The Secret of the Atom

Summary of Maulana Shaykh Nazim’s Daily Suhbah

25th January 2010, Monday

The Secret of the Atom

A’uzubillah himinsh shaitan nirrajeem

Bismillahir Rahman-nir Raheem

Assalamu’alaikum wrh wbkt

(This Suhbah is best read after you have read the one on 24th January 2010, titled ‘Each atom has its own personality’, as this Suhbah is a continuation of that Suhbah.)

  • Maulana says that any creature that has received the grant of being created by Allah, cannot do as it pleases, as it wills. The fate of all creation is governed by the Creator’s Will, and what befalls each creature is according to what is written on the Preserved Tablet at Luh Mahfuz. The Qutb (Spiritual Pole) is authorized to look at the Tablet, and he will administer the earthly happenings, according to what he sees on the Tablet. It is not necessary for many people to administer this earth, only one administrator is necessary. A single power plant will suffice for a community, it is not practical for each home to have individual power plants. Just as it is the duty of the Qutb to execute he Divine Will as written on the Tablet, it is the duty of the rest of creation to accept what befalls them, according to His Divine Will.
  • Each human being views life from a different perspective. He has differing views, principles, passions, thoughts, actions, intentions and understanding. Why? Because Allah is Al-Mubdi, المبدئ , the Originator, the Producer, the Initiator. Allah never produces two identical creations, each creation is different and absolutely unique. Whatever Allah creates, it is a unique creature, the like of which has never been created before and will never be created again. Allah is so Great!
  • Look at ants. To us, they all look the same. In reality, each ant, like a human being, is a unique creature with its own personality and temperament. No two ants are alike/identical, every single ant Allah has created since the beginning of creation till the end – is different. Hence every creation is unique – every human, every animal, every strand of hair, every snowflake, every cell, every bacteria, every virus, every atom – each has its own personality, its own duty, its own mission, its own way of glorifying Allah, its own destiny – no two are alike/identical. Allahu Akbar!!
  • Maulana says that for each Universe that Allah creates, it has seven heavens, and Allah has created countless Universes, all different from each other – the seven heavens of one Universe is different from the seven heavens of another Universe – and no two heavens within one Universe are alike! (In an earlier Suhbah, Maulana Shaykh Hisham said that no two trees in a forest are alike, and even on the same tree, no two branches are identical, and even on the same branch, no two leaves are identical, and in the same bunch of fruits, no two fruits are identical!) Look at how great Allah is – no creation is identical to any creation before or after it, ever! Allah creates and creates endlessly, each new creation is unique, original and special, with its own purpose, mission, destiny and personality! Allahu akbar!
  • Even atoms of the same element are unique and special, No two hydrogen atoms share the same fate, or have the same duty/mission, or have the same personality! Even the tasbih/glorification that each Hydrogen atom recites in praise of Allah, is different from the other.
  • One of Allah’s Divine Attributes is ﻣﺨﺎﻟﻔﺘﻪ ﻟﻠﺤﻮﺍﺩﺙ , Mukhalafatu lil hawadith, that is, Allah is different from all that He created, He does not resemble His creatures. It is the only Attribute that is Unique to Allah, that is not shared with the Prophets and Saints, only Allah alone has this Attribute. Nothing can resemble Him, this is a special Attribute of Allah.
  • Such secret knowledge is now being opened to Mankind, so that those who seek to understand Allah’s greatness, can embark on that journey. That journey begins with just ONE atom. Look at it, and ponder. For, contained within an atom, are Oceans of Secrets, with a hundred trillion types of knowledges hidden within it, and each knowledge points to Allah’s greatness, each attribute within the atom is a manifestation of Allah’s greatness, each knowledge contained within the atom contains blessings and secrets.
  • Maulana gave an example to illustrate this point. Suppose a person writes a book. By reading that book, we can judge the depth of the author’s knowledge, and understand more about the author himself. The book is a manifestation of the ability of the author, it reflects a little bit of what he can do. Similarly, by studying the atom, which contains Oceans of Knowledge and Secrets, we understand more about Allah’s Infinite Greatness and Attributes. And just as every new book written by that author will reveal more about himself and his abilities, every new (and unique) atom that Allah creates, will manifest new knowledges, new secrets and new insights into the Greatness of Allah. Every atom that is in creation, points to Makrifatullah, knowledge of Allah’s Greatness – every creation carries a secret, manifesting the Divine knowledge of Makrifatullah. Allahu akbar!
  • When we recite A’uzubillah, heavenly atomic missiles are thrown at shaitan, a single atom is able to destroy billions of devils, as there is a secret power in atoms that shaitan cannot understand. We mustn’t think of Allah as our bodyguard or guardian, who intervenes personally when we recite A’uzubillah. No! Maulana cites an example. If there is a bandit in a Kingdom, the King does not mount his horse and chase after the bandit. He appoints someone, perhaps a Court official or a Policeman, to handle the matter, to represent him. This appointed person, is given authority by the King, and he may then perform the job of arresting the bandit.
  • So is it the correct protocol, the correct adab, if we complain to the King, expecting him to chase after the bandit? That is very bad adab, for we are assigning a task to the King that is demeaning to him, beneath his status and dignity, we are requesting the very highest authority, to handle a petty, common matter. (It is like expecting our local Member of Parliament to personally repair our leaking roof when we have made a complaint to the Town Council! Although the request is directed to him, an authorized repairman will be sent to handle the matter, and he represents the Member of Parliament in this matter.) Maulana says, we must keep good adab to Allah, and we must keep good adab to our fellow creatures, adab/protocol/respect is very important. So when you request help from Allah, Allah will send a representative of His, an authorized one, to handle the matter.
  • To further illustrate this, Maulana gave another example. Every human being is fashioned within the womb of his mother. The human being is ‘created’ within the womb, and given its shape and features. Allah is the Creator, Fashioner and Originator – but the task of actually building the body, atom by atom, cell by cell, is done by Angels that are authorized and sent to do the job. Though Allah is able to create without help, these tasks are delegated to His servants, and these chosen representatives perform these duties as worship to Allah, sincerely. Hence, in this manner, Allah divides out the worship, amongst His creation. That is a heavenly grant, to be a representative of Allah, in Divine service.
  • Despite being the ones who actually build the human body in the womb, no Angel claims credit for the creation of the human body. Each Angel acknowledges that Allah is the Creator, and that they were merely tools for the purpose of creating the body, they realise that they are merely representing Allah, and they perform this as a sincere worship, taking no credit, feeling no pride, acknowledging no ability within themselves – they are sincere and they give all credit to Allah (not themselves) – these are true servants, true representatives of Allah.
  • So when you are asked to do some service (eg feed a hungry person, teach someone knowledge, help carry a bag etc), see yourself as the one Allah has delegated the task to, the one who is representing Allah in this matter, the one who is blessed to be chosen to serve, for Allah’s sake. So do each act FOR YOUR LORD, do it ON BEHALF OF YOUR LORD, on behalf of HIS NAME, representing HIM, taking no credit for yourself.
  • When you do so, it is the highest form of respect and glorification that you can offer to Allah, it is the way of the Angels and Saints. This is a very important knowledge, this is the protocol that pleases Allah, Maulana says that if you practise this, it will take your station up to the Divine presence, faster than a speeding rocket!
  • But if you do on behalf of your ego (taking credit, seeing your part in the act, showing off, seeking fame and acknowledgment and praise), then you are doing on behalf of shaitan, for that is shaitan’s protocol and you become shaitan’s representative. Today, billions around the world have become shaitan’s representatives, they do only to show off, they help others to draw attention to themselves, all their deeds are performed so as to be seen by others, to raise their own name, not ALLAH’s name!
  • So do everything for Allah, do everything for His Name, that is the heavenly protocol, heavenly adab, which pleases your Lord. Live to serve Allah sincerely, and give all praise, glorification and credit to Allah. Every act of yours must only be for Allah. Do in His name, for Him!
  • Maulana ended by talking a little about the Day of Resurrection. He said that the Angels carrying Allah’s Throne to the plains of Mashar, will be reciting a musical zikir, in a loud, melodious and hypnotic voice/tune, so much so that the people gathered in the plains of Mashar, will be swaying from side to side, in drunken ecstasy. That is why Maulana likes to end his Suhbahs with Qasidahs, for such heavenly recitals are an imitated version of that recital on the Day of Resurrection.


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