Two Doors that You Will See After Death

Summary of Maulana Shaykh Nazim’s Daily Suhbah

17th January 2010, Sunday

Two Doors that You Will See After Death

A’uzubillah himinsh shaitan nirrajeem

Bismillahir Rahman-nir Raheem

Assalamu’alaikum wrh wbkt

  • Maulana laments the fact that many of us are heedless and ignorant, and he seeks Allah’s forgiveness for us all. Who is a heedless one? Maulana defines a heedless one, as one who does not take the time to know what is beneficial for him, and what is detrimental/harmful for him, for his worldly life, and for his life in the hereafter. A heedless one does not bother to differentiate which of his intentions/speech/actions are poisonous, and which are antidotes.
  • Most people only bother to study the acts that bring them profits and help them avoid losses, in this worldly life – but this worldly life is so short! Do they realise which actions bring them elevation in the hereafter, and which ones bring intense sufferings and regret? Maulana reminds us that the hereafter is FOREVER, so our blessed actions bring ETERNAL rewards, and our cursed actions bring ETERNAL punishment. Shouldn’t we be paying meticulous attention to these acts that can bring ETERNAL bliss or ETERNAL damnation? Forever is a very long time…
  • Death is an instantaneous transfer from this worldly to the spiritual plane of the Ruh, and upon death, you are immediately moved to your spiritual station, which can be higher or lower than your worldly station. We are all equal now on earth, but death will transport us to where the disparities of our spiritual stations becomes immediately obvious. Will you be elevated to higher planes of light? Or will you be banished to lower levels of darkness? What is important is not your level in dunia, but your final eternal level in akherat.
  • When a person dies, his soul parts from his physical body, and enters a realm where two doors exist. One door, the Door of Light, is on the right. The other door, the Door of Darkness, is on the left. Instinctively, all souls move towards the Door of Light, but an Angel stops each soul, and checks its passport, for on the first page of every passport, it is written which Door it is allowed to enter by. Does the Soul possess a passport for the Door of Light? If not, that Soul will be banished to the Door of Darkness on the left, in humiliation, punishment and fear.
  • Even in this worldly life, when we reach the border between two countries, we can only pass through if we carry a valid Passport. Similarly, death is the ‘border-crossing’ of the Soul, and you cannot pass through the Door of Light, if your passport is for the Door of Darkness! Which Passport will you carry, Maulana asks, the passport for the Door of Light or the Passport for the Door of Darkness?
  • Maulana says we must ponder and shed tears over this, for it is a matter of the utmost importance. Every human being who has died, has passed through these doors, your turn will come, you too will be stopped, and have your Passport checked! Stop your petty quarrels and ask yourself, if you are already guaranteed to carry the Passport for the Right Hand Door? Maulana prays, “Oh Allah, keep us safe, that we may leave by the RIGHT door, when we leave this earthly life.” For the RIGHT door is the Door of Light, leading to Mercy Oceans.
  • It is the aim and teaching of the accursed shaitan, that Man forgets about Death and makes no preparation for it. Nowadays, in schools, we study Mathematics, Science, History etc. Whether we study these or not, it has no bearing on our Passport and Door. But if we leave the study of true Islam, and we cease to prepare for Death, that has a profound impact on the type of Passport we will carry and which Door we will pass through! Doesn’t this highlight which type of knowledge (duniawi or ukhrawi) we must emphasize on and seek diligently? Maulana says that you MUST study knowledge that prepares you for Death, for that will determine if you leave by the RIGHT or LEFT door!
  • Those who pass through the right door, will enter the seven heavens, the width and expanse of which is indescribable. But for those banished to the left door (unbelievers), a Voice will cry out, “You are not Allah’s servant, you did not live as one, you opposed Allah’s Commands, and you are now banished from His presence.”
  • Allah then says, “I do not wish to look at one who dares to deny My Lordship, those who defy Me by choosing My enemy, shaitan, as a companion. Take them away, and discard them into the darkness, I do not like to look at them, forever….” Maulana looked very sad and aggrieved when he spoke of these people who would be banished by Allah, his voice quivered, and he said in anguish, “ Oh our Lord, Oh our Lord, Oh our Lord, what is going to happen to your servants……” (Maulana spoke very gravely when he recited these words, as he contemplated the fate of these people – even through the internet, one could feel his pain/sadness.)
  • Take care to ponder this matter deeply, as it concerns your eternity. Take care not to fall into shaitan’s traps of laziness, complacency, indifference and stubbornness, as shaitan want us to forget about death, and to fall into darkness. Remember, death can take you at any time, each time you go to sleep, you do not know if you will ever wake up again!
  • “Ad-deenu naseehah,” The Prophet (saw) said that this religion is advice, so spread this advice to all whom you meet and all whom you love! Advise everyone, “Beware of shaitan! Do not fall into darkness!” Shaitan has been busy spreading his message of indifference to death and akherat, and almost all education systems have incorporated the shaitanic syllabus based on Western ideals. Scholars must wage war against shaitan, who is guiding Man to forget Death.
  • The rich Muslims today, view Western education and civilization as more advanced and desirable that the ‘old-fashioned’ Muslim culture. They follow shaitanic advice to discard Islamic behaviour and follow Western culture and ideals. They keep abreast of the latest developments in fashion and they practice a free and immoral lifestyle. Oh Muslims, says Maulana, be proud to be MUSLIMS! Hoist the flag of Islam by practising our Sunnah and Culture. There is no such things as fashion and a modern lifestyle, these are creations of shaitan, there is only the Sunnah of Rasulullah (saw), the Way of Life loved by Allah Almighty. Islam has never been backward, it is THE way of life, and all other ways are NOT accepted by Allah. Do not be influenced by advertisements that promote the modern Western lifestyle as the best way of life, do not be seduced by shaitan!
  • Rasulullah (saw) said, in a hadees that Maulana describes as a very ‘heavy warning’, “You must speak the truth, so that you remain in safety, if you do not do so, punishments will befall you in this world, in your graves and in the hereafter.” So advise others about the tricks and traps of shaitan, especially pertaining to this modern immoral lifestyle that shaitan is preaching about. Tell people, teach people, the reality of Islam, it is not a fashion or a fad, it is the REALITY! There is only one ‘fashion’, whatever Allah has commanded, is our ‘fashion’.
  • People who have been seduced by advertisements, hanker after new clothes and the latest fashions, yet they forget, that when death comes, they are reduced to a worthless, stinking corpse, an ugly and unwanted carcass. Their families bury them quickly, and their ‘fashion-filled’ life is over. Maulana jokingly asked if anyone would want to change the corpse’s clothes weekly, to keep abreast with the latest fashion developments….
  • Maulana says, “I am teaching my ego, so you too must do the same.”
  • Finally, Maulana says, remember your FINAL destination, and remember that you are now at the CROSSROADS of your life. The road to the right leads to Jannah/Paradise, and the road to the left leads to the Jahannam/Hell. Choose the path to the RIGHT, and you shall be happy for ETERNITY. Never choose the LEFT road to eternal damnation. Take care on this matter!


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