From heart to heart, there is a secret connection

Summary of Maulana Shaykh Nazim’s Daily Suhbah

22nd March 2010, Monday

From heart to heart, there is a secret connection

A’uzubillah himinsh shaitan nirrajeem

Bismillahir Rahman-nir Raheem

Assalamu’alaikum wrh wbkt

  • Maulana said that those who are making effort to attend these nightly lessons, are humble ones, they are gathered nightly to hear heavenly declarations, to hear Divine advice that has been dispensed to His Prophets. Such attendees are covered in Divine protection, yet despite such benefits, so many make feeble excuses to miss these lessons. It is an immense, immeasurable loss, to skip such lessons. Nothing is as precious, as each lesson is a blessed Heavenly Breath upon its listeners, refreshing their faith and regenerating their spiritual strength. It is a heavenly meal, revitalizing our weakened spirits, providing much needed fortification and reinforcements to our Souls. Allah sends down Oceans of heavenly pleasures, blessings, enjoyment and happiness on those attending, so all those who are missing these Suhbahs, must be ashamed of themselves and be filled with regret, for they have turned their backs on a golden opportunity to understand themselves and their Lord. Maulana sent his salams on attendees, and he praised them for giving a high priority to such heavenly lessons, and for valuing every word that is being taught to them. Even if a human being gave the highest respect for just one word from Allah, it is a blessing and honour for him. So give your full attention, oh attendees, to these Suhbahs, so that you can begin to understand about your Lord.
  • Maulana then recited A’uzubillahi minasy syaitan nirrajeem, seeking protection from the fallen, cursed one, who seeks to make it difficult for attendees to attend these lessons, and he tries to place obstacles in their path, so that they are unable to understand these lessons. Allah says in the Holy Qur’an,

Lo! the devil is for man an open foe. (Quran 17:53)

  • Why aren’t Scholars/Teachers preaching this to the entire Nation (Ummat)? Maulana says it is incumbent for us to use all means available to us (media/tv/radio/internet/print etc) to spread advice to the Nation of Muhammad (saw). We must be a source of benefit to our fellow humans, so ask ourselves, what are we doing to spread heavenly teachings and advice? We must teach humans who is our most dangerous enemy! Only one who is heedless will neglect this compulsory duty. Those who neglect this duty, and are obedient to shaitan, will grow old as senile people, while senility never touches those obedient to Allah.
  • Why does Maulana repeat some matters so many times during his lessons? Repetition builds strength of understanding within us, for these repetitions have been arranged by the Divine.
  • Your Lord Allah, is the Lord Almighty, He is the One and Only, all else are His servants, His creation. It is odd that many of His creations want to be the Lord too. They want to be honoured and to be idolized, they want to be obeyed and bowed to, yet only Allah is Lord of the Universe – the rest of creation, especially Man, must realize his position as His servant. Divinity is only for Allah, no creation, from pre-eternity to eternity, will ever sit in that position, none can be alongside his Lord at that level. Lordship is solely His, it is a distinction that is exclusively His. None in creation can, or will, ever be there.
  • Allah is All Powerful, He can command an atom to perform any act, and that atom will obey and fulfill whatever Allah has commanded. Allah can command a single atom to fulfill all of Man’s needs, and it will be done. He can bring any creature/being/object into existence by simply commanding it to exist! When Maulana mentioned Allah’s greatness, he stood up to honour Him. Even a King must stand before Allah! If not for Him, for whom will we stand to give honour and respect to? Even if we stood all our lives to respect and honour Him, we would not have shown Him the respect befitting Him.
  • It is written through history books, that the people of Iraq were persistent troublemakers. The then Khalifa, who was in Damascus, said, ‘I am sending to those people, who have left the sunnah of the Holy Prophet (saw), a guide. I like to teach them how they must be, I am going to teach them the way of Islam, so that they should be good ones. They should throw away shaitan and shaitan’s scholars and shaitan’s followers. I am asking to teach them the highest adab. Then, he sent from Damascus to Basra, Hajjajuz Zalim, one of the famous oppressors. When he reached Basra, he stood on the mimbar and said, “Oh my servant! Stand up and read the Khalifa’s declaration to the people of Iraq, Basra!” And that servant stood up, saying to the people of Basra, “Assalamu’alaikum ya Ahle Basra! Hitab minal khalifa.” No one responded. Hajjajuz Zalim ordered his servant, “Stop! Oh people, I am looking and seeing that you are so dirty people, disobedient people, not knowing adab! Our Khalifah put all his arrows in front of him and he chose the worst poison arrow and sent it to you. That one, is me. And he is also sending a message to you through this Khutbah. Read, once again, Oh my servant, read the proclamation of our Khalifa!” This time, when the greeting was read, everyone stood up and responded, no one dared to sit, everyone, even the flies were standing up and saying “Wa’alaikum salaam, ya Amirul Mu’mineen!” So to stand up, is very good adab, it is a show of respect.
  • We must respect Allah, and those whom He has placed on earth for us to respect, including Kings and Leaders. When a King enters a room, everyone stands as a show of respect, we are actually respecting Malikul Mulk (King of all Kings), we are respecting the One who placed this symbolic figure of respect, on earth. Similarly, when Maulana teaches, do not look at him teaching, but look to the One who has placed him here to bring these lessons, so accord these lessons their due respect, out of your respect for Him.
  • Do not be heedless! Allah dislikes heedlessness in His servants. Heedless people have gone astray, they do not ponder about themselves or the creation around them, and they never understand the wisdom behind each creation. Though no one can understand everything, we must at least try to understand something. We are all weak creatures, but we must try. If any human claims that he is powerful, then Maulana says that he is a liar.
  • Daily, Angels bring down knowledge and guidance, like rain falling from the sky. Look up at the sky, do you see all these descending? No, because we are heedless, we have turned our hearts away from advice, our distracted minds do not ponder about Allah, His creation, or ourselves. Do we think deeply? Do we ask: Who created me, who placed me here on earth, why am I here, where am I going from here, who will take my life, what is the purpose of my creation? Who created the creation? Who am I? Maulana asks why Scholars/Teachers aren’t awakening the sleeping Nation with these questions, for these are the questions that were given to each Prophet to awaken their respective Nations. And these questions were also given to Rasulullah (saw).
  • What did Rasulullah (saw) say, in answer to these questions? Why aren’t Scholars asking the Prophet (saw)? Do they consider him dead in his grave? Allah says in the Holy Qur’an:

Think not of those who are killed in the Way of Allah as dead. Nay, they are alive, with their Lord, and they have provision. (Quran 3:169)

  • Martyrs are those that strove to raise the flag of Islam, and died doing so. So if martyrs are alive, for sure the Prophets (who rank higher) are alive in the Divine Presence! They have attained permanent life in His presence, unlike our imitated temporary existence here.
  • Maulana says that those with polished, clean and shiny hearts, can reflect Divine inspirations to millions of their followers, they can see the condition of their students even when these students are far away. Just like our spectacles or a magnifying glass – the glass must be polished clean for us to see clearly. There was a famous incident, witnessed by thousands of Companions, where Hazrat `Umaar (ra) dispatched an army, making one man called Sariyya (ra) leader (amir) over it. It is said that when Hazrat `Umaar (ra) was delivering the Friday sermon, he shouted loudly “Ya Sariyya al-jabal!” “O Sariyya! [towards] the mountain.” Then a courier came from the army and said: “O Commander of the Faithful! We were on the verge of being defeated when we heard your voice thrice: “Ya Sariyya al-jabal!” So we moved our army back, near the mountain and Allah Most Holy defeated them.” So how was Hazrat ‘Umaar (ra) able to see and speak to someone, thousands of miles away, if not for his clean heart?
  • Maulana says that his own heart is linked to those Masters before him, and what is sent to him, moves his tongue to bring advice to the masses. How are today’s Scholars to attain that, when they desecrate graves, and show no respect to pious people of long ago? They must correct and re-align their beliefs, in order to achieve a connection to these spiritual beings.
  • Human hearts come from one Creator, there is a hidden connection between the hearts of humans, a secret relationship that bonds people’s hearts together. Knowledge can be sent from one heart to another, once a connection is established (like a telephone line). It is a valuable bond to forge, it is an invisible means of propagating/acquiring knowledge. So polish your heart, seek a connection to your guide, to receive inspirations and guidance.


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