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Why Sayyidina Yusuf stepped forward: 10th November 2010

“Every task must be entrusted to one who is cut out for the task. When a post/position/portfolio/job is entrusted to one who is not an expert (not qualified) at executing the task, it is a sign that Qiyamat is near.” Would you allow an unqualified doctor to perform surgery on you? His intervention will not solve your problem, instead, such an incompetent surgeon will add to your illness, and may even cause your death. In today’s world, people of ability and merit do not often get the post they are meant for. Instead, unqualified and unscrupulous ones are vying for coveted posts in government and management, they bribe, campaign, promise and lobby their way to the top. We each have a Divinely given task for which we have been programmed for. Sayyidina Yusuf (as) performed a mind-boggling task, something that he was able to do because he had been equipped with Divine help. Continue reading

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