Do not fear the enemy or their weapons

Summary of Maulana Shaykh Nazim’s Daily Suhbah

11th March 2010, Thursday

Do not fear the enemy or their weapons

A’uzubillah himinsh shaitan nirrajeem

Bismillahir Rahman-nir Raheem

Assalamu’alaikum wrh wbkt

  • Maulana welcomed all attendees on this Holy final Friday of Rabi’ul Awal, including the seventy Kings of Jinn who were attending as well, and Maulana remarked that they were singing songs of praises for the Prophet (saw) in their own language.
  • Maulana said that the Holy Qur’an contained all the Holy Books that had been sent since the time of Nabi Adam (as), and it contains all knowledge that Man needs to know, including news about Qiyamat and the Day of Reckoning. Maulana asks if we believe that Qiyamat is still very far away, or is it just around the corner? To illustrate how close we were to the end, Maulana welcomed the new القطب المتصرّف Qutbul Mutassarrif and the new Awliya who had assumed duties that night, remarking that they would remain on duty till the الملحمة الكبرى Marhamatun Qubra (Armageddon) when Imam Mahdi (as) would emerge, following which there remained just one final change of ‘personnel’ – upon the appearance of Sayyidina Isa (as). We are tantalizingly close to the end.
  • Each new appointment, gives more heavenly power to the Saints, for they acquire the secrets and knowledge of their predecessors and this is added to the secrets and knowledge that they have learnt themselves. Maulana warns us of unexpected events, beginning tomorrow, that we will see and experience till the next year’s Maulidur Rasul month again.
  • All that Allah has granted all of his creatures, including from other Universes, including what He has granted the Prophets, is but a mere drop from what He possesses. He is creating all the time, from pre-eternity till eternity, none can fathom His Greatness, His Strength, His Honour or His Ability, it is impossible to understand it, what is His has no limits, we must give Him His due respect and worship, we must be in awe of Him always. He is the Most Glorified, Most Majestic, none can approach His Majesty or His Glory or His Honour. He is the only One.
  • Prophet Muhammad (saw) spent his life battling باطل batil, falsehood. Shaitan calls humans to falsehood, Allah calls us to Haqq, the Truth, the Reality. Every Prophet, except for Jesus (as), donned their armour and unsheathed their swords, when they went to war against batil. Jesus (as), one of the five ulul azmi, greatest Prophets (Sayyidina Nuh, Ibrahim, Musa, Isa, Muhammad), was the only one who had never wielded a sword.
  • A sword is a symbol of strength, authority and honour. He who owns it, is the authority, and he who wields it, is one of honour. Sayyidina Muhammad (saw) wielded his sword majestically in his battle against batil. Maulana asks, if the Prophet (saw) were alive today, what would he say to the believers concerning the arms race? Would he be asking Muslim nations to build the latest nuclear weapons, and to research into chemical and biological warfare, building such unethical, cruel and merciless weapons? Or would he say, “I have no need for all that, my sword will suffice!”?
  • Maulana says that he views himself as the weakest servant of Allah, a person who is merely dust under the Prophet’s (saw) feet, yet he has been given the permission by Rasulullah (saw) to destroy the entire nuclear weapons arsenal, by simply pointing at them, with his right forefinger. In other words, there isn’t even a need for the Prophet (saw) to unsheathe his sword, just the finger of a weak appointed one will destroy all the weapons on earth. Maulana says, “All their weapons, are under my feet.” The Prophet’s sword would be able to destroy any weapon, even if an entire thousand Universes were filled with nuclear weapons, it would be no match for the Prophet’s (saw) sword. That is how great Rasulullah (saw) is, we must appreciate that. Maulana says, زده يا ربّي عزّا وشرفا , Zidhu Ya Rabbi Izzan Wa Sharafan, Oh, Allah, cherish and honor him more! We must faith in Allah, in His ability to help us in the face of overwhelming odds….have faith!
  • This Suhbah is to strengthen the hearts of Believers, to remove the fear from their hearts. Don’t fear the nuclear bombs of the unbelievers. Keep the sword that was carried by the the Seal of Prophets (saw), that is enough. If we do so, Allah shall dress us with glory and greatness ( هيبات haibat), and when the enemy soldiers reach you on the battlefield, they will begin to shake and tremble in fear, and they shall fall down dead in terror. We must give countless thanks that the Lord made us from the Nation of Sayyidina Muhammad (saw)…now, there is a thundering descending on earth…these are good tidings for those whose hearts, upon hearing these inspirational words, accept them and are filled with pleasure and joy!


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