Stairway to heaven

Summary of Maulana Shaykh Nazim’s Daily Suhbah

19thMarch 2010, Friday

Stairway to heaven

A’uzubillah himinsh shaitan nirrajeem

Bismillahir Rahman-nir Raheem

Assalamu’alaikum wrh wbkt

  • Maulana gave salams to all present, saying that it was a great honour for Man to have been given this gift of a heavenly greeting, for such a Holy greeting, Assalamu’alaikum wrh wbkt, is a bringer of honour and pleasure to those giving and receiving the greeting. The miracle in a salam, is that it begets another salam in return – see how Allah spreads His gifts of joy and goodness to Man. All of us must spread this salam to all whom we meet, be they strangers or those whom we know, and we must make this the starting point in our interaction with our fellow humans. Though it is customary to say ‘Marhaban’ (welcome in Arabic), ‘Good morning’, ‘Guten tag’ (Good day in German), ‘Selamat sore’ (Good afternoon in Bahasa Indonesia), we must begin with Assalamu’alaikum wrh wbkt, then we may proceed to use our customary greetings. There is a hadees that says, ‘Assalaam Qabla Al Kalaam’, which means, “Give salams before starting any conversation,” so let us make this a life-long practice, even in our households, and teach it to our children and loved ones!
  • Since a salam begets another salam, safety and peace is spread within a household and within communities that recite it. One cannot be safe without reciting the salam! Whoever leaves the act of reciting and spreading it, will be shot down and will have no protection in these End of Times. In these Last Days, with momentous and dangerous events looming ahead, Maulana has been told by his Masters, to send this important message to Mankind, to awaken them, so that they will make it a dedicated practice to give salams regularly, for that is a shield of protection in the face of such potential mayhem ahead, those who give salams will be saved! Those who leave it, will ‘disappear’ into black holes, they will be consumed and enveloped by evil, never to be seen or heard of, in the Divine presence, ever again.
  • Maulana says that humans today are like inmates in a mental hospital. When we hear that someone is in such a place, we know that such a person has lost his faculties of reasoning, he is unaware of the consequences of his actions, his actions/desires/thoughts are irrational and illogical, and we avoid meeting such people like a plaque. Well, welcome to the real world, Mualana says, as that is what the vast majority of humans are today – inmates of a mental hospital. Humans no longer know what they are here on earth for, they have no understanding of their mission and purpose, they waste their time on meaningless and nonsensical pursuits. Man is doing things, without realizing its purpose, and consequences, just like patients in a mental asylum.
  • Therefore, we are in need of heavenly support, heavenly guidance, to control our personalities, to control our abilities and capabilities and capacities. Suhbahs such as this, show attendees their levels, as understanding is given to them according to their individual capacities. Those who do not listen and learn, like those in the mental asylum, will never know about themselves or their Divine purpose of creation. Those who abandon Allah, Allah will leave them to disappear into ‘black holes’ (Jahannam). Maulana asks, do you think it is a loss to Allah if you simply disappeared into such a place? Even if the entire earth’s inhabitants were to be swallowed up into a black hole, do you think it is, ‘Nuqsan’, a ‘loss’ to Him? No, never, it is your eternal loss, not His. The entire creation is nothing to Him, for Allah is the Almighty Creator, it is easy for Him to create an entire Universe of new creatures who will obey Him, for Allah is creating endlessly.
  • Oh people, take care to be obedient to Allah, to submit to Him and to worship Him fervently and sincerely, you are in need of Him, He is not in need of you, He is not in need of your worship and obedience, it is an honour that He allows you to be His Servant. Servanthood to Him is an honour, slavery to shaitan, is your dis-honour. Your lives on earth will end soon, some of you will be elevated forever into heavenly realms, and some of you will disappear into heavenly punishment, the black holes, forever! Those who fall into Divine chastisement, will be left there, alone, forgotten for eternity.

“Taste ye then, for ye forgot the meeting of this day of yours, and We too will forget you, now taste the Penalty of Eternity, for your (evil) deeds!” (Quran 32:14)

  • If you desire to be in your Lord’s presence forever, to be in His Pleasure, to be in safety, here and in the hereafter – then say the sweet greeting of Asalamu’alaikum wrh wbkt wherever you go. Maulana says that it brings safety in dunia and in the hereafter, as the dressings of safety and peace that descend on those saying it, descends on both their physical and spiritual beings. We must make an effort to encourage and teach our fellow Muslims to enter into the field of safety, by spreading the salam.
  • People have left this field of safety when they stopped believing in the eternal life, they reject the fact that they have been created for the eternal life. The Lord of Heavens sent Prophets to invite us to the eternal life, but humans are running away from it. When someone rejects the existence of the hereafter, he is immediately cut off from all heavenly support. How does one reject such a thing without any proof, Maulana asks? How do they come to a conclusion that there is only this worldly life, and no accounting of deeds in the hereafter? Who is their Teacher, who guides them to such an understanding? They are guided by their lusts and desires….
  • Did they not know that Sayyidina Adam (as) was the first Warner that Allah had sent to Mankind? He advised his children as follows, “Oh my children, I was once in Paradise, but I was sent out of Paradise, to be on this planet, because I did a wrong thing, I went against a holy order of my Creator, my Lord, and as a punishment, He sent me here. But He, the Almighty said to me, ‘If you obey My commands when you are in dunia, I will open a way for you to reach Paradise once again, and this time, you will never be removed from it, for eternity.'” That is from Sayyidina Adam (as), that is the first man’s announcement, to his children.
  • But shaitan is striving to ensure that we never return to Paradise, he is teaching people not to believe, not to listen, not to obey, not to have faith. And those amongst humans who have sick minds – the mental patients – their minds are only seeking this worldly life. They do not use their minds to seek the eternal life, and they are happy to live as animals do. Such humans expand all their energy to seek pleasure for the physical being. And while our physical beings are animal-like in its needs, our spiritual beings have been given a precious gift from Allah. If we follow it, we will eliminate darkness and dirtiness from our lives, and find our way back to our grandfather, Sayyidina Adam (as), who is now collecting the Souls of his children who have found their way back to Paradise. Those who follow shaitan, will lose their way forever, they will lose their only chance to inherit Paradise – the eternal happiness with endless blessings!
  • Maulana reminds us that we have two beings – the physical, earthly being and the spiritual, heavenly being. The physical being has animal-like needs, and if we allow that to dominate us, by focusing only on feeding (seeking pleasure for) the needs of the animal being, our spiritual being is left to starve – it remains in dirtiness and darkness (as it is left unattended), and it will wither away. As it is this spiritual being that returns to face its Creator, such people, with withered Souls (dirty and dark), will fall into black holes, to be forgotten, for eternity.
  • You are free to choose, says Maulana, any path that you wish to take. Choose either to satisfy the animal being in you, or to strive for eternal happiness with your spiritual being. The choice is yours. Remember, once you enter the door of eternity (in death), you will never return here again. You will bear the consequences of your choice, for eternity. That is why shaitan is teaching and cheating Mankind, that eternity does not exist.
  • You have only one chance, and one choice, so choose carefully, seek the journey that leads you back to the stairway to Heaven.


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