Thank God it’s Friday: 29th October 2010

Summary of Maulana Shaykh Nazim’s Short Advice (given after Fajr)

29thOctober 2010, Friday

Thank God it’s Friday

(Maulana gave two Suhbahs today, one after Fajr prayer, and the next one after Juma’ah prayers. This is the first Suhbah)

A’uzubillah himinash shaitan nirrajeem

Bismillah-hir Rahman-nir Raheem

Assalamu’alaikum wrh wbkt

  • Today is Friday, it is the Leader of all other days in the week, the best of all days, the Holiest of all days, a day when abundant blessings rains down on the Nation of Muhammad (saw); in fact in every hour of the entire day, mercy rains down on the Nation! There is no other day like it, it is the biggest, most valuable, most honoured day. It is a day to give time for servanthood to Allah. There is no point, no benefit, in being servants of dunia- so it is a day for you to run to Allah! Run to worship him! Run to be in His service! Go early to perform the Juma’ah prayers! He who is careful about the Juma’ah prayer, is blessed by Allah.
  • During the first ever Juma’ah prayer that was performed by Rasulullah (saw), he said, “Allah has ordained that the Juma’ah prayer be obligatory for my Nation till Qiyamah. Whoever guards his Friday prayers, Allah will grant him Paradise, and make him happy in this world and in the hereafter. But he who disregards it, his life will be unhappy and miserable in both worlds.” So Muslims, the choice is yours, says Maulana.
  • Look after this day as best you can, decorate it with your best deeds. Perform the ritual bath before going to Friday prayers. He who looks after his Friday prayers, Allah will bless him for the rest of the week – his body will be strong, his health will be good, his family will be peaceful, his sustenance will be sufficient and be filled with barokah (blessings), his work will be easy – he will be showered with Allah’s infinite mercies. Remember Allah abundantly, especially on Fridays, as that is a Holy Command. He who is obedient to Allah, is His servant. He who is obedient to shaitan (by treating Fridays with disdain and with disrespect) is shaitan’s servant. He who is not a Man of God (RijalAllah), is a Man of Shaitan (Rijal Shaitan)!
  • Anyone who disregards his Friday prayers, his entire week will be in chaos! They will be crushed by life’s problems. Don’t take that way, Maulana says. Respect your religion and fulfill your duties. Guard your honour, guard the honour of your faith! Some people skip prayers, because they are unable to get time off from work. “They will fire me from my job if I pray,” they say. Don’t fear those whom you work for, instead, fear Allah. Let them fire you. Maulana says, it is better to make your boss angry, than to make Allah angry! If your bosses were to terminate you, you can always look for another source of sustenance, but if Allah were to throw you away from His Door, where are you going to seek another Lord? Maulana says that you must not treat Friday prayers lightly, accord it respect and perform it in the best possible manner.

O ye who believe! when the call is proclaimed to prayer on Friday (the Day of Assembly), hasten earnestly to the Remembrance of Allah, and leave off business (and work/traffic): that is best for you if ye but knew! (Quran 62:9)

  • Many Muslims today live like secular people, and they treat Friday like any other day, not even bothering to attend Friday prayers; that is why their lives are so bad. Maulana asks, why are you so caught up with worldly matters? Every Muslim, from those of the highest echelons (Kings / Presidents / CEOs / Managers), to the lowly peasants/workers – everyone must attend Friday prayers if they regard themselves as Muslims. Your job may be of a secular nature, says Maulana, but your practises and life must be that of a Muslim. What benefit do you gain by turning your backs on religion? One who skips Juma’ah prayers will find that none will listen to or believe in him, and they will be disrespected and vilified by Muslims around them.
  • It is not compulsory for women to attend Friday prayers, but they may attend if they wish to. Prophet Muhammad (saw) gave permission for ladies to join in Juma’ah prayers, so they should not be stopped from attending, unless the Mosque that they are going to, is too small to accommodate them due to the large number of male worshippers attending (men must be given priority, since it is compulsory for them to attend Friday prayers). Ideally, mosques should set aside a separate area for ladies who wish to join in the prayers.
  • Guard your Friday prayers, perform it with meticulous devotion (to please Allah), for it may be your last one, of your whole life. Prostrate to Him, and ask from Him. Recite Hasbunallah Robbunallah as much as possible, and Allah will honour you and bless your countries. Oh believers, take the barokah (blessings) of Juma’ah, for if you forsake the blessings of Juma’ah, the other days of the week contain no barokah for you, both at work, and at home!

And when the (Friday) Prayer is finished, then may ye disperse through the land, and seek of the Bounty of Allah: and celebrate the Praises of Allah often (and without stint): that ye may prosper. (Quran 62:10)


Friday prayers at Masjidil Haram


  • The Jews were given Saturday as their Holy day, the Christians, Sunday, and we were given the blessed Friday!
  • Give respect to get respect. So respect Allah’s Command, and He will pave the way for you to be in safety. Respect Friday, and the rest of your week is blessed; squander your Friday away, and the rest of your week will be filled with crushing burdens.
  • Show your respect for Friday, and afford the highest priority to the performance of Friday prayers by practising all the Sunnah acts that will enhance your worship.
  1. Have a Sunnat bath before going to the mosque.
  2. Cut your finger nails and toe nails on Friday (a hadees says that whoever does so, his diseases will be removed).
  3. Shave your body hair (armpits/pubic regions – sunnat to be done once within 40 days).
  4. Wear white clothes, and a turban (a hadees says that whoever wears a turban on Friday, the angels will be praying for him).
  5. Do lots of selawat (darood shareef).
  6. Send salams to Prophet (saw) abundantly.
  7. Use a miswak.
  8. Use perfume.
  9. Leave home early for Juma’ah prayers.
  10. Leave home with ablution (wudhu).
  11. Walk to the mosque (each step is one hasanah).
  12. Enter the mosque by stepping in with your right foot.
  13. Read the doa of entering the mosque (Allahummaf tahli abwaaba rahmatik – Oh Allah, open the door of Rahmat).
  14. Do not sit down in the mosque until you have prayed tahiyyatul mesjid (two raka’at prayer), even if you arrive late.
  15. Do not step over people or take their places.
  16. Do not speak during the khutbah/Sermon (that includes ‘speaking’ by text messages) – listen attentively to the Sermon.
  17. Give charity, feed the poor (for Friday is their ‘Eid’).
  18. Read Surah Al-Imran/Surah Khaf.
  19. Leave the mosque by stepping out with your left foot.
  20. Read the doa of leaving the mosque (Allahumma ini as ‘aluka min fadlik – Oh Allah, I ask You for Your Gifts).
Do’a (invocation) as one leaves home for the Mosque on Friday

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Allaahummaj’al fee qalbee nooran, wa fee lisaaanee nooran, wa fee sam’ee nooran, wa fee basaree nooran, wa min fawqee nooran, wa min tahtee nooran, wa ‘an yameenee nooran, wa ‘an shimaalee nooran, wa min ‘amaamee nooran, wa min khalfee nooran, waj’alfee nafsee nooran, wa ‘a’dhim lee nooran, wa ‘adhdhim lee nooran, wafal lee nooran, waj’alnee nooran, Allaahumma ‘a’tinee nooran, waj’al fee ‘asabee nooran, wafee lahmee nooran, wafee damee nooran, wa fee sha’ree nooran, wa fee basharee nooran. [Allaahummaj’al lee nooran fee qabree wa nooran fee ‘idhaamee. Wa zidnee nooran, wa zidnee nooran, wa zidnee nooran. Wa hab lee nooran ‘alaa noor.

O Allah, place light in my heart, and on my tongue light, and in my ears light and in my sight light, and above me light, and below me light, and to my right light, and to my left light, and before me light and behind me light. Place in my soul light. Magnify for me light, and amplify for me light. Make for me light and make me a light. O Allah, grant me light, and place light in my nerves, and in my body light and in my blood light and in my hair light and in my skin light.O Allah, make for me a light in my grave… and a light in my bones. Increase me in light, increase me in light, increase me in light . Grant me light upon light.


One could write many more pages of deeds that should fill our Fridays. There is so much to do on Fridays, so let’s grab the opportunity to worship Him abundantly on that day! Don’t let it simply be a day, when you have to rush through lunch, because you need to perform Friday prayers, as if it were a huge bother in your lives! Make intention now, that we shall treat this coming Friday (insyaAllah if we live long enough to reach that day), and all coming Fridays, with the utmost care and devotion to Allah, for His sake! Ameen.


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