Welcoming Ramadhan on the Eve of Ramadhan – Awrads and Actions

Assalamu Alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuhu. The blessed month of Ramadhan is upon us, and it is incumbent on us mureeds of the Naqshbandi Aliyya tariqah to perform some awards in order to welcome the new, holy and blessed month.

In this post, we will introduce you to the awrads and things to do on this blessed night.

1. At the Adhan of Maghrib

Turn towards the Qiblah, face the sky and recite the Doa of the new moon. The doa of the new moon is shown below:

New moon doa

2. Pray Maghrib and do the maghrib adab

3. Read the poem welcoming Ramadhan

After completing solat maghrib and doing the normal adab of solat maghrib, sit down and recite the welcoming maghrib poem. The poem is shown below.

4. Read Suratul Fath 3 times

After reading the poem for welcoming Ramadhan, read suratul Fath (Surah 48 of the Holy Quran). It is encouraged to read this surah 3 times.

The image below shows a hadith with this adab.

5. Doa of Suratul Fath

Next is to read the doa of Suratul Fath. The doa is shown below.

Doa after reciting Suratul Fath

6. Spray Your Face with Rose Water

Spray your face with some rose water to follow the adab of welcoming Ramadhan.

The image below shows a hadith with this adab.

7. Eat some food and prepare for Isha and Tarawih

8. Pray Isha and observe the adabs of isha

9. Pray Tarawih and Witr

Do not forget to read suratul Àlaq (Surah 96) in the first raka of your tarawih prayer. In the first raka’at of terawih tonight, it is encouraged to read the Surah that starts with Iqra’, as it was the first Verse revealed.

Read short verses in the remaining rakas. The file below takes you through the steps and adab of tarawih and witr.

You can view this post to read about the benefits of Tarawih.

May Allah grant us the blessings of Ramadhan, Amin!

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