Thank Allah and Don’t Complain

Summary of Maulana Shaykh Nazim’s Suhbah

30th January 2010, Saturday

Thank Allah and Don’t Complain

A’uzubillah himinsh shaitan nirrajeem

Bismillahir Rahman-nir Raheem

Assalamu’alaikum wrh wbkt


  • Maulana asks us to look into a mirror and look at the image of ourselves. Are we scowling unhappily, like an ape? The mirror doesn’t lie, it shows exactly what emotions we project. Are we happy and contented, saying, “Alhamdulillah, Oh Allah, thank you for creating me, and for having created me in the best possible form!” Indeed Allah has created us in the best form, our mouths aren’t too wide, our noses aren’t too big and our ears aren’t placed in weird positions. Allah says, “Oh Man, I made you in the best form, ahsani taqwim,no one can better My creation, no one can create a human being of a better form.”
  • Imagine if Man had four legs, he would look ugly and it would be impractical. Hence, every single organ that Allah has put into men and women, are most perfect for their existence.
  • Some men feel that their beards are an unnecessary creation by Allah, and they shave it off, making their faces smooth, just like the ladies. Such men are the lowest of creation, they desire to resemble women, and they detest what Allah has bestowed upon them as men. Some men shave off part of their beards on their faces (on their cheeks), keeping just a small tuft of beard under the chin, following the modern practise of fashionable men. Others shave off their moustaches, so that the sharp needle-like moustache hair does not irritate the ladies.
  • Some women are also extremely vain, they fill their room with mirrors, and as they walk around their room, they pose and pout, looking at their reflection, striking numerous poses as they walk about. They worry and complain about their faces, their skin texture, their skin colour, their body shapes….they complain endlessly. Allah has created men with the best form, and women with the best form too, yet in today’s generation, men wish to resemble women and vice versa.
  • Some even contemplate and resort to plastic surgery – to attain their desired facial and bodily features. For example, many people admire the sharp noses of European women, and desire to have falcon-like noses like these Westerners.
  • Today, people are unhappy with what Allah has given them, no one is happy with his/her given form. Hence, thousands and thousands of young men and women are fighting their Lord, unhappy with what He has decreed, and they are miserable and depressed about themselves, and jealous about what Allah has given others! People complain about being too short, or too dark or too hairy….everyone is opposing Allah, saying, “Why did You create me like this??” or saying, “This form that you have created us in, we don’t like, we must be like this (like someone else).” This is the teaching of shaitan, for shaitan has sworn, “Oh! I have been sent away, I am thrown away because of mankind, so I shall try to do everything possible, in order that I can take them away from obeying the holy orders of their Lord.” Shaitan wants us to defy Allah’s Will, and to be constantly ungrateful towards Him.
  • Maulana says that each human being is different, and He has given the best features that are suitable for you, to you! Why are we trying to be like someone else, to have features that Allah has bestowed upon that person? Don’t oppose, don’t fight against your Creator. He is the Creator and He is creating everyone in a different model. You can’t find two people identical to each other. Allah Almighty says to His beloved Prophet (saw). “Oh my beloved, declare My heavenly order to My servants that they must keep the right way. What I am giving them, they must be thankful, they must say, Alhamdulillah that they are not created like donkeys, like foxes, and that they were not created like pigs.”
  • Allah has given beauty to men through their beards, and beauty to women through their long hair. There is a station in the heavens, where the Angels recite tasbih and praises upon Allah, for the beauty that He has created in men and women by the beards and hair respectively, and they are happy to see such divine beauty granted by Allah on His Khalifas. A man without a beard and moustache, looks so ugly, just as a woman with a beard would also look very ugly. So Allah has bestowed handsomeness on a man with his beard and moustache, just as He has bestowed beauty on a women with her long hair. That is the perfection for humans, so do not be misled by shaitan and his shaitanic ideas.
  • We should be ashamed to think that we can improve on the form that Allah created us in. We should be ashamed to be fighting our Lord, to be unhappy with what He has decreed. We should be ashamed to be always complaining, we should be ashamed that we aren’t thanking Him.
  • Allah does not like to hear his Servants complaining! Allah likes His servants to be thankful! It is strange that we thank people all the time, but we forget to thank Allah, day and night. We should say, “Ya Rabbi, syukrulillah.” For every ‘thank you’ we give to our fellow man, we should give millions and billions of thanks to Allah Almighty for his merciful never-ending gifts upon us. So don’t complain, accept His gifts and thank Him ceaselessly!


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