The Most Important Question That Allah will ask Us

Summary of Maulana Shaykh Nazim’s Suhbah

10th December 2009, Thursday

The Most Important Question That Allah will ask Us

A’uzubillah himinsh shaitan nirrajeem

Bismillahir Rahman-nir Raheem

Assalamu’alaikum wrh wbkt

  • Maulana says that the Highest Praise and Glorification is due to ALLAH alone, and from amongst the creation, none is worthy of more respect and honour, than Rasulullah (saw).
  • If you like what you hear, accept and practice it. Maulana says, “If you disagree with me, then reject what I advise you, and leave. And if you leave me, I shall only be responsible, for those who are continuing to stay on, to learn. So, listen and obey!”
  • Maulana is teaching us to seek our eternal salvation, to seek Allah’s gifts that have true perpetual value, yet many of us are only seeking of Allah’s worldly gifts, that are temporary and fleeting, and that has no value at all (which are worthless) in the hereafter.
  • Allah is going to ask us ONE very important question when we meet Him on Judgement Day. Allah will be Angry on that Day, and when Allah’s Wrath descends on those standing before him, they will tremble with fear. Even Prophets will be trembling in fear, they will fall on their knees and beg on that terrible Day. Maulana reminds us, “That Day, is sure to come, never forget that!”
  • Prophet Muhammad (saw) said in a hadees that his Ummat will split into 73 different sects, of which, only ONE group will attain felicity and salvation, and only that ONE group will be safe. That ONE group that is going to be safe, is the group, which will be able to answer that important question correctly, so listen carefully to the question, and to the answer. Maulana says that, if you spend your entire life, from this moment, till the moment when you will meet Him, preparing to answer this question correctly, it is enough for your happiness, and you will be safe. So listen carefully and prepare the correct answer!!
  • The Ummat has split into so many sects because Muslims today have left the ways of the Prophet (saw) and are following the ways of non-Muslims, in every aspect of their life. It is so amazing that, we Muslims, who have been shown the way of life most pleasing to Allah, which is the the Sunnah of Rasulullah (saw), the beloved of Allah, choose to discard all that, and run after the ways of those who take shaitan as their guide! Today’s Muslims follow the unbelievers in their way of dressing, speech, lifestyle, beliefs, morals, diet, goals – and we are chasing this worldly life and yearning for it, abandoning the hereafter, exactly like the unbelievers.
  • Because of that, Maulana warns that Armageddon, the great disaster that will leave 6 out of 7 humans dead, is approaching quickly. Maulana says that his ears are already hearing the sounds of the approach of this terrible disaster…..
  • King Namrud, who challenged Allah to a war, amassed his massive armies, and awaited Allah to send His armies. After waiting for some time, Namrud asked Prophet Ibrahim (as), “Where is your Lord’s Army?” Prophet Ibrahim (as) told Namrud to be patient. Soon, on the horizon was a black spot that grew larger by the minute, and Prophet Ibrahim (as) told Namrud that Allah’s Army was approaching.
  • It was an Army of millions of tiny mosquitoes, and as they approached, the humming sound of their beating wings, grew louder and louder, and that deafening sound brought great terror into the hearts of Namrud’s soldiers. One by one, overcome by fear and horror, they fell to their knees, and died.
  • It is this sound, the sound of the approach of punishment, of Armageddon, that Maulana is telling us he is hearing now. Hence he is giving us this sincere advice, so as to save us from Allah’s Wrath.
  • Maulana is saddened that many Guides, Teachers, Leaders and Heads are no longer practicing the divine command to give sincere advice to their followers, encouraging them to perform good deeds, and to forbid them from evil deeds. They have left this very important act of dispensing good advice, so now, the Ummat is growing more divided and Punishment is drawing nearer.
  • This is what Allah will say to us when we meet Him: “Oh My Servant, have I not given you the Best of my Gifts in your worldly life? Have I not placed the world and its creatures under your dominion/control? Have I not been a good Lord to You? What have you spent your life on? Did you obey Me, or did you obey My enemy, shaitan? Did you spend your life doing good deeds with the Gifts I have bestowed upon you, and did you send Me your Best deeds? Did you think I created you for play, or did you think I created you to live as animals do?” Allah will then ask us: “Oh My Servant, I have done My best for you, HAVE YOU DONE YOUR BEST FOR ME?”
  • For those who answered, “I was busy building skyscrapers,” or “I was one who followed the ways of the unbelievers”, Allah would herd them with shaitan, the accursed, for punishment.
  • Only ONE group of people would be able to say, “Oh Allah, in this worldly life, I tried my best, to be your best Servant, I tried to do the Best, For You!” And these are the ones, who have achieved true success.
  • Maulana says, write down this question, remember it and do your best to please Allah. Even if you had read a thousand books/kitabs in your life, all that is of no benefit to you, if you cannot say to Allah, “Oh Allah, I tried my very best to be Your Servant!”
  • Maulana exhorts all those people who are resorting to violence, murder, war and slaughter, to STOP! Allah did not create us to be the WORST creatures to each other, Allah created us all to do our BEST for each other! Oh Muslims! For the remainder of your life in this world, your intention, in every act, in every uttered word, in every step you take, in every thought and plan – must be – to please Allah, to do your best for Him, to do your best to be His servant. Never forget that!


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