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Fear not, Allah is with us

We are in darkest of times now, the Akhir Zaman, a time foretold in every ancient text that will see the worst of human behaviour emerge. Man has become drunk, he has declined to an animal-like lust-filled existence. There is little pity or kindness left in his heart, and there are so few in existense now who are honest and responsible. Man is no longer ashamed to walk around naked and openly defiant; killing and fornication no longer raises an eyebrow. Today, we are being swarmed by the enemies of faith, both the seen and unseen. We have slowly returned to the Days of Jahiliyya, the Days of Ignorance, which was what the Prophet (saw) faced at the outset of his mission.

When Prophet Muhammad (saw) and his small band of hapless followers were persecuted incessantly and viciously in Makkah, they were Divinely inspired to seek greener pastures in Madinatul Munawwara, about 450km North of Makkah. The Prophet (saw) undertook this arduous journey with his closest Companion, Sayyidina Abu Bakr Siddiq (ra), and this Migration, or Hijrah as it is known, marked the start of the Muslim calendar, so significant was its impact on the spread of Islam then.
Despite being pursued by violent enemies bent murder, and despite having the entire world against them at that time, the Prophet (saw) never lost hope in Allah’s help. As they hid in Cave of Thawr, a Quranic Verse, revealing that Prophet Muhammad (saw) had said, “Fear not, for Allah is with us,” to his beloved Companion, was made known.
In this Suhbah, Maulana reminds us from that verse, that Allah is with us, and by uncovering a hidden meaning in one Quranic verse, he reveals that there are 5000 Turbaned Angels poised to descend in support of patient believers, so we must never fear these seen and unseen enemies, even if we know that they have at their disposal, means far beyond ours. King Abraha, with his invincible Army of elephants, marched unstopped towards Makkah, to destroy the Holy Ka’aba. Allah made an example of him and his Army, as a message of hope to heart of believers. So, we must do as Allah says, “Fear not men, but fear Me.” Continue reading

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