Why Maulana Shaykh Nazim stopped his Suhbahs

Why Maulana Shaykh Nazim stopped his Suhbahs:

Making his message clear

A’uzubillah himinsh shaitan nirrajeem

Bismillahir Rahman-nir Raheem

Assalamu’alaikum wrh wbkt

Maulana says we have reached the end of part One of these Heavenly Suhbahs.

No sooner had he said those words, when there was an anguished cry from mureeds, who called for prayers and vigil, so that Maulana’s heart would be ‘opened’ to continue his Suhbahs.

Please do not do that. We must not have even a shadow of a doubt that Maulana is being guided to do what is best for us.

Have we been listening at all, to what Maulana has been saying?

We have been served with 500 Suhbahs, 500 heavenly table-spreads of sumptuous Spiritual food. We have hardly even tasted of the dishes…and we are clamouring and demanding for more? Astaghfirullah….

Maulana Shaykh Nazim said the next day, that we must digest the food first, only then will we feel hungry again. It is an oblique reference to the many who have not practised any of the life-changing advice contained within these powerful Suhbahs….

Shaykh Hisham announced in the Lefke Dergah the very next day that Maulana Shaykh Nazim, wants the mureeds to make notes, and to form discussion groups to study the Suhbahs. We at SufiHub, have advocated such a treatment of Maulana’s Suhbah from last year, and now that Maulana’s Suhbahs have stopped now, this is the exact instruction of Maulana Shaykh Nazim.

Oh believers, Tariqah is not a noun, it is a verb! It is not a Club, it is a State of Spirituality. It is not a collection of books/notes/videos, it is a code of adab/conduct. It is not to boot-lick/flatter our Shaykh, it is a bond with the Masters. It is not a means to leadership or fame or worldly gain, but it is a Way to attain servanthood and closeness (to the Beloved). It is a journey to achieve Rabbaniyyun!

We must not make a public show of anguish, now that the Suhbahs have been temporarily suspended. Whilst some may view a public outcry as a sign of love for our Shaykh, those who truly love him, must practice what he teaches. Instead of being anguished that the Suhbahs have stopped for now, we should be anguished that we have yet to take even one bite from the 500 table-spreads of food laid out before us, because THAT is the cause of Maulana’s anguish!

What would we call one who lets so much food go to waste, whilst still asking for more? It is a sign of greed and wastefulness, to keep asking without ‘eating’.

But waste not by excess for Allah loveth not the wasters. (Quran 7:31)

Lo! the squanderers (wasteful ones) are brothers of shaitan, and the shaitan is ungrateful to his Lord. (Quran 17:27)

Each Suhbah is chock full of guidance, wisdom and secrets. Have we taken the time to ponder these? The Summaries and Commentaries in SufiHub have only touched the tip of the iceberg…there is so much more contained within the Suhbahs, that is why we have advocated so strongly since the launching of SufiHub last year, that mureeds must focus on the Suhbahs, and dissect them and dive into the Oceans. Our esteemed Shah Naqshband (qs) said, “Our Way is Asscociation (Suhbah).” Yet it is sad that many are still not bothering to attend the Suhbahs, and some of those who are attending, are not really listening or taking the lessons seriously.

Oh believers, we are like a group of people standing at the shore of a great Ocean, that was empty, just 500 days ago. Maulana has slowly filled the Ocean with water, and today we stand at the shore of a great Ocean, filled to the brim. You know what is refraction? It is the name given to a scientific phenomenon, where water makes things at the bottom of an Ocean appear much, much nearer. The pearls on the Ocean floor, which had been hidden from view in the past, is now visible to us, barokah of Maulana’s Ocean of water. We can now see the pearls! Why are we still jumping up and down, asking for more water? Stop the din, oh attenders, and dive in! Dive in and get the pearls, just as the Companions dived into the Prophetic Oceans and brought back pearls for the Nation.

After learning knowledge, next comes deeds (based on knowledge that we have learned). Just to look at the pearls will not remove our Spiritual poverty, it is only by deeds (diving into the Ocean), that we can acquire the riches that we seek!

Maulana said that, in Divine eyes, this world is divided into two big groups. Those who are obedient, and those who are rebellious. Those who are obedient, will be dressed as Rabbani (Divine ones). And those who are disobedient, will be punished. There are no other groups.

Which group are we from? The obedient ones? If we claim so, then we must ensure that we go through the 500 Suhbahs, to know exactly how to become an obedient one, as obedience is not based on our Scale of Judgement, but on His Scale of Judgement.

Oh believers, do not waste time praying/asking for more Suhbahs. Instead, study the Suhbahs and pray for more understanding, wisdom and guidance from the Suhbahs already given, so that the jewels within them make us real Divine Ones, Rabbaniyyun! And instead of being sad that the Suhbahs have stopped, we should be thankful that we have been served so many Suhbahs by the Saint of our times, so few in the past have had that opportunity of taking knowledge directly from a Saint’s mouth and heart. When we are thankful, Allah will give us more (Suhbahs). And the true sign of thankfulness, is that we value the teachings by practising them meticulously and assiduously.

But only a few of My servants are grateful!” (Quran 34:13)

Don’t keep asking for table-spreads of food, without eating and digesting (understanding and growing in faith)! Look at what Allah said to the Companions of Sayyidina Isa (as), after He sent them the table-spreads of food:

Allah said: “I am going to send it (the table spread) down to you, but if any of you after that disbelieves, then I will punish him with a torment such as I have not inflicted on anyone among (all) mankind and jinn.” (Quran 5:115)

Allah will punish with the severest torment, those who receive such a table-spread, but still disbelieve. Every disobedient one will be punished. Maulana says we are at the Door of the Day of Resurrection, dark clouds of punishment are on the horizon this Muharram, about 40 days away. Armageddon is the severest torment that the world has never seen the like of…

Oh believers, stop the petty quarrels, stop fighting to uphold your personal beliefs and factions. Stop all this! There are no such divisions when Allah judges Mankind, there is only Jannah and Jahannam, obedient and defiant ones. That is why in the last Suhbah given on the 20th of October (the Summary is still being done), Maulana says there is no more 73 sects in Islam, and there are no more sects in Christianity and in Judaism as from that day! There is only one category who will be Rabbani –obedient ones! Those who still fight to uphold any other flag, are doomed!

But they (mankind) have broken their religion among them into sects, each sect rejoicing in its tenets. So leave them in their error till a time. (Quran 23:53-54)

Oh believers! Look deep into your hearts, drop all resistance to reality and truth, you belong to Him, and to Him you shall certainly return. Make an intention to become an obedient one, study the Suhbahs, to grow in your love for Him. Don’t let Maulana’s temporary pause in Suhbahs weaken you, it must strengthen your resolve to dive deeper into the past Suhbahs. Let’s join hands to do just that!

If you can, do contribute to the discussions on the Summaries that are already up on this site. We in Singapore will gather on weekends, to go through all these Suhbahs, line by line, to extract as much as we can! You may join us in person (details on our website) or online.

Even if this break in Suhbahs by Maulana is just for a few days, Maulana has sent a powerful message to all attenders:

  • It is pointless to chase this worldly life, without chasing the hereafter, so attend Suhbahs!
  • It is pointless to attend Suhbahs, without really learning.
  • It is pointless to learn, without practicing what you have learnt.
  • It is pointless to practice, if it is not practised sincerely for Allah.

Spread the teachings, we are at the Door to Eternity already.

Join us as we dive for the pearls together…………..and do always keep our beloved Shaykh in your prayers.

The SufiHub Team

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