You must use your minds to attain salvation

Summary of Maulana Shaykh Nazim’s Daily Suhbah

2nd January 2010, Saturday

You must use your minds to attain salvation

A’uzubillah himinsh shaitan nirrajeem

Bismillahir Rahman-nir Raheem

Assalamu’alaikum wrh wbkt

  • Maulana begins by asking you, if you know yourself. If you know who you really are, and if you know what is your aim in life. Who are you, Maulana asks. You may say, “We are servants of our Lord,” and Maulana says that we are not being truthful! You may ask, “Why?” “Because,” says Maulana, “you are servants of your egos, not servants of Allah.”
  • Maulana says that we are all not real servants, and Maulana considers himself too as not being a dutiful servant of Allah, serving Allah in manner that He likes. Therefore, Maulana himself is always asking for forgiveness. Are you asking for forgiveness daily? Maulana says that many of us don’t. Some say, “We can’t find time for making istighfar, to say astaghfirullah.” Have you not read the Seal of Prophet’s sayings, the Holy Hadees? He was saying, “O my Companions, oh my Ummah, I am repenting 70 times daily.” Why did the Prophet (saw) say 70 times? Why not 60, or 80, or 100 or 1000?
  • There is a secret in each number that Allah created. And the secret of each number is known only to itself, and not to other numbers. Every atom has a number (mass number/proton number), no atom can exist without that number. There are secrets within secrets that we may discover, if only we looked beyond the external, and dived into the Oceans of Realities.
  • People are busy judging and labelling each other. If only they stopped all those meaningless acts, and looked deeper into the Secrets of these Oceans. What can be found in Oceans? A mind boggling and countless array of plants and animals, as well as hidden and rare treasures, at the bottom of these Oceans. Why did Allah create such an immense diversity of life in the Oceans? Why isn’t the sea filled with just sharks? Or just whales? Why? Is the existense of each species for the same purpose? Is the existence of every single member of that species for the same purpose too? There is much that Man doesn’t know, so it is good adab to always say, “I am a student, I am learning, I am seeking knowledge,” instead of saying, “I am a scholar, an ‘aleem, an expert in my field…” You must humble yourselves, you must accept that your knowledge is nothing, and that there is always one who is higher than you in knowledge.
  • Maulana spoke about the Doctrine and Beliefs of Christians. He asks them to ponder the following points:

• Have they compared the contents of their Holy Books with that of the Holy Qur’an? If they find similarities in the descriptions of the seven heavens and the Prophets and their missions, why have they not chosen to accept the Qur’an as a Divine Book? If they reject the Qur’an, what is their proof that it is NOT a Divine Book? It is ironic that we accept their books as Holy (New and Old Testament), but they reject our Holy Qur’an, without studying it.

• Both their Holy Books and the Qur’an speaks about the same ancient Prophets – Adam, Noah, Abraham, Job, Isaac (peace be upon them all) etc. The same Lord that sent those Prophets, also sent Jesus (pbuh), and Muhammad (saw). It is ironic that we believe in all the Prophets in their Holy Books, but they reject our Prophet (saw). Their rejection of Rasulullah (saw) is like a person staring into space, noticing the Pole Star, which is so far away, but pretending not to see the Moon, which is brighter and so near much nearer to him. The nearest Prophet is Rasulullah (saw), all the others existed so long before him. It is impossible for someone to see the Pole Star, and yet NOT see the full moon beside it in the sky.

• The Christians hail Jesus as the Son of God, because he was born without a father. They view such a birth as miraculous and extra-ordinary. True. But have they never thought of how Adam was created? Without a father or a mother. Just by the Command of Allah, “Be!” and he became. And what about Eve? Also without a father or mother, just from the rib of Adam. Aren’t these two humans created in a more miraculous way than Jesus was? And yet they were not the Children of God, so why would Jesus’ birth be viewed as more incredible, and his status, higher? Just because Jesus was born without a father, is it immediately logical to say he is God’s Son, in the light of Adam and Eve’s creation?

• In the entire Old and New Testament, no Prophet announced the Coming of God’s Son. No Prophet enjoined the worship of God’s Son. As such, all the humans who lived before Jesus’ birth, had never known of the existence, or worshipped God’s Son. Why would God keep this a secret from all humans who existed before the birth of Jesus? Wasn’t this a very important fact, that would have been made known to all, since all humans would have had to worship such an important being? Why were all the Prophets and their nations, prior to Jesus’s birth, not told about God having a Son, and not told to worship him? Why did God hide him, till the end?

• Would God allow His Son to be killed? Would His Son be so powerless, as to be left to the unbelievers to crucify him? God allowed His Son to be slaughtered like a lamb?

• Nowhere in both the Old and New Testament is there an order from God, instructing, “Believe in Me, and I also have a Son, you must believe in Him too.” Has any Prophet in the Holy Books ever uttered such words from God?

  • Christians must ponder these arguments carefully, their entire salvation in the hereafter depends on them using their minds to think deeply about their belief, that God has a Son.
  • Today, so many European Nations fear the rise of Islam. Why, asks Maulana? Does Islam bring evil against humanity? Surely not. For those who persist in persecuting peace-loving Muslims, Maulana warns them of Allah’s chastisement, of deadly lightning bolts from the sky, even in the absence of clouds or rain.


(Anyone who wants a copy of a beautifully written analysis of Prophet Isa’s life according to the Bible and the Qur’an, please drop me an email. Written by Dr Habib Siddiqui, it traces the origins of Christmas and the Christian Trinity beliefs, it highlights the numerous contradictions about him in Christian literature, and compares the Qur’anic revelations about Prophet Isa (as), which includes his birth, his life and mission, as well as his coming again, as a Sign of the Last Hour. It is a long article, but it is well-written, extensively researched, and worth reading.)

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