Mercy Descends with the Adhan

18 March, 2023 by Mawlana Sheikh Muhammad Adil ar-Rabbani(Q)

Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem

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The situation of the country, of the Islamic world to be more accurate, is such that they have messed it up. They do things according to their own minds, whereas what Allah ﷻ and our Holy Prophet ﷺ said are things important to Muslims.

And the most important thing is to call the Adhan. Calling the Adhan is for showing the time of prayers. And in every order, there are countless benefits. Allah ﷻ writes so much Thawab to the one who calls it, and those who listen to it get reward along with him too.

Since several years now, the Adhan has been called from one place. There are the Mu’adhins whose duty is calling the Adhan. It is not their fault that they are not carrying out their duty. They received an order for it to be called from a single place and everyone listens all at once. Nevertheless, it is said in a Hadith Sharif that however far a person’s voice can reach when he calls the Adhan, the more Thawab there is. There is so much virtues. Certainly, it is not when called just once by a voice coming from an electric microphone but for wherever the calling with the person’s actual voice can reach. Even with the microphone, that virtue will be attained. But when just one person does it and others don’t, they are deprived from this virtue. And apart from being deprived from this virtue, there is less mercy. When the Adhan is called in more places and called by people one by one, that virtue is different then. And more mercy descends on the country.

This is an important matter. By the wisdom of Allah ﷻ, before getting up for Tahajjud prayer this morning, we saw Mawlana Shaykh Nazim in a dream. He said, “Call the Adhan.” I said, “Allah Allah! How shall I call it!” Then I started calling it. When I reached “Hayya ‘ala as-Salah”, I realized I was saying it aloud in bed.

This order is important for such situations. And the situation of the country is that the country is shaking. They must make Adhan. Every Mu’adhin must call the Adhan. They shouldn’t be lazy putting the microphones on and just lie. Even if the microphone is on in the city centers, the Mu’adhins must make it in their mosques. Insha’Allah mercy will descends on the country then, and Allah ﷻ will protect us. Iman will also increase, because the situation is very bad.

Both adults and youngsters think about nothing but running after their egos. It is because mercy is cut down. The Adhan reaches up to Sidrat al-Muntaha. It reaches the Great Throne. There is a white rooster there which makes Adhan. It always makes it when the times come. In order to reach it, Adhans must be called on earth as well.

These Adhans call people for Allah’s ﷻ order. They call people five times a day to Allah ‘Azza wa-Jalla so that they come to the presence of Allah ‘Azza wa-Jalla. It is not a simple matter. You cannot say according to your own minds, “Don’t make it. We will press on a button so that it is made all at once.” That is wrong. This can be used, it is ok. But Mu’adhins must call to prayer it in their mosques too. Even if they are not loud enough, Adhan is still important.

Calling the Adhan is from the conditions of Islam to wake up Muslims and to invite Muslims to Allah ‘Azza wa-Jalla. May Allah ﷻ protect us from these strange things. May Allah ﷻ protect us from things that seem good but are not good.

Wa min Allah at-Tawfiq. Al-Fatiha.


Mawlana Sheikh Muhammad Adil ar-Rabbani

18 March 2023/ 26 Sha’ban 1444

Fajr Prayer, Akbaba Dergah, Istanbul

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