Seventy two sects will fall from the Bridge!

Summary of Maulana Shaykh Nazim’s Daily Suhbah

22ndFebruary 2010, Monday

Seventy two sects will fall from the Bridge!

A’uzubillah himinsh shaitan nirrajeem

Bismillahir Rahman-nir Raheem

Assalamu’alaikum wrh wbkt

  • Maulana began by seeking Rasulullah’s (saw) Intercession (shafa’at) and prayed to be given the strength to correct deviant ideas amongst Muslims who do not believe that they are in need of Rasulullah’s (saw) Intercession. He then prayed for us all to be taught knowledge that would make us good servants of Allah.
  • He then recited A’uzubillah, and he said that it is good adab to begin by reciting these holy words, and by doing so, we are distancing ourselves from all groups/sects lead by shaitan – it is our declaration that we have rejected shaitan’s leadership. The Prophet (saw) had said in a hadees, that his Ummah will break into 73 different groups/sects, each with a different ideology, but only one group would attain salvation, only that one group would be bestowed honour, success and safety, in this world and in the hereafter.
  • The Sahabahs asked Rasulullah (saw), “Who is that one group, Oh our beloved one?” Rasulullah (saw) replied, “Those who follow me, and those who follow you, as you are on siratal mustaqeem (the straight path), as you are following me.” Maulana says, there is only one siraat, one bridge, not two, so there is only one group that is on the true path to safety, to Paradise.
  • What about the other 72 sects? Each group will claim that they are following the Seal of Prophets (saw), but they are liars, for, in reality, they are following shaitan. The Prophet (saw) said that if these 72 sects were not with shaitan, they would show Rasulullah (saw) respect. Instead, they disrespect the Prophet (saw), as they are egged on by shaitan to do so, who convinced them that they are on the right path. These 72 groups are rejected and cursed by Allah! Why? Because their leaders and guides are following shaitan.
  • How can we tell who are part of these 72 sects? It is really simple, says Maulana. This Wednesday night, is the Prophet’s (saw) birthday. Those who are happy and who celebrate this event, they are those on the true path, and those who reject Maulidur Rasul, they are those of the 72 deviant sects.
  • Rasulullah (saw) is the Most Beloved, the Most Glorified, the Most Honoured, creation of Allah, and Iblis is deeply envious of Rasulullah (saw), he is jealous of and angry at his honoured position, and he hates to see Rasulullah (saw) being honoured in any way, so he has spread this deviant teaching that to celebrate the Prophet’s (saw) birthday, is an Innovation (bida’ah), an act of Kufr or Shirik. Maulana asks, how can that be? We celebrate our children’s birthdays, and birthdays of those whom we love, yet these are all not at all classified as Innovations, but the moment a Muslim celebrates the birthday of his beloved Prophet (saw), he is deemed as one who has crossed the boundaries of Islam! Did the Prophet (saw) not say to Umar (ra), that a true believer must love Rasulullah (saw), more than everyone, even more than his own self? And do we not celebrate the birthdays of those whom we love?
  • Maulana asks all Muslims who belittle Rasulullah (saw), who is the Most Beloved in Allah’s presence? Who? Whose name is on the Arash (Holy Throne) alongside Allah’s? Allah said in a hadees Qudsi, “If not for your sake, Oh Muhammad, I would not have created this Universe!” These words from Allah are among the great secrets of spirituality, for it was spoken before the creation was created, for the creation was created from the Light, the Noor, of Muhammad. So it was said before time and space were created, for they too, are part of creation. It was a mystical speech, not bound by time and space, not recorded by any pen, not witnessed by any creation other than the Light of Muhammad. In Maulana’s words, it was a One-to-One direct discourse between Allah and Muhammad, with none else present, before there was time and space, before there was any language created for conversation! Subhanallah! Allahu Akbar!
  • Just as Prophet Muhammad (saw) is Allah’s sole Khalifa representing Him in this Universe, there are Khalifas representing the Prophet (saw), and these people are tasked to bring true guidance to the Ummah. Similarly, the most envious, the most cruel and evil one in creation, Iblis, also has his Khalifas, his representatives, who spread mayhem and chaos through deviant teachings that mislead and confuse humans, that lead them to devastating traps from which they may not escape.
  • In the Holy Qur’an, Allah says that all humans of this Ummah are one brotherhood, and they are those who submit (Muslims). Yet many deviant groups break away from others, they spread shaitanic ideas, and they call themselves by names other than Muslims. Curses descend on such deviants, and there should be none alive in half a century, for no such deviant will meet Imam Mahdi (as) or Nabi Isa (as). Many from these sects are envious of Rasulullah (saw), they question the need to respect the Prophet (saw). Maulana says that Allah Himself showers respect on Rasulullah (saw), so who are we to fight His Will and deny Rasulullah (saw) his rightful status and honour?
  • We do not claim to be pure ones, we know that we are steeped in sin, but at least, we do not deride the Prophet (saw) or show him disrespect – we do not assault his honour, and we sincerely hope for his intercession to save our sinful selves. It is a time of fitnah now, a time of wild spreading of deviant and intoxicating teachings from shaitan, people have now become followers to their egos, and their egos are followers of shaitan.
  • We must pray to Allah, so that we are protected from falling into shaitan’s traps. Shaitan has vowed to the Prophet (saw), “Till the end of time, I am not leaving your Ummah to follow you. I shall strive my utmost to make them follow me!” Maulana says that shaitan works day and night to corrupt the Muslims’ true and genuine beliefs into meaningless and skewed ones. That is why, every deviant sect calls itself the true flag bearer of Islam, hiding its deviant teachings within a complicated web of convincing arguments, each designed to deny Prophet Muhammad (saw) his due position and status. They neither love nor respect Rasulullah (saw) and they are envious of him. Each deviant understanding comes with a trap, that will ensnare you and cause you to fall from the Siraat (the Bridge), into the Hell-fire below. So beware, and seek refuge in Allah!
  • This year’s Maulud celebrations will be celebrated on the earth and in the heavens, billions of heavenly voices will praise Allah and His Beloved (saw), every angel will be reciting these praises, and this year, the heavens will be bedecked with Lights that have never ever been seen before, and the hearts of true believers (Mukmins) will revel in the happiness and gaiety of that glorious night, their hearts filled with love for Rasulullah (saw), just as countless believers have done in the preceding centuries!
  • All that we have said in honour of the Prophet (saw), is but an atom when compared to the Ocean of the reality of his true greatness and honour! May Allah send His angels to take away those who envy and hate Rasulullah (saw)…Ameen!


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