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May our faces be full of light and our hearts pure!

In this Suhbah filled with general advice, Maulana touched on University education, free-mixing in schools between sexes, the advantages of early marriage, as well as the blessings of being a housewife. He also gave detailed instructions for seeking protection at night, with special advice for citizens of Istanbul. Maulana also taught attendees, a powerful do’a that is never rejected, which will result in us having lighted faces, clean hearts and honour in the Divine presence. Continue reading

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Intriguing interview with Maulana: 12th December 2010

This fourteen question interview brought forth candid answers, frank replies and deep insights into a human being’s journey to His Lord. As usual, Maulana did not disappoint, dishing out such a width of knowledge and wisdom, in his succinct, yet simple, replies. For example, he summarised a mureed’s journey in one priceless sentence, and he highlighted the plight of women in today’s cruel world, where women are abused, exploited and traded like cattle. A must-read for every mureed! Continue reading

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