May our faces be full of light and our hearts pure!

Maulana Shaykh Nazim’s daily Suhbahs

May our faces be full of light and our hearts pure!

7th May 2011

A’uzubillah himinash shaitan nirrajeem

Bismillah-hir Rahman-nir Raheem

Assalamu’alaikum wrh wbkt

(Maulana met a group of Turkish housewives and advised them on matters pertaining to their lives – concerning education, marriage, safety and a special do’as that we can all practice. Commentaries are in a different coloured font.)

Maulana taught mureeds an accepted and powerful do’a


  • Maulana greeted the guests with a lovely do’a, “May Allah make your final destination on the good way. May you live with dignity and honour, faith and religion. May you reach the Divine presence with clean, bright and lighted faces.”
  • Maulana then taught the attendees to read this magnificent and powerful do’a that had been inspired into his blessed heart, “Oh our Lord, brighten our faces with light, and cleanse and purify our hearts.” Anyone who recites this do’a will find that it is accepted, and he/she will find that the heavenly light in his/her face will increase, and any heaviness that troubles the heart will be removed, and he/she will find honour in the Divine presence.

Ask for support

  • Maulana reminded mureeds to constantly seek support from the Saints, by reciting ‘Madad. ya Sayyidi, Madad.” (Madad means ‘support us’).
  • He reminded all to start every action with Bismillah-hir Rahman-nir Raheem.

Concerning tertiary education and jobs

  • Maulana advised all not to worry if their children did not get places in the Universities, for it is better to learn a practical skill. Many graduates today are jobless. Just like water that has been saturated with sugar, the civil service in many countries can no longer absorb graduates into the workforce.

Free mixing of sexes in colleges/Universities


  • This is a sign of the approach of Judgement Day. Those parents who send their daughters to mixed schools will be punished twice on Judgement Day (the sin of their defiance, and that of their daughters). Compared to the punishment in akherat, the punishment in this dunia is nothing. So don’t worry about this world, worry about what you will answer Allah on Judgement Day.
  • On that Day, Allah will ask, “Why did you allow your daughter to sit with this man who is not her mahram? Was it halal or haram for her to do so? Why did you allow your daughter to be sent to mixed schools? Did you think it was permitted for them to mix freely in schools? Did I command you to put men and women together like this? Or did I order you to protect her chastity? Where is your dignity? Where is your virtue?” There is no escape from the punishment that will befall them on that Day.
  • Today’s campuses are crammed packed with boys and girls mixing freely, with so much that is happening between them that takes away their virtue and chastity, dignity and faith. (Is that really called ‘acquiring an education’? When the daughter that you had sent overseas, returns home promiscuous, pregnant and with venereal disease? What sort of education is that, where they become corrupted in the process?) Maulana prayed that those who advocated and implemented such a decadent system, meet a bad end.

Married women should remain at home as housewives


  • Maulana lamented the fact that no one takes his advice, it is like talking to the walls. In fact, even the walls may listen, says Maulana, but not those he advises. This is a time, where people lap up all suggestions from shaitan, but reject any command from Allah!
  • Is the defiance towards Allah Almighty’s commands bringing any goodness or benefit to Man? No, yet Man still persists in defying Allah. Hence his life is filled with troubles and sorrows. Their hearts are broken (because they cannot find the peace and satisfaction they so desire) and their bodies are twisted (ravaged by disease and illnesses). People feel ill and weak all the time. All this pain and difficulties arise from resisting Divine orders.
  • If women obeyed the Islamic Shariah by becoming obedient housewives, (tending to their homes, husbands and children), all these issues would not arise. Instead, their faces would be lighted, their children would be healthy, their husbands would have abundance and be their homes would be blessed. (By going out to work, they lose all that and end up suffering).

Marry off your daughters when a suitor comes a-knocking


  • Many parents reject proposals for their daughter’s hand in marriage, preferring to delay until the daughter completes her education. Do parents expect suitors to wait decades for the girls to accept their proposal? Once a suitable suitor knocks at the door, don’t keep him waiting! Why do they not marry off their daughters in their teens? Some ladies even study until they are past the age of thirty! By making education a top-priority, they have succeeded in attaining the certificate, but lost out their chance of attaining a husband! Once that offer passes, it is very hard for a girl to get a second chance. Maulana gave the example of how Hajjah Naziha was married off at 15 years of age, and today, she is already a grandmother.
  • The first offer, if the girl accepts, is a man that she will like. Give your daughters to the first suitable suitor that knocks your door for her hand! If you reject him, then be prepared to accept a man she may not like, subsequently. This is GrandShaykh’s (q) advice to all ladies!
  • By marrying late, after the suitable and prime period of marriage has passed, their marriages start on an ill-tempered and aggressive platform, ending in divorce. The children get separated and brought up by different (divorced) parents, this is what has ruined our Community in the last hundred years.

Instructions for safety at night


  • Ladies should not go out at night, it is dangerous. Neither should the men roam the streets at night.
  • The menfolk should never leave ladies at home unattended either. There are many evil and wicked people on the prowl nowadays, so a man must be home, to defend his family.
  • Hence Men must have some means to defend himself should his home be attacked, in order to overpower his assailants. Self-defence is a right given by Allah to Mankind.
  • Close your doors at night after maghrib.
  • Turn in early and turn off the lights when you do so.
  • Refrain from making too much noise.
  • Look after each other.
  • Recite Ayatul Kursi (Verse of the Throne) at the four corners of your homes, blow it upwards and downwards at each corner.
  • Recite Ayatul Kursi upon yourselves 7 times
  • Recite, Ya Hafeez, antal Hafeez, 100 times (Oh Protector, You are our Protector).
  • Then doa, “Oh Allah, we entrust our religion, our faith, our honour and our virtue, our young and old, to You. Correct our situation, oh Allah Almighty, correct our faith and our children. Oh Allah, we ask You for safety and security.”
  • Take ablution (wudhu’) before sleeping.
  • Read at least two pages of Quran before sleeping.

After that, don’t fear, guardians will be appointed and sent to watch over you and your homes. When asked by a guest, if this is a portent for the evil times ahead, Maulana said, “We are already in those time now. What are you waiting for?”

Advice for people of Istanbul


  • Leave the city of Istanbul and go to the countryside.
  • There is safety and security for those staying within the borders of the old city of Istanbul only, there are many mosques there, go and pray there. Residents must correct their situation, remain in their homes and recite the do’as taught above – special angels will be sent to protect them. Beyond those borders, all the newly built up areas are in danger. The high rise buildings are in imminent danger, and should a massive earthquake strike, no one will survive when these buildings collapse.
  • Those from Anatolia must return to their villages, or the Black Sea will swallow them. Do not remain in Istanbul.
  • The Sea of Marmara is also not safe, it lies over a volcano, and the sea is boiling underneath the surface. If it erupts (like what it did in 1999 in Golcuk), there will be grave danger.
  • Recite, ‘Ya Hafeez, daily 100 times (oh our Protector), and nothing will happen.
  • Many young man have been conscripted into the Army, what can they read for protection, asked one guest. Maulana replied, “Read Hasbunallah Robbunallah, (Allah is enough for us, Allah is our Lord) and do not fear.”

Final advice – stock up on essentials


  • Everyone must stock up on essentials and food in their homes, sufficient for 40 days e.g rice, salt, butter, soap, water etc.
  • Whatever you have prepared for 40 days, will insyaAllah, last for three times as long, so don’t fear.
  • Maulana concluded by asking mureeds to pray for him, that he not be confined to his bed.





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