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The Story of the Thief and the Saint

Maulana Shaykh Nazim’s elder son, and full Khalifah on Golden Chain, Shaykh Muhammad Adil, also affectionately known as Shaykh Mehmet, tells this fascinating tale, to explain the amazing attributes of the Friends of Allah.

With his easy and humorous story-telling style, Shaykh Mehmet beautifully illustrates the difference between Shariah and Tariqah, Scholars and Saints, Knowledge and Wisdom. A Gem of a Tale indeed! Continue reading

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Visit the graves of Saints, there is benefit in it

The Prophet (saw) had said, “Remember death, and remember those who have died.” That will remind you of death and life after death. In another Hadeeth, when the Prophet (saw) was asked by the Companions on how one may recognize a Wali (Saint) of Allah, Rasulullah (saw) replied, “When you look at a real Saint who is beloved in the Divine presence, the sign is that – your hair will stand on end and you will suddenly remember the Lord of the Heavens, and your heart will tremble in awe of Him.” That is the sign of Sainthood. Continue reading

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Sayyidatina Nafisah at-Thohirah

Rare Lady Saint of the Egpytians [Excerpted from From the Light of Ahl al-Bayt: My Spiritual Experiences Unveiled] by Imam Metawalli ash-Sha`rawi Sayyida Nafisa was born in Makkah on the 11th of Rabi`a al-Awwal, the same night that the Prophet … Continue reading

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