We must study from one who is connected to the Prophet

Summary of Maulana Shaykh Nazim’s Daily Suhbah

14th March 2010, Sunday

We must study from one who is connected to the Prophet

A’uzubillah himinsh shaitan nirrajeem

Bismillahir Rahman-nir Raheem

Assalamu’alaikum wrh wbkt

  • Maulana says that Rasulullah (saw) brought perfect advice to the whole of his Nation, to save them from darkness, evil and devils – he opened the way to salvation for them.
  • Allah says in the Holy Qur’an, فأسأل به خبيرا , Fa’s’al Bihi Khabeera,“Ask him, The Knower.” This is a Divine Command for all of creation to obey. We must ask, in order to understand our purpose of creation, and we must ask the Khabeera, the expert, the one with complete knowledge of our needs.

فَاسْأَلْ بِه ِِ خَبِيرا

Ask the expert (who knows). (Quran 25:59)

  • The Al-Qur’an is a command from Allah Almighty, to His beloved, Sayyidina Muhammad (saw). It is initially directed at Rasulullah (saw), not to any one else at that initial stage, because the rest of creation was created for his sake.
  • From Rasulullah (saw), such knowledge was taught to the rest of creation, including other Prophets and to their respective Nations. Hence, even other Prophets in the past, had to link themselves to Rasulullah (saw), in order to understand their Holy Books, for only Rasulullah (saw) is in the Divine presence, the Lahoot. لاهوت , while the whole of creation is in Nasoot (Humanity) and while the Angels and Spiritual beings are in the heavenly realms, there is only ONE in the Divine Presence, the Lahoot, and that is Rasulullah (saw).
  • Allah says in a Hadees Qudsi, “You are MY representative, Oh MY beloved one, they (ordinary humans) will not be able to reach ME, to ask ME, they will be burnt in MY presence, but they may ask their Prophets, and their Prophets may ask You.” So the Prophet (saw), was directly responsible for imparting knowledge to each Prophet who came to him. All those who want to learn, must come to the Prophet (saw), as a وسيلة Waseelah, an asbab, as a means of approach to Allah, one cannot come directly to the Almighty. (For example, one cannot simply stroll into the Divine Court to see a King; there is protocol to be observed, and there is a trusted one who is near to the King’s heart, who can arrange for a person’s message to reach the King.)
  • So no Prophet was allowed into the Divine Court (Lahoot) for a direct discourse with Allah Azza wa Jalla, only Rasulullah (saw) was in His presence. When Arch-Angel Jibrail (as) was accompanying Rasulullah (saw) on the Night Ascension (Mikraj), he stopped at the border of Nasoot (humanity) and Lahoot (Divinity), and said to Rasulullah (saw), “I can go no further, even if I proceeded by a hair’s breadth beyond this, I shall be burnt beyond recognition, and I shall never return to my former self again. Beyond this point, it is only for you, Ya Rasulullah, Ya Habeebullah. يا حبيب الله ”. Even Sayyidina Musa (as), who spoke directly to Allah (and appeared to by-pass the need for a Waseelah), was only able to do so at Mount Tursina, where he was in an area of Haqiqatul Muhammadiyah, the Reality of Muhammad, which was the means for him to speak directly to Allah. In fact, no Prophet conversed with Allah, except via the Reality of Muhammad (saw) as his Waseelah. It is shocking that Salafi scholars disallow respect to be shown to Rasulullah (saw), when Allah has bestowed such a status and elevation to Rasulullah (saw), honoured as the only creation in the Divine presence! Who is خبير khabeera? It is one of the many names of Sayyidina Muhammad (saw), he is the expert from whom we must seek guidance from, on all matters! Allah said, “Ask from MY representative, and from pre-eternity to eternity, only he (Muhammad) is MY representative.”
  • We must all ask for knowledge, guidance and understanding, for we know nothing in reality. We are so proud of our technological advances, we attribute them to our minds’ abilities, yet our minds are gifts of the Almighty to us, in order that we may understand our mission here. We must find a connection to our Creator, in order to understand our objective in life, and we can only do so, by connecting ourselves to the Waseelah, to the means that can bring us there, for there is a means for every Angel and human in creation.
  • Allah Almighty is fully aware of the needs of all His creation, so why must we ask for what we need? It is to establish a hierarchy, where we ask from the authorized guides (they are our Waseelah), and these guides ask from Rasulullah (saw ) (he is their Waseelah), and Rasulullah (saw) asks from Allah Almighty. This establishes Rasulullah’s (saw) position, as the Sole Representative of Allah, for the entire creation, in His presence. Allah bestowed upon him, a limitless Ocean of spiritual knowledge for the creation, and he distributes it to all those who seek of it, according to their needs and Stations, for if Rasulullah (saw) wasn’t brought into existence, then no one would have been created! Hence the Lord of Heavens ordered all Nations, “If you are do not understand, you must ask the khabeera, the expert, he has been given the knowledge of all that you need, My Oceans have no limit.”
  • So seek knowledge from authorized ones, knowledge about the reality of your existence. On Judgment Day, when all have been resurrected, the Angels will question Man, then the Prophets question their Nations, then Rasulullah (saw) questions these Prophets, and finally Allah questions Rasulullah (saw). See the hierarchy, all must reach Allah via their Waseelah, their means, appointed over them. We must be careful whom we take as our Waseelah, it must be someone who can take us to the Presence of the Holy Prophet (saw), for only the appointed and authorized ones can connect us, just as only someone intimately connected with a King, can bring our message to him. We can’t just look for any Tom, Dick or Harry to bring our message to the King!
  • When a person enters the grave, he is questioned by two Angels, and they begin with “Man huwa robbuka? من هو ربّك؟ . Who is your Lord?” To which a believer answers, “ربّي الله سبحانه وتعالى. Allah is my Lord.” The Angels then continue, “From whom you learned your religion?” To which the believer replies, “We learned from the Seal of Prophets (saw), the Most Glorified one,” Then the Angels ask, “Who was your means (Waseelah) between you and that one?” We are going to be asked about this! We are going to be asked, who taught us the answers to these questions in the grave, were they from someone who was khabeera? For if we study from an unauthorized one, one who has no connection to Rasulullah (saw), their words have no value in the spiritual world. So you must be very careful, upon what are you building your religious foundations? Is it upon a rock, a tree, a throne, or on earth?
  • Today, almost no one bothers to seek out the connected ones, no one is interested to learn about their true selves, no one seeks out those with greater knowledge than themselves. We need a guide when we ask the question, “Who am I?” How are we to unlock that secret? Staring at the mirror merely shows us an image of ourselves, we need someone who will be our witness to our true selves, who can answer the questions we ask, because they have that Prophetic connection, they are speaking with faith, from the reality of witnessing. We need a guide who will witness our true personality, our true existence – only then will we develop true faith, and only then is our own witnessing of Oneness, valid.
  • Daily, Allah is sending down oceans of knowledge upon Mankind, ask from our guides to dispense us our shares, even if it be for a mere five minutes, for it is an understanding that is of benefit to us. Each Prophet gave freely of himself to save his Nation, each guide also gives from his personality and his understanding, in order to save his followers. This teaching is completely free of charge, it is not an invention of Maulana’s mind, he is merely reciting what he has been instructed to advise, it is a heavenly teaching, we must take it and ask for more knowledge and understanding, for if we do not do so, we shall certainly regret one day, when we are gathered amongst those devoid of understanding!


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