowed Shaytan to convince them to implement unjust laws and practices. Shaytan has a huge arsenal of tricks and traps, and it offers the leaders convenient excuses to put into place laws that defy the Qur’an. Mawlana reminded these leaders to follow the Holy Qur’an! Follow the Holy Shari’ah! Follow Heavenly orders! Fulfil everyone’s rights, do be oppress people, do not be dzalim (an oppressor). No excuses will be accepted or tolerated in the Divine Court on Judgment Day. On that Day, these leaders will have their hands and necks bound by iron chains, and they will be brought before their citizens and subjects. If the citizens and subjects say, “As the leader, he did his best for us!” then the chains will be opened. Only then will personal judgment of that King or Leader begin. It is not easy to be a leader, which makes it very amazing why more people are seeking to become leaders in today’s world. It is a temporary and altogether useless pleasure in this world, and it brings with it a heavy responsibility in Akhirah.
  • Sayyidina Umar (ra), when he was appointed as the Amirul Mu’mineen(Leader of the Faithful), wept inconsolably. When he was questioned as to why he was weeping, he said, “Umar will be questioned on the Day of Resurrection, should a single sheep be eaten by a wolf (when I am leader), or should a camel slip on the banks of the Nile and breaks its leg.” For the entire period that he was the Amirul Mu’mineen, not a single wild animal attacked a domestic animal! One day, a shepherd in Dijla (a place very far away from Madina) saw a wolf running off with a lamb of his, and he deduced, “The Amirul Mu’mineenhas passed away!” and he was right. Sayyidina Umar (ra) ruled with such perfect justice, that it prevailed even in the animal kingdom! He was a fair and just leader, yet so many leaders today are tyrants and oppressors. Hell is a Valley of Fire for leaders who oppress their people!
  • So be happy, be patient, do not complain, tolerate what is inconvenient, smile and bear with difficulties, do not curse people and fulfill the rights of others. All this for the sake of hearing this from Allah on Judgment Day, “Oh My servant, I am happy with you!” Ameen, ya Rabbal ‘Alameen!


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