Allah loves NOT, the ways of the unbelievers

Summary of Maulana Shaykh Nazim’s Suhbah

27th December 2009, Sunday

Allah loves NOT, the ways of the unbelievers

A’uzubillah himinsh shaitan nirrajeem

Bismillahir Rahman-nir Raheem

Assalamu’alaikum wrh wbkt

  • Maulana reminds us to be thankful that we have been created as humans, Bani Adam, the Khalifa of Allah. Be thankful to Him by obeying Him and submit to His Decree by accepting it, happily.

  • You can only attain high stations in the heavens if you are always thankful to Allah for all His gifts upon you, and if you offer Him the highest respect in all that you do ie keep your adab with your Lord.

  • Recite A’uzubillah, flee from shaitan, for one who flees FROM shaitan is actually fleeing TOWARDS Allah Almighty.

  • Maulana reminds you that shaitan is your cruelest enemy, his heart is envious of all your gifts, he takes pain from your joy, and he takes joy from your pain, for his heart is devoid of even one drop of pity and mercy towards you. So beware the wicked and relentless enemy, and seek heavenly protection always!
  • A man pursued by attacker, doesn’t run to the Sultan of a country directly, he runs to the nearest place where he can be helped eg police station, security post etc. Similarly, one who is hounded by shaitan, can seek help from one of the representatives of the Lord, even the lowest ranking angel, is able to chase away any numbers of devils afflicting you. You may seek help from any authorized ones, those that have been endowed with the power to protect you. So run to such ones, and it is enough for you if even ONE such authorized one helps you, even if you were besieged by millions of devils.

  • It is a command of Allah for us to seek His protection from shaitan the accursed. It is IMPOSSIBLE for one to escape from shaitan’s traps without Divine help, so never feel that your knowledge, actions or heavenly station, is sufficient as a fortress against shaitan’s treachery.

  • He who seeks Divine shelter, will be given shelter.

  • Also, Maulana reminds us that Bismillah is a heavenly sword, Allah gave it to us to use it against shaitan, so use it at the start of EVERY act. Again, this weapon can defeat countless devils, so have faith, and use it. Maulana says, 99% of Mankind has lost faith in spirituality, they do not recite A’uzubillah or Bismillah, and they do not believe in the spiritual prowess of these recitations. They have faith in the abilities, in their intelligence and in what they can see, especially their material wealth – that is what they depend on, not Allah. Such people’s efforts are meaningless, they are ALWAYS failing, and they cannot improve spiritually.

  • There is a SPECIAL POWER in Bismillahirrahmannirraheem, contained in the three names of Allah in that recitation, once you recite it, you have been granted an unseen power to defend yourself.

  • If by virtue of knowledge alone Man can be saved, then how did we fall into this economic crisis, with thousands of economists, social scientists, doctors, bankers, politicians putting their heads together – without being able to prevent its occurrence or to provide a way out?

  • Allah simply pulled the plug on their sustenance (rizqi). Maulana explains that it is just like if the water mains bringing water to a village were to burst, no water would reach the individual homes in the area. And no matter what the homeowners did to the pipes in their homes, no water would reach them, until the MAIN pipe had been repaired. And Allah is the controller of the main pipe of this world’s sustenance. So Man cannot depend on himself, or his knowledge, he MUST depend on Allah! So Maulana cautions us not to claim to be knowledgeable, that is much that we do not know, and cannot solve.

  • Many people had made many plans to protect themselves, to insure themselves and to prepare for such a crisis, yet, when it has hit, many are crying and unable to solve their problems. What happened to their minds, their ablilities, their knowledge, their cocky talk? When Allah shut off the tap, no one has the power to turn it on again!

  • Some learned scholars, despite studying the Qur’an and Hadees extensively, even in Arabic, fail to UNDERSTAND the knowledge contained within them, as they are not endowed with HIKMAH (Wisdom) in the knowledge that they learn.

  • Maulana reminds us that the solution to this crisis, lies in the Ayat from Surah At-Talaq, which stated that, “If one truly fears Allah, He will show you a way out…”. So Maulana says, Fear Allah, Fear Allah, Fear Allah!

  • This crisis has hit the Islamic world very hard indeed, as they have left the ways of Islam, the ways of the Prophet (saw), and seeking to follow the ways of the unbelievers, as much as they can. Whole Islamic nations have left the Sunnah, and are seeking Westernisation, they are terrified of being labeled as backward/traditional/religious, and are seeking to be said to be modern/open-minded/free culture/Westernized. Not ONE Islamic country has stepped forward to revive the Sunnah or to dispense true advice. It is this that has brought them to ruin.

  • Why? Because Allah has said, “Verily, Allah loves NOT, the ways of the unbelievers….”. So if Muslims adopt those ways, the greatest curses and disasters will befall the Ummat of Muhammad (saw)!

  • Those who adopt the ways of unbelievers, have fallen into a deep bottomless pit, a black hole, from which there is no return. For just as Allah loves all of Rasulullah’s acts, Allah loves NOT the ways of the unbelievers, so if we adopt the ways of the Mushrik, it is doom for the Muslim ummat.

  • So many scholars, they are busy labeling the acts of selawat, zikir, mauluds and tahlils as bidaah, kufur and shirik, yet the blatant adoption of the non-Muslim lifestyle, goes unmentioned and unadvised by them. Why are they not speaking out against this and advising their followers about this? Even the act of smoking one cigarette, is helping to support shaitan (ie adopting the lifestyle of the unbelievers) and destroying the shariat of Allah. The scholars today are hiding the real commands of heavens and they are not advising the ummat as they should.


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