Those who seek to please Allah are on Siratal Mustaqeem


Summary of Maulana Shaykh Nazim’s daily Suhbahs

27th April 2010, Tuesday

Those who seek to please Allah are on Siratal Mustaqeem

A’uzubillah himinash shaitan nirrajeem

Bismillah-hir Rahman-nir Raheem

Assalamu’alaikum wrh wbkt

  • Mawlana said the recitation of A’uzubillah himinash shaitan nirrajeemand Bismillah-hir Rahman-nir Raheemgave us honor. Mawlana then prayed, “We are Your weak servants, Ya Allah, Help Your weak servants. You Own everything, You Possess infinite Oceans in each of Your created Universes, You are the Lord of the Universe, we possess nothing. You have Bestowed upon us such great honor, Oh Allah, honor beyond our understanding, by raising us to be Your Khaleefah.” Mawlana then reminded us that Rasulullah (saw) encouraged his Nation to always give each other greetings of As-salamu ‘alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh.
  • If Divine help and blessings did not reach a particular creation, it cannot possibly exist. (For example, every lighted lamp must have a connection to the power station. It is impossible for a lamp with cut wires to remain lit). This is a very important point of understanding for us to build on. Every single creature – from the tiniest virus to the largest Star (eg Sun) – must be connected to the Divine and be receiving help and gifts from the Divine, in order to exist. Mawlana said, it can then be summarized that every creature in creation need a portion of the Divine help; hence every one of the trillions and trillions of living things, each one has a place and a special maqam, a unique position from which to draw its needs from.
  • Even every atom has its place! Do you think that even one atom can decide what it wants to be and where it wants to exist and for what purpose? No. All of these have been decided on its behalf and has been dictated by the Wisdom of Allah Almighty. So every atom exists at a point in time and space, as decided by Allah Almighty! Subhanallah, Allah is Truly Most Magnificient and Most Powerful.
  • Man of the 21st century must seek knowledge from the Holy Books. He must ponder such realities about Allah’s Greatness and Powers. Allah says in the Holy Qur’an, “Why do you not think?” Man must always ponder and reflect upon such matters. Where has Man been raised as Khaleefah? To whom are we Khaleefah to?
  • Chosen guides of mankind are given powerful knowledge, as they have to awaken sleeping humans. Man has closed his eyes to the reality of life, and he has yet to realize that beyond that initial reality lies so many other undiscovered realities. Ironically, when Man achieves his worldly position and status, he believes this status to be the reality – when in fact he is veiled (by dunya) from the true nature of life’s reality. By sending guides, Allah wants to lift these veils from Man’s drunken and sleeping minds, to take him from heedlessness about life’s true purpose, and to bring him to awaken and to look to the horizon of reality.
  • Man has only reached the horizon of dunya (a meaningless achievement), he has just acquired dunya (a worthless endeavor) and he is already puffed up with pride and arrogance! Man has yet to even reach the horizon of the first reality, not to mention the uncountable realities beyond that.
  • Man does not even understand about dunya. Man is now being taught that this world began from the explosion of a single atom, in the Big Bang theory. That is a false theory, propagated by Shaytan. It is a trick of Shaytan to occupy Man with petty, unimportant and irrelevant matters, so that he has no time to really ponder about the reality of his own creation.
  • Man claims that he is now at the peak of advancement, having harnessed the full potential of technology. A hundred years ago, technology did not exist. Today, we have reached the peak, there is nothing more to achieve, so Shaytan makes Man busy trying to invent theories for many nonsensical matters. What is the point of knowing what size of teeth a T-Rex had? Why should we try to guess the age of the Universe? What is the benefit of knowing the composition of a star a billion miles away? By immersing Man in the pursuit of useless, meaningless and nonsensical knowledge, Man forgets the most important duty he has here on Earth – to understand the reality of his purpose of creation, his status and his journey to his final destination.
  • It is very unfortunate that such irrelevant knowledge and ridiculous theories are taught in schools today, poisoning our youth into falling into this Shaytanic trap. It is even sadder to see this type of syllabus being taught in schools in Islamic countries. By planting the seeds of such theories in our children, they grow up no longer believing in the Creator of the Universe. Their faith in Allah is destroyed by being taught from young about Big Bang and Darwinism. For that reason, Allah sends down punishments upon so many Muslim countries, as they have left the straight path, and have gone astray.
  • An example Mawlana quoted was how Muslim nations made it a law for its citizens to stand up upon hearing the National Anthem (if citizens do not stand, it is an act punishable by jail), yet no one stands when the adhan (call to prayer) is made. Has it never crossed your minds that Allah is watching you? Nations go to such length in ensuring respect for the country’s flag and anthem, yet no such respect is afforded to Allah and His Prophet (saw). Mawlana made a prayer here, “Oh Allah, forgive us, for we are terrible sinners, we are creatures of no value, You have given us uncountable gifts, and we do not even stand, to respect the call to prayer.” It is a sunnah to stand, even momentarily, as a sign of respect when the adhan is called, so let us practice it – even a King must stand when the adhan is called. By standing, you please Allah, and He may Bestow upon you heavenly light. Allah says to his Angels, “This is My servant, he shows respect to My Holy Name.”
  • Allah says in the Holy Qur’an, “This is My straight Way.” Why are preachers no longer guiding their followers on this Straight Way? What is this Way, the Siratal Mustaqeem? Where does this Way begin and where does it end? Do you know, asked Mawlana? If you do know, why are you not guiding others? And if you do not know, why are you not learning about it?
  • When Allah says, “This is My straight path,” it means, “This is the Way for those who want to reach Me, and to understand.” It is a Way without bends or turns, unlike the Ways of the unbelievers. But why are we following their ways today? Why have we abandoned our own Holy Book to follow their deviant ways? And why do we get angry when someone points out the truth – and our mistakes – to us? We should not be angry, for such an advice is actually saving us from Divine punishment. This is another disease of the 21st century – Man is so quick to show anger when he is corrected!
  • Some people are amazed at this series of lessons by Mawlana. He says, “I am but a warner (like the flute see suhbah dated 26/04/10), what is sent to me, I will relate it to you.” If you find the knowledge contained within as true, then accept it, and obey it, and practise it!
  • The Prophet (saw) said, “Innam al-`ilm bi ta`allum.” (Knowledge must be learnt from a teacher). Without a guide, Man cannot learn anything. This is especially true for Divine sent knowledge, for that is the Siraat, the Way to Paradise.
  • Guides must learn about and teach about this Siraat to their followers. They must throw envy from their hearts, and they must stop chasing dunya, they just realize that dunya is worth less than the wing of a mosquito, to Allah. (See suhbah dated 24/03/10). They must awaken their followers and stop enmity and animosity.
  • In conclusion, Mawlana prayed, “Oh Allah, we are sinful servants, send us a guide, who will show us the Way to heavens, the Siraatullah. We ask for Divine Lights, we ask that You be pleased with us. That is our intention, that you are pleased with us.” Try always, to please Allah, that is Siraatullah!


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