The 70 who incurred Allah’s Wrath

Summary of Maulana Shaykh Nazim’s Daily Suhbah

10th March 2010, Wednesday

The 70 who incurred Allah’s Wrath

A’uzubillah himinsh shaitan nirrajeem

Bismillahir Rahman-nir Raheem

Assalamu’alaikum wrh wbkt

  • Maulana says that shaitan’s mission is to hide the truth, and to spread falsehood in its place. He works to subtly change the mindset and thinking of a human being, until they abandon the truth and stray away from guidance, and begin pursuing this worldly life, perishing in evil.
  • Allah Almighty must be mentioned at the start of every act, and every deed must be done for Him, in His Name, for His Pleasure. Just like the old passports of the Colony of Cyprus, that contained the message, “On behalf of the King of the British Empire……”, we should be doing everything on His behalf, in His Name, that is the correct adab, protocol in Islam. That is why we start each act with Bismillahir Ramanir Rahim, and it is shaitan’s wish to remove this heavenly protocol. Shaitan’s protocol is to teach Man to reject his Creator, the Real Owner of everything. When Man no longer acts for Allah, in His Name, his honour and position is lost.
  • Today, many new-age authors and gurus – authors of human philosophy, authors of self-help books, authors of motivational books, authors of corporate culture and sales psychlogy (Maulana calls them teachers of ‘positive thinking’) – they take teachings from the the Qur’an and hadees to create their books, yet they reject the idea or concept of a God, saying that this is something that cannot be proven, as we have never seen or heard Him ourselves. These authors and gurus make money peddling heavenly pearls of advice as their own ‘brilliant masterpieces’, yet reject the very sources that the teachings come from. Through these authors/gurus, shaitan spreads unbelief to the millions that read and take guidance from these shaitanic guides.
  • This shaitanic ideology began from the time of Moses (as). When he returned from his seclusion at Mount Sinai, with the Divine Tablets of guidance for his people, they said to him, “Oh Moses, we cannot truly accept that these are actually Allah’s words, until we hear Him ourselves. As long as we haven’t heard with our own ears, we shall be in doubt!”
  • So Moses (as) said to Allah, “The children of Israel, they are always objecting to what I am bringing to them, they are saying that these are not Divine messages or Divine books.” So Allah commanded Moses to pick the 70 most stubborn of his followers, the ones with the most objections, complaints and doubts, the ones who feel that they already know so much….” And so Moses chose the 70. “Bring them here!” Allah commanded Moses, and so the 70 were brought to Mount Sinai. There Allah made a declaration to Moses, but since such intimate Divine converse, without sound or letters, cannot be understood by such people, Allah allowed them to hear peals of thunder .
  • Moses then asked his 70 followers, “How are you? Are you satisfied that I am bringing to you Divine messages from the Lord of the Heavens?” They said, “Oh Moses, yes, we heard, we heard that declaration, but for our hearts to be in tuma’neenah (contentment, peace, calmness, tranquility),we are asking to look at Him!” Moses was so infuriated, and like a volcano about to erupt, he said, “This was not what we had agreed upon. You were only asking to hear Him! I can’t ask my Lord, that you want to look at him! I can’t do it!” But Allah said to Moses, “Do not worry, Moses, My prophet. Don’t be angry. Now I shall show them what they are asking for.”
  • That was the beginning of this ‘positive knowledge’ which simply translates into – if I am not seeing it, then I am not accepting it. Up till today, in Universities, they teach and preach this – if they are not seeing, they are refusing. What foolishness! They take the Divine books as fairy tales (after all, they didn’t get to witness all that was contained within them), and they cannot have faith and belief (yaqeen) in anything spiritual. They no longer even believe in Holy books or Holy words. Anything and everything that they experience, whether substantiated or unsubstantiated with a physical vision, breeds doubts within their hearts. Even if they were to behold some out-of-this-world sight, they would simply say, “This is black magic (sihir),” and they would still reject it. Such people are seeking to understand with their minds, what cannot be understood by their minds, as many phenomenon baffle our limited understanding.
  • So the 70 chosen Children of Israel gathered, expecting to see their Lord. Instead, Allah rained his lightning upon each and every one of them, causing them all to be burnt to a crisp, and their white skins were turned black as coal. None survived Allah’s Wrath. Moses (as) then pleaded with his Lord, “Oh my Lord, You know about the Children of Israel, You know about their characteristics, and if I return to my people without these 70 people, they will ask me “Where are our people? You killed them!” They will blame me and accuse me of killing them, Oh my Lord. Oh my Lord, for the greatness of Your most beloved one, for his honor, give them life again.” So Moses prayed that the 70 recalcitrant ones be given back their lives, by the honour of Sayyidina Muhammad (saw)! For the sake of His beloved, Allah brought them back to life, and commanded that Moses never brought these 70 to Him again, for they would arouse His wrath and He would destroy, not just these 70, but the entire Bani Israel, if that happened.
  • See how Allah’s Wrath was aroused by Bani Israel’s attitude? Maulana says that if Allah’s Wrath increased beyond that, the entire Universe could be destroyed. Allah said, “When you arouse my Wrath, you may be destroyed in an instant.” Millions today think and believe in the same way as the Bani Israel did, so heavenly anger is very near to us, heavenly revenge is just over us, Maulana says that we are in dangerous times.
  • Why is it that no University dares to teach the truth – that all advances in maths and science show Allah’s greatness, that all that is found in nuclear physics, in chemistry and biology are but Allah’s wonders? They hide Holyness from their teachings, they do not give the due recognition, respect and recognition due to Allah. Maulana says, give Allah the utmost respect and honour, be in awe of his Glory and Majesty. Do your best for Him, and He will save you in dunia and akherat.
  • Maulana calls out to all humans, be they Christians, Jews, or of any other faith. “Oh people of all nations from east to west, from north to south, do you believe in the Lord of the Heavens? That He is Sultan, He is the King of Kings, He is the Creator and no one else is in existence except Him? Come and believe, only that can save you, nothing else will. If you reject this call, troubles, miseries and sufferings, will descend upon you, for such descend on those who have the wrong understanding!” Oh people, you must learn your rights, and the rights of your Lord, and you must know what you will be held responsible for, and once you are taken away, there is no second chance for you!


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