The Sahabah Were Not Enemies 

24 August By Mawlana Sheikh Muhammad Adil Ar-Rabbani


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Allah ‘Azza wa-Jalla is saying to our Holy Prophet ﷺ,
‘لَوْ أَنفَقْتَ مَا فِي الْأَرْضِ جَمِيعًا مَّا أَلَّفْتَ بَيْنَ قُلُوبِهِمْ وَلَٰكِنَّ اللَّهَ أَلَّفَ بَيْنَهُمْ’, ‘Law ‘Anfaqta Mā Fī Al-‘Arđi Jamī`āan Mā ‘Allafta Bayna Qulūbihim wa Lakinna Allaha Allafa Baynahum’, ‘If you had spent all that is in the earth, you could not have brought their hearts together; but Allah brought them together.’ (Qur’ān 08:63). Sadaqa Llāhu l-‘Aẓīm.

Allah ‘Azza wa-Jalla put love between the Sahabah. He ﷻ gave that love so that they support each other. He ﷻ leaned their hearts towards each other, says Allah ‘Azza wa-Jalla. This is something that cannot be obtained with money.

Building is difficult but destroying is easy. As it is the end of times now, a lot of Fitnah appears. As if people, Muslims have overcome everything and become perfect, they say regarding the events of old times “Why did it happen like this? Why did this one become Khalifa? Why did not that one become one? How is that?” This Fitnah of the end of times is everywhere. We hear this in all Muslim countries. They have brought this up.

Allah ‘Azza wa-Jalla wanted that, so it happened. A person with Iman must know this. It is not your business. It is the will of Allah ﷻ. Had Allah ﷻ not wanted it, it would not have happened. It is like this, in short. A person who says he is Muslim or Mu’min must say so.

No need to make Fitnah about old events. Muslims are messy and against each other enough. Muslims have become enemies to each other and a community that doesn’t love each other. In addition to this, they bring up these matters. These are useless matters, worthless matters. It is the will of Allah ﷻ. Allah ﷻ surely wanted it this way. Everything happens by the will of Allah ﷻ. Nothing happens outside the will of Allah ﷻ.

Our Holy Prophet salla Llāhu ‘alayhi wa-sallam has said, “The best time is my ﷺ time. Then, the time after my ﷺ time. Then, the time after it.” This time is the century: 1st century and 2nd century. Afterwards, there is destruction. Therefore, things that happened in those centuries – The time we are living in now is the worst time. Preaching to them and saying “We did this and that. This is good and that is right” is stupid. It fits neither mind nor logic. And it is not a good thought.

May Allah ﷻ protect us. May Allah ﷻ make our way steady. May we be on the way of our Holy Prophet ﷺ insha’Allah. May we love all Muslims, Sahabah and Ahlu l-Bayt insha’Allah. Sahabah and Ahlu l-Bayt were all one. People nowadays think they were enemies, whereas all of them were relatives. They lived together. One’s sister married someone’s brother. Another one married their daughter. There was nothing as enmity.

Stupid people nowadays show it as if there was Fitnah and corruption among them. Ḥāshā! Ḥāshā! (far from it) If there was, there wouldn’t be Islam now. May Allah ﷻ give mind and understanding to these people. Everyone should mind himself and his ego. They should improve themselves. And the best improvement is not to interfere with those holy ones and not to cast their opinions. They should not give their thoughts. May Allah ﷻ protect us. 

Wa min Allah at-Tawfiq. Al-Fatiha.


Mawlana Sheikh Muhammad Adil ar-Rabbani

24 August 2023/8 Safar 1445

Akbaba Dergah, Istanbul

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