Love the Four Caliphs

8 June by Mawlana Sheikh Muhammad Adil Ar-Rabbani

Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem

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AlhamduliLlah everybody knows we are Muslim people insha’Allah and Mu’min people also insha’Allah. We are trying to be good ones insha’Allah. This is our aim: to be good people, an example for others as Prophet salla Llāhu ‘alayhi wa-sallam is an example for us. We are also trying to imitate him ﷺ. For this, everything our Prophet ﷺ does: we know some of them but most of them we don’t know. The Sunnah of Prophet salla Llāhu ‘alayhi wa-sallam. Allah ﷻ rewards who does the Sunnah of Prophet salla Llāhu ‘alayhi wa-sallam. Allah ﷻ rewards him because he imitates Prophet salla Llāhu ‘alayhi wa-sallam.

Allah ﷻ loves him ﷺ and orders to follow him ﷺ for Allah ﷻ to love you. How does Allah ﷻ love us? With following Prophet salla Llāhu ‘alayhi wa-sallam, following his ﷺ way which is coming through Sahabah and through the four Khalifah (Caliphs) who were giving good tidings about Jannah. There are some people who think that if they love one, it is enough. No, it’s not enough. If you love one only, nobody loves you, Prophet ﷺ doesn’t love you. And when Prophet ﷺ doesn’t love somebody, Allah ‘Azza wa-Jalla doesn’t love him.

This is very important. Not to mix bad ideas in this pure way of Prophet salla Llāhu ‘alayhi wa-sallam. Because when you say, “I don’t love three of the Khalifahs of Prophet salla Llāhu ‘alayhi wa-sallam” you are saying that our Prophet ﷺ doesn’t know anything. What is this ridiculousness! What is this foolishness! People think that if they love Sayyidina ‘Ali, they must hate the others. Sayyidina ‘Ali was the most loved one for these three people. They were relatives. They took the daughters and sisters of each other [in marriage]. They are not enemies! You are coming after a thousand years making enmity and you think you are something! You are wrong! Completely wrong! You don’t have Adab! You don’t have good behavior! You don’t even have manners if you say this! Prophet salla Llāhu ‘alayhi wa-sallam loves them all and you say, “I don’t love them.” This is not acceptable at all!

Tariqah people are alhamduliLlah Naqshbandi. We are Naqshbandi people who are following Prophet salla Llāhu ‘alayhi wa-sallam. The most strongly holding of his ﷺ way, his ﷺ Sunnah, his ﷺ deeds, his ﷺ sayings are the Naqshbandi AlhamduliLlah. Of course, other Tariqahs also: Qadiri, Rifai, Chishti, Dusuqi, Shadhili, Tijani. All these Tariqahs are also Haqq Tariqahs. All 41 Tariqahs that are Haqq are in this way. Who are out of this way, don’t look at them! Don’t listen to them! Say, “You are ignorant! Go and learn about Prophet ﷺ, about whom Prophet salla Llāhu ‘alayhi wa-sallam loves and doesn’t love.” You must know this. Don’t make your ego to be happy, “Maybe people will follow me.” If they follow you, you take them to Jahannam only, not anywhere else.

This is the way of love. Islam is peace, love. Many people now say, “Love, Love” but it is not love. It is hypocrite love. The real love is Islam: loving everybody, loving Allah ‘Azza wa-Jalla. But others who say, “I love this, I hate this.” This is a no. This means there is no love there, there is hate. There cannot be hate and love together. All the companions of Prophet salla Llāhu ‘alayhi wa-sallam: he ﷺ loves them. And he ﷺ doesn’t want anybody to say anything against these holy people whom he ﷺ said about: “They are like the stars. If you follow any of them, you will be in the right way. If you don’t follow any of them, you will be out of the way.”

There are many, also these Salafi people, these crazy people say, “There is no Madhhab. The Sahabah don’t have Madhhab.” Each Sahabah is a Madhhab, because you are following them. Prophet salla Llāhu ‘alayhi wa-sallam says that they saw Prophet salla Llāhu ‘alayhi wa-sallam and they are following Prophet salla Llāhu ‘alayhi wa-sallam. But they didn’t write, they didn’t continue this Madhhab. Only after nearly a 100 years, they began – because many Sahabah after 80 years, most of them passed away and their way finished; no more Madhhab from Sahabah. The Madhhab came slowly slowly [after]. There was also many Madhhabs before the four Madhhabs. But also when there were no followers left, they became only four Madhhabs. Those which Ahlu s-Sunnah wal Jama’ah, especially Tariqah people must follow one of them. You cannot say, “I am out of this.” There is no fifth Madhhab; only four. Who is out of these, don’t follow them. Because they don’t have love, they only have hate.

So for this, there is only four Madhhabs for Ahlu s-Sunnah wal Jama’ah. Prophet salla Llāhu ‘alayhi wa-sallam praised them and said to be with them. He ﷺ said, “The Ummah will be divided into 73 groups. All of them are not right but one is.” The Sahabah asked, “Which one?” He ﷺ said, “The majority.” The majority is these four Madhhabs. They accept each other and they are not against each other. For this, this is mercy for the Ummah: to follow one of these Madhhabs. And Allah ‘Azza wa-Jalla made it easy for people to follow. Each country, each people have a Madhhab suitable for them. As Madhhab Maliki is for African people or some people, so it will be easy for their dressing and other. For Hanafi, there is easiness [for them]. For Shafi’i another easiness for them. And Hanbali also. Each people must follow what is easy for them.

They cannot say, “I am looking only from Qur’an and from Hadith.” What do you understand from Qur’an and from Hadith! Nobody understands. To understand from Hadith and Qur’an, you must read for at least 20-25 years to understand. So everybody cannot be ‘Alim and cannot do this. We already have AlhamduliLlah, these big Imam, Imam of Tariqah, Imam of four Madhhab. They are not like the ‘Alims of our time. They are incredible. You cannot imagine how very clever they were, how Allah ‘Azza wa-Jalla gave them the knowledge! They wrote books – even if somebody told them [these people] what to write, in 100 years they cannot write them. They wrote and gave examples and solutions for everything. AlhamduliLlah this is from Allah ‘Azza wa-Jalla’s mercy and a gift for us. Since more than twelve hundred years people have been following this AlhamduliLlah.

So people, Tariqah people must be respectful of all of this. Because in this time, there is this machine – everybody is looking at telephones and machines. This one who doesn’t know how to wash himself is coming and giving Fatwas against Imams and against the four Khulafa’ (Caliphs), and people are watching. This is not acceptable at all! Don’t look at these people! Don’t watch them! Don’t give any attention for these people! These people are making your belief weak, making you away from Allah ‘Azza wa-Jalla, making your Iman weak. When your Imam is weak, in the end you will be without Iman. This is a very dangerous thing.

May Allah ﷻ give us real Iman and real knowledge. It is very important. We are living also – here or anywhere, now it is controlled by shaytan. This is the summary in short. Everywhere in the world, shaytan is controlling. Maybe here, nonbelievers of course can do anything. But don’t think that in your country also, they are not controlling. They are controlling everywhere, and maybe more than here. They are destroying the belief of people and only making them look for their pleasure, to make their ego bigger and bigger. Especially these people who like people to watch them and listen to them.

Allah ﷻ knows best, as Prophet salla Llāhu ‘alayhi wa-sallam told us, we are in the time of Akhiru z-Zaman, end of times. This is exactly what Prophet salla Llāhu ‘alayhi wa-sallam said. Prophecy means to say what will happen later. Everything Prophet salla Llāhu ‘alayhi wa-sallam said, one by one, has been happening since his ﷺ time until now. And now looks like it is the end of times. Because as we said, shaytan is controlling everything in this world. But his kingdom is not forever; it will finish insha’Allah.

So for this, we are not hopeless. We are hopeful. Hopeless are those who don’t believe in Allah ﷻ. Allah ‘Azza wa-Jalla says, Bismi Llāhi r-Raḥmāni r-Raḥīm: ‘لَا تَقْنَطُوا مِن رَّحْمَةِ اللَّهِ’, ‘Lā Taqnatū Min Raĥmati Allāhi’, ‘Do not despair of the mercy of Allah.’ (Qur’ān 39:53). Don’t be hopeless, Allah ﷻ is with you. Allah ﷻ is with us AlhamduliLlah. This is the most important thing which nonbelievers don’t have. They think they can do everything by themselves. If anything happens to them, they become very sad and very bad. Many of them commit suicide or something to finish their lives. But in our belief AlhamduliLlah, everything is from Allah ﷻ and Allah ﷻ rewards us for difficulties. For this, we are lucky. For every difficulty, there is reward. For this, those who are believers, strong believers, it is more easy for them to live. When belief becomes weaker, it becomes difficult for people to live and to carry these burdens. Because they think that by themselves they can do anything. Not knowing that everything happens by Allah’s ﷻ will and is happening all the time. May Allah ﷻ keep us safe. May Allah ﷻ keep you safe. Everybody: our children, daughters, sons, big, old, small, young people, may Allah ﷻ keep you safe. This time is a difficult time but we depend on Allah ﷻ and insha’Allah He ﷻ protects us insha’Allah.

Wa min Allah at-Tawfiq. Al-Fatiha.


Mawlana Sheikh Muhammad Adil ar-Rabbani

08 June 2023/ 19 Dhul Qa’dah 1444

Mississauga, Canada

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