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Short snippets of Advice: 21st October 2010

Allah said: ‘Oh My servant, obey Me, and I will raise you to become a Divinely one (Robbani), and when you say ‘BE’ to a matter, it shall be!'” To become a Divinely one, study these 500 Suhbahs that Maulana has given! Maulana said that attenders had been given more (knowledge) than they asked for, they had reached the limit already. Like a person who has eaten his fill, he cannot eat any more until he has digested what is in his stomach. And once a person has digested his food, he becomes hungry again; only then is it time to serve him food once again. If he eats more food while he is still full, everything gets mixed up within his stomach, and he will not derive any benefit from the extra food that he is trying to force down. So it is only logical, to digest the food in one’s stomach first, before asking for more. Continue reading

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