Maulana congratulates all rubbish-collectors: 5th November 2010

Summary of Maulana Shaykh Nazim’s Suhbahs

5th November 2010

Maulana congratulates all rubbish-collectors

  • Maulana began with a doa, “Allah Humma inni Ala Zikrika Wa Shukrika Wa Husni Ibadatik,” which means, “Oh Allah, assist me in remembering You, in thanking You, and worshipping You in the most excellent of ways.” Maulana continued, “Glory be to You, we have never praised You as You praised Yourself.”
  • Every word uttered by Rasulullah (saw) was recited with honour. For the entire 23 years that he was preaching, each spoken word brought a rain of endless, countless blessings on all his Companions, be they men or women. The Companions were truly blessed and honoured to have been with him – the Most Glorified One in the Divine Presence – and hence, it is only a blessed one today who listens to the teachings of the Companions, for the rain of blessings has never stopped, they are still raining on those who studiously follow these teachings. Each time we speak of, or glorify the Seal of Prophets (saw), we are showered by these blessings.
  • We must follow Rasulullah’s (saw) example, and utter only blessed words, we must never waste our breath on a single ‘plastic’ word. Greet each other with Assalamu’alaikum, not with other blessing-less utterances (like Good day). Try to be obedient to Rasulullah (saw), for he represents the Lord of Heavens.
  • Oh people, take from the treasures of the Heavens! Why is all of Mankind, from East to West, collecting this dunia? Why is everyone running to collect heaps of rubbish (for that is the reality of this world’s treasures)? Even a heap of gold in dunia, is in reality, a heap of rubbish! Like dogs furiously chasing the elusive rabbit, Man goes out to work everyday with the dream of finally snaring the prey he seeks. Maulana described how, at the end of a long day at work, the tired husband, clad in his tie and work clothes, slumps in the chair and laments all the ‘missed opportunities’ of how he almost made it big, how he almost closed that big deal, how he spent the whole day seeking the rubbish of dunia. These lost ones put on their aprons, and rummage in the ‘rubbish dumps’ daily, seeking more and more of this world’s garbage. Maulana says that dunia is what we flush down out toilets, that is the reality of the ‘treasures’ of this world!
  • Look at what our youth are learning! They are sitting in front of their computers all day. They sport spiky hair, like hedgehogs, and half their hair is dyed green, while the other half is dyed red. They take great pains to decorate the exteriors of their heads, while the interior is devoid of any wisdom or knowledge! Maulana calls these people, empty-headed ones, they look good on the outside, but are hollow, shallow and empty shells on the inside.
  • This is a generation of people, who believe that their goal in life, is to collect as many heaps of rubbish and as much sewage, as humanly possible! Every human being, no matter from which strata of society, is an empty-headed one, if he is running after dunia. Maulana cried out, “Congratulations to you who have happily acquired filth as your life’s mission. You have become a rubbish-collector, congratulations!” Maulana says that Mankind has become blind, obsessed animals, rushing to rubbish-collection centres, incinerators, sewage plants and dumps – all greedily stuffing themselves with filth and excrement. Shaitan claps his hands in glee, egging on humans, with praises (from their peers) and garlands (of recognition). Shaitan is always whispering to you, that you are the best, at this game of acquiring dunia – none can hold a candle to your skills and abilities
  • As these humans fight over the scraps, they are dreaming of building a pyramid of never-ending rubbish (worldly wealth), and everywhere in the media, there are seminars and conferences, on how to collect all this rubbish, as quickly and as abundantly, as possible. Everyone is saying secretly to himself, “Let me build the tallest pyramid, higher than everyone else’s pyramid. ” When someone builds a seventy storey sky-scraper, along comes another ‘rubbish-collector’, who declares, “I am building one that is eighty stories high!” Everyone is collecting – not just millions now – but billions, quadrillions and pentillions of dollars! Their incessant chant is, “More rubbish, more rubbish, I want more rubbish!” That is what today’s civilisation is all about.
  • Not for a single moment do they stop to ask themselves, “Why am I here? For what purpose did the Creator create me?” They have become drunk with their rubbish-collection, that all else is an unimportant, insignificant blur to them. Not content with only collecting one type of rubbish, people now want to collect (and boast) about their wide-collection of trash. Listen how they smugly proclaim, “I didn’t put all my eggs in one basket, I have a varied basket of investments – I have precious metals, stocks, shares, bonds, property, art, antiques, insurance…..I have a staggering array of junk and trash in my diverse portfolio!”
  • Where are the teachers of Mankind? Why are the Guides of Mankind and Scholars of religion, not teaching their flocks about the real value of dunia? This should be the rallying call of the Guides, “Oh people! You have not been created to collect the rubbish of this world! You have been created to be obedient servants to the Lord of Heavens, to collect heavenly treasures, and yet you put that honour aside? Oh people, don’t live to collect more and more of the dirtiness of dunia!” No one likes to say that, as they themselves are also chasing that dirtiness of dunia.
  • Allah glorifies those people who leave (the collection) of the rubbish of dunia. One who’s name is glorified in the Heavens, will never run after or seek rubbish – it is unheard of.
  • Maulana prayed for Allah to send us all a Guide with a heavenly perfume, a Holy Imam to arrange our hearts and understanding, as many people have the wrong understanding of Islam. He recounted an incident, when two visitors from India, came to visit GrandShaykh, when he was in the midst of his seclusion in Medina Munawaarah, during the Haj season. Maulana was also there at that time. The older man, who was a hundred and forty years old, and his ninety year old son, hugged and kissed GrandShaykh. “Oh Shaykh Nazim,” said GrandShaykh, “look at them, there is wonderful, heavenly fragrance emanating from their mouths!” Compare that to us! Even after brushing with toothpaste, flossing our teeth, rinsing with mouth-wash, going for regular scaling and polishing, and chewing on mints – our mouths emit a bad odour, so foul and disgusting! That is the smell of rubbish – the rubbish that we collect by speaking without care of what is sinful and what is permitted.
  • The Angel of Death hates this putrid stench that is emitted by our (spiritual) mouths, especially the smell that lingers in the mouth of one who smokes and drinks. Why have the People of the Book (Jews and Christians), allowed their followers to drink alcohol and eat pork? It is forbidden in both Judaism and Christianity. Prophet Jesus (as) never ate pork, and Prophet Moses (as) never drank. All this is written in their own Holy Books (Old and New Testaments)! They will be questioned in the Divine Presence, as to why they drank and ate such ‘dirty’ and forbidden food. “Was there a Command from Me for you to do so?” they will be questioned. Even Muslims are drinking heavily today! These are people who collect rubbish within their bodies and Souls. Maulana exhorted all people, to return to the teachings of the Holy Books again. And what is taught in the Holy Books?

Read! Allah said to all of Man:

I created the jinn and humankind only that they might worship Me. (Quran 51:56)

  • Maulana says, that even if just one person attending today’s Suhbah, understood this Ayat, he would be very happy, for such a person would keep himself/herself from the rubbish of dunia. Unfortunately, we are in an era where humans do not run to serve Allah, they are actually running to be with shaitan! “Oh people, change your understanding about your beliefs,” says Maulana, “learn about and leave all the forbidden acts, as that is part of worship.” Holy Books are no longer taught in schools. “Oh Shaykh,” they will say, “this is a school (a secular institution), this is not a monastery, a synagogue, a church or a mosque, so we don’t teach Holy teachings here.” For depriving people of Holy teachings, Allah will dip such people, head-first, into excruciating punishment and abject humiliation, when they meet Him.
  • Maulana concluded by asking for forgiveness for himself and for all attenders, saying, “We are all sinners.” Maulana reminded all, to seek forgiveness constantly. He prayed for the appearance of Imam Mahdi (as), to destroy the Way of Dajjal (the anti-Christ), for in reality, most people on earth today, like Dajjal, they like the filthy lifestyle that he brings. Maulana prayed for the appearance of Prophet Jesus (as), who will bring what is needed by the Nation – for those seeking Salvation, they will be shown the Way to Paradise, and for those obstinate in their disbelief, they will thrust quickly into the Fire. May Allah send us that True one who will change the ways of Mankind, either towards Paradise (for those who seek it) or towards the Fire (for those who do not seek Salvation). His final words were these, “Oh nations, take care of yourself, Oh RijalAllah, Oh Holy ones, help us take rubbish away from our hearts and help us be good servants to our Creator, Allah Almighty.”


A Rubbish-Collector


  • That opening doa recited by Maulana was a doa taught by Rasulullah (saw) to Muadh ibn Jabal (ra), “Allah Humma inni Ala Zikrika Wa Shukrika Wa Husni Ibadatik.” and the Prophet (saw) told him to recite immediately after every prayer (solat).
  • Maulana speaks about ‘plastic’ words. Plastic flowers and fruits are fake, they are designed to deceive one into believing that they are the real deal. Without taste, smell, nutritional value or blessings, these plastic creations are symbolic of the fake concern and care that ‘plastic’ words carry. When a person says, “How do you do?” in reality, he is merely trying to portray himself as a cultured and thoughtful one, whereas in reality, he has no concern about how you are really doing or what difficulties you face. In the time of the Companions, they used to ask, “How is you Imaan (faith) today?” and they meant it and the answers to those questions brought many lessons and volumes of guidance for the latter-day Nation of Muhammad (saw). So we should cease making ‘meaningless small talk’ and ‘politically-correct chatter’ just to show that we are in-the-know and up-to-date with the world around us! As the Prophet (saw) said, “If you have nothing good to say, be silent.” We must speak genuine words of concern and advice, for any words spoken with the wrong intention, are a sign of hypocrisy, as a hypocrite is one whose heart and tongue, carry different messages.
  • There was once a Companion, who would praise someone overwhelmingly when they met face-to-face, but the moment that person left his presence, he would turn to those around him and speak ill of that same person (whom he was praising just moments before). The Prophet (saw) said of this Companion, “If he does not change his ways, he will never acquire Paradise.” Although this Companion speaks well of other in front of them, his heart hides evil feelings towards them, his praises and words are but fake ‘plastic’ words.
  • If you ask your friend, “How are you?” and you really feel concern and care for him, those are genuine words that benefit you in both worlds, unlike ‘plastic’ words devoid of benefit and blessings. Just to smile at your Muslim brother/sister is charity (and that pleases Allah), what more if you prayed for him/her, and spoke to him/her words of comfort and love! And the best do’a to make on someone is Assalamu’alaikum wrh wbkt, a Hadees says, “There are 70 blessings descending during such a greeting (salam), 69 on the one who initiated the salam, and 1 on the one who replied.” So spread this greeting, even to strangers, for the Prophet (saw) said, “You will never enter Paradise until you love one another. Shall I show you how you can love one another? Spread the salam amongst yourselves. The better one amongst two people is the one who initiates the salam.”
  • It is very disturbing to see many religious scholars and self-procaimed religious Guides, secretly coveting dunia and trying to make money from religion. Sufyan At-Thauri (ra) said, “The worst person, is he who works for akherat, hoping for payment in dunia.” Conversely, the wisest ones are the ones who serve Allah in this dunia, seeking the reward of the hereafter. As long as dunia is your goal and desire, you will never understand anything about real religion, you will be the empty-headed one that Maulana describes above. In a Hadees, Nabi (saw) says, “When Allah wishes goodness upon a person, He bestows upon him, an understanding in religion.”
  • The treasures of dunia are called rubbish. Rubbish is something of no value, we hold our noses when a rubbish-collection truck passes or if we pass by a rubbish-dump. It stinks, it is full of flies and diseases. There are vile and deadly insects and animals within a rubbish-dump, no one would want to be near such a place. Sayyidina Ali (ra) said, “This dunia is a carcass, and those who chase it are like dogs (for it is dogs that would gather around a carcass).” Once we know the real nature of dunia and its ‘treasures’, would anyone of us want to bring it into our homes? Into our lives? Into our hearts? Would anyone want to dedicate himself to seeking and acquiring rubbish in life? The Love of dunia is the source of all evil, the Love of dunia is a life-long obsession for many, it leaves its sufferers oblivious to their real purpose of their creation, it keeps them in a state of sleep/drunkenness, until the sudden shocking onset of Death. Only then do they awaken from their heedless sleep or drunken stupor, only then do they realize that they had been collecting rubbish, and that they had forsaken the ultimate prize, for something utterly worthless!
  • And what is this prize we speak of? Allah says, “I was a hidden secret/treasure, I wished to be known, and I created Man to discover that secret.” To be His Servant, to be in His presence, to be in His Neighbourhood in the Heavens above the the Throne, to be addressed by Him, to be one whom He is pleased with, to be Rabbani, to be His. To be one of the nearest to Him, even nearer than those people of Paradise who are those of the Right Hand.

And ye shall be sorted out into three classes. Then (there will be) the Companions of the Right Hand – what will be the Companions of the Right Hand? And the Companions of the Left hand – what will be the Companions of the Left Hand? And those Foremost (in Faith) will be Foremost (in the Hereafter). These will be those Nearest to Allah: In Gardens of Bliss. A number of people from those of old. And a few from those of later times. (Quran 56:7-14)

  • The Rabbaniyyun are those nearest to Allah, and only a few of the later times (akhir zaman) make it to that group. We must strive hard to be amongst the few that reach that level of Servanthood. (More will be said about this when we post the Commentary of Maulana’s last Suhbah of Part One, given on the 20th of October, and we will post a Commentary from Maulana Shaykh Adnan concerning achieving Rabbaniyyun, from his Ramadhan Suhbahs in Sri Lanka)
  • An example of a Passage in the Bible that forbids the drinking of alcohol:

And the LORD spake unto Aaron, saying, “Do not drink wine nor strong drink, thou, nor thy sons with thee, when ye go into the tabernacle of the congregation, lest ye die: it shall be a statute for ever throughout your generations. And that ye may put difference between holy and unholy, and between unclean and clean; and that ye may teach the children of Israel all the statutes which the LORD hath spoken unto them by the hand of Moses.” <Leviticus 10 (line 8 to 11)>

In the passage above, the Lord spoke to Prophet Haron (as), forbidding wine for him and his sons, forever down the generations, for it is unholy and unclean (exactly what Maulana said above).

  • An example of a Passage in the Bible that forbids the eating of pork:

And the swine, because it divideth the hoof, yet cheweth not the cud, it is unclean unto you: ye shall not eat of their flesh, nor touch their dead carcass. <Deuteronomy 14 (line 8)>

There are many more example, I have chosen one example to illustrate each point that Maulana made.

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