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Stunning Quranic solution to the situation in Egypt

On the 27th of October last year, Maulana announced that all dictators would fall this year. Recite Hasbunallah Robbunallah, he said, and Allah will remove the fear from your hearts, and the dictators will instead flee in fear. Few believed him, for these tyrants have held onto power with an vise-like grip for many decades, oppressing their citizens into submission. In an uncanny turn of events, the Arab world’s dictators now stare exile in the face, as their citizens’ fear seems to have mysteriously evaporated into thin air. Maulana speaks out strongly against protesters who resort to violence and destruction to make their point. There is no need to even lift a finger, Maulana says, if we follow the teaching of a particular Verse in the Quran. And if the citizens realized the actual reason for them being thrust under the yoke of tyrannical dictators, they will be stunned! Read this fascinating Summary, and spread the message to all whom you know in the Middle East. Continue reading

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