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More revelations about the Chilean miners: 22nd December 2010

In this second part of the Chilean Mining trilogy, Maulana was interviewed by CNN News and FOX TV one day apart. During these interviews, Maulana explained that Allah had created this incident to destroy the foundations of disbelief. How the miners survived under such trying conditions, and how Maulana had connected to them from so far away, defied human logic and cannot be explained by any material philosophy. This is a proof of faith and Spirituality, and the ultimate proof was when two of the miners, came to Cyprus, to meet the one they had seen when they were trapped. There, they kissed his hand, sat at his feet, and wept tears of joy, unable to explain the intense familiarity they felt with Maulana, and unable to explain the peace that had enveloped their hearts. Taking Islam as their religion at the hand of their Spiritual Saviour, they gave their allegiance (Bay’at) and took Muslim names. The inevitable spread of Islam and Spirituality to South America, has begun. Continue reading

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