Your Inner Voice

السلام عليكم ورحمة اللّه وبركاته

بسم اللّه الرحمن الرحيم

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The inner voice.

Always consult it (see Ahadeeth below).

The Voice from the House of God always tells it as it is.

The Prophetﷺ clenched his fist and struck his chest, saying, “Consult your soul, consult your heart, O Wabisah. Righteousness is what reassures your soul and your heart, and sin is what wavers in your soul and puts tension in your chest, even if people approve it in their judgments again and again.”
(Source: Sunan al-Da‌rimi‌ 2575
Grade: Sahih (authentic) according to Al-Haytami)

Abu Tha’laba reported: I said, “O Messenger of Allah, tell me what is lawful and unlawful for me.” The Prophetﷺ, said, “Righteousness is serenity in the soul and peace of mind in the heart. Sin is not serene in the soul and not satisfying to the heart, even if the judge gives you approval.”
Source: Musnad Ah‌mad 17396
Grade: Sahih (authentic)

Wa min Allah at-Tawfiq. Al-Fatiha.

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