Who will sit on the Throne on Judgement Day?

Summary of Maulana Shaykh Nazim’s Daily Suhbah

8thFebruary 2010, Monday

Who will sit on the Throne on Judgement Day?

A’uzubillah himinsh shaitan nirrajeem

Bismillahir Rahman-nir Raheem

Assalamu’alaikum wrh wbkt

  • Maulana asks for the support of his master, Sultanul Awliya Shaykh Abdullah (qs), who is Rasulullah’s (saw) representative in our times. Maulana lamented the fact that we are weak creatures who are very easily influenced and easily trapped, by shaitan, and he asks for guidance and help from his master, to seek Divine assistance to rescue us. Maulana says, do not think that you have the ability to escape from shaitan’s clutches without Divine help! Do not depend on your knowledge, your deeds (amal), your wealth, your stashed away treasures, your status, your circle of friends, your ability, your strength – no, these are useless and are powerless to help and protect you, so depend on Almighty Allah’s help, trust in Allah.
  • Nothing from this world is of any help to you, but so many of us depend completely on our worldly gifts to support ourselves. The majority of Mankind is chasing this worldly life, seeking materialism to protect themselves. But protection from evil, is only from the heavens, for this world is full of evil, full of devils who have set countless traps for every human. For every human being on earth, there is at least seven shaitans dedicated to him, so there are at least fifty billion shaitans roaming the earth today! In these Last Days, the shaitans are striving ceaselessly, setting traps for our eyes, our ears, our minds, our tongues, our feet, our stomachs, our hearts – these are dangerous and deadly traps, only Allah can extend us His Divine protection, nothing from this dunia can protect us from these cunning, unseen, vicious enemies.
  • Oh Mankind, are you aware that you will be gathered before your Lord one day? It sounds like a simple thing, to be gathered before Allah – but it is only so because our minds have not grasped the magnitude of that event – to be gathered with our Book of Deeds, to face questioning, to have our Deeds weighed on the Scales of Truth, to face claims from all whom we have wronged in this worldly life, and to cross the hair-like bridge of Siraat, while Hell-fire burns menacingly below us. It is a momentous event, the defining point of our eternal lives, a Day in which we shall stand in the plains of Masyar, naked, sweating in the blistering heat of the overhead Sun, trembling in fear and regret, as will be, even the Prophets, on that Day. Does that sound like a simple gathering, a gathering to be taken lightly?
  • It has been written in Holy Books, that the Holy Throne, the Arash, will be brought to the plains of Masyar on that Day. Why? Certainly, it is not for Allah to ‘sit’ on while presiding over the Judgement, for Allah is not contained by space or time, He doesn’t move, and nothing in this creation can contain His being. For Allah to move, He would have to move into a space, yet the space is a creation of His, and His creation is unable to support/bear Him. So Allah the Unknown, is a Being not contained by space or time. But every creation (unlike the Creator), is bound by time (it has a beginning and an end), and it must exist within a place, a plane or a station (maqam).
  • This entire Universe, with its seven heavens and seven levels of earth, will be like a tiny ring when placed in front on the Kursi (Holy Chair), and the Kursi is like a mere candle when placed on the Arash (Holy Throne)! (The Kursi and Arash are not the same). Imagine the Majesty and size of the Holy Throne! And it is impossible to count the number of ‘candles’ on this immense Throne, and in reality, the Angels are unable to carry the Throne, so a ‘miniature’ version will be brought to Masyar by the Angels.
  • So who will sit on the Holy Throne at Masyar? Allah Almighty, who is not bound by time and space, will certainly not ‘sit’ on it, for that is a deviant understanding of His Oneness. So whom is the Throne placed there for?
  • Allah AlMighty says, “My Most beloved, Muhammad, will sit on that Throne, for he represents Me, the Throne cannot carry Me, but it can carry the One who represents Me.”
  • The Old and New Testaments mentioned about the One who will sit on the Throne. The Christians believe that Nabi Isa (as) will sit on that Throne, but they have stripped him of his dignity, by suggesting he was crucified in humiliation. The Jews believe that Nabi Musa (as) will ascend the Throne on that Day, but that is also not to be. When Nabi Musa (as) said to Allah, “Show me Yourself,” Allah said to him, “Oh Moses, you can’t carry it. But I will show you, My Real Deputy and Representative for the whole Creation, I am going to show you his Noor (light).” And Sayyidina Musa (as) looked at that Noor, for a short time, at an opening directed at a huge mountain, and the mountain crumbled to dust. That light was not the Noor of Allah, not from Him, for if it were from Him, the whole Creation (not just the mountain) would have crumbled to dust. So when Moses asked, “Show me Yourself,” Allah showed him just one ray of tajalli (blessing) of the Light of Muhammad through a tiny opening – the mountain was crushed and Nabi Musa (as) was knocked unconscious.
  • Allah Almighty Himself will not be ‘moving’ to the Throne to ‘sit’ on it, for such are attributes of the creation, not the Creator, for He is not bound by time or space. So He sends His representative, Sayyidina Muhammad (saw). Almighty Allah will say to Sayyidina Muhammad (saw), “Ya Muhammad, come, and sit on that Throne on behalf of Me, and give your Judgement on your Ummah and the whole of creation!”
  • The proof of this lies in the Qur’an, where Allah says to Rasulullah (saw):

Soon will thy Lord raise thee (Oh Muhammad) to a Station of Praise and Glory! (Quran 17:79)

  • Maqam Mahmuda that is mentioned in this Ayat above, is not in this dunia. It is a Station in Akherat, the Highest Station for Creation, that Iblis coveted so dearly, Iblis had performed thousands of years of worship, yearning to be that chosen One. So Prophet Muhammad (saw) will ascend the Holy Throne on Judgement Day, as Allah’s Chosen Khalifa, as His True Representative. Allah is One, and the Chosen Khalifa, is also One. Ahadun Ahad, Ahmadun Ahmad.
  • This Suhbah is to teach us the high Maqam of Praiseworthyness and Glory that Allah will bestow on His Beloved on Judgement Day, so that we will accord Rasulullah (saw) the highest respect and love, as his Ummah. We show our love, by following his Sunnah, remembering him in Maulid celebrations and Qasidahs, and by doing selawats upon him, especially in this blessed month of Rabi’ul Awal, the month where Allah sent us His beloved to be with us.


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