Graduates from the Academy of iblis

Summary of Maulana Shaykh Nazim’s Suhbah

21st December 2009, Monday

Graduates from the Academy of iblis

A’uzubillah himinsh shaitan nirrajeem

Bismillahir Rahman-nir Raheem

Assalamu’alaikum wrh wbkt

  • Maulana says that iblis was the most jealous of all the creatures that Allah created, and all those who have jealousy in their hearts, are iblis’ followers. Maulana says that millions of people have graduated from iblis’ Academy, and iblis proudly presents them their graduation scrolls, saying to them, “Here is your Certificate, you are following my footsteps, you are NUMBER ONE, I am so proud of you, you have graduated and now, you are the most JEALOUS one!” Such a graduate, is a true follower of shaitan.
  • Shaitan has many Academies, and he has no shortage of students, all learning to becomes the most dirty ones. Today there are so many followers yearning to graduate from these Academies.
  • What are the four cursed characteristics of iblis, that these graduates are
  • Arrogance is to view oneself as better than others, above the level of others. Our egos belong to shaitan, and these four characteristics, are characteristics of people who belong to shaitan.
  • Maulana says, these are the four WORST characteristics that we can possess.
    CROSS THE BRIDGE, AND HE WILL FALL INTO THE FIRE!!! These characteristics remove the beauty and loveliness in yourselves, making you dirty and ugly. As long as you do not cleanse yourselves from these four characteristics, you will NEVER enter Paradise! Therefore, Allah the Merciful sent us Prophets, to help us clean these shaitanic characteristics.
  • The worst characteristic of the four above, is ARROGANCE. Because, it was
    arrogance that caused people to reject these Prophets, who came to clean them. They looked down on the Prophets, they questioned the Prophets’ right to preach, and they felt proud that they were leaders of tribes that were respected and large. Maulana asks, look at the tribal leaders that proudly opposed Rasulullah (saw) – where are they today? Where is the powerful tribe that they used to lead?
  • When Allah commanded the Angels to prostrate, only iblis remained standing. At the moment that iblis defied Allah, he was suddenly transformed into an ugly and revolting creature, he became so deformed and ugly, so much so that Maulana says, if you looked at him, you would feel like throwing up. Iblis lost his honour and beauty and status, in that instant that he remained standing in defiance. From that moment, Allah no longer spoke to iblis (for it is an honour to be spoken to by Allah), Allah sent an Angel to speak on His behalf, to iblis.
  • So, Maulana says, if you look at someone, and his face radiates ugliness, he has inherited that darkness/dirtiness/defiance from iblis, so that ugliness is a sign to you, that something is not right with that person. So many people resort to using make-up today, to hide that emerging ugliness. If you look into a mirror, and you see your own beauty, then prostrate (sujud) to Allah in thankfulness, for he has placed a Divine light within you.
  • Whenever the Prophet (saw) spoke, he spoke the words of Allah, he is speaking on behalf of his Lord, as he is Allah’s representative. From these words pour forth oceans of knowledge, and we can learn from these oceans endlessly.
  • The Prophet (saw) said in a Hadees, “If you wish to ask for goodness/ a favour from someone, look at his face, and if you find in that face loveliness / beauty / handsomeness / goodness, then ask from him.” This hadees is etched in golden letters, it is an important ocean for us to understand. So many rich people, Kings, Leaders, they are always scowling, serious and unapproachable, they look so ugly, says Maulana, when they behave like this. If only they smiled and were friendly, loving and approachable!
  • Maulana advised us to be generous, for Allah has said in a Hadees Qudsi, that He will never humiliate one, who gives and gives, in Allah’s path. So give freely, Allah will replace from His richness what you gave for His pleasure, for Allah LOVES generous ones. Allah says, “If you obey Me, I shall make it such that, when you say BE, it shall BE!”
  • You will be amazed to see your organs (hands, feet, eyes etc) speaking on Judgement Day, bearing witness to all that you did, for just as Allah gave you the ability to speak, He will grant your body parts the ability to speak and to bear witness to ALL that you did!


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