Quit Smoking!

8 August 2023 by Mawlana Sheikh Muhammad Adil Ar-Rabbani


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Our Holy Prophet salla Llāhu ‘alayhi wa-sallam says, “لاَ ضَرَرَ وَلاَ ضِرَارَ”, “There should be neither harming nor reciprocating harm.” Do not harm and do not do harmful things. It is the order of Islam. Stay away from everything that brings harm. Stay away from it and don’t do it. Muslims do goodness to both themselves and others.

There is the matter of smoking which people don’t like [when talked about]. They harm themselves and they harm others. Smokers will get upset now, but we must say this. They must put effort and get rid of this addiction. It is a bizarre thing. It has originated from the dung of shaytan. It is a plant that came from vomit and dirt. Therefore, it is something that doesn’t have any benefit. It is 100% harm.

Shaytan has brought it as an affliction and made people love it. Whoever starts it hardly quits it. It is completely harmful. It is something without any benefit at all. It is something that has no benefit but harm to people, animals and everything. Let us not say Halal and Haram; it is something harmful. You must quit it. You must strive for this. Those who are enslaved by it must put effort in order to set themselves free.

They start with various cigarettes now, and they go further until drugs and heroin. There is an even worse addiction called hookah. They say it becomes less harmful by going through water, whereas it is more harmful. It is 100 times more harmful than cigarettes. Therefore, guard and control your ego against such things. Quitting it in order to discipline your ego will bring great benefit insha’Allah. May Allah ﷻ help them. It is difficult.

When youngsters blow it, they feel like emperors. They think they conquered the world. They think they did something very good when smoke comes out from their mouths and noses. They think they became men. They don’t realize they harm themselves, that they put a collar on their necks and become slaves. May Allah ﷻ save and protect people. Do not make a compromise with your ego. When you say, “I will smoke one. I will smoke just a bit”, as we said, some people go much further. From all aspects, it is harmful.

Shukr to Allah ﷻ, the government is doing so much and imposes taxes. A pack of cigarettes costs almost like the amount of bread a family needs for a day. It is expensive. Yet, the poor and needy ones don’t eat and don’t drink water but smoke that poison. May Allah ﷻ rescue them insha’Allah.

We mention this from time to time. It is even more important to quit it for people of Tariqah insha’Allah. Our Mashayikh used to talk much more strictly about cigarettes. As people are caught by so many addictions now, we talk about it from time to time. We must remind insha’Allah. May Allah ﷻ save us.

Mawlana Shaykh Nazim used to say, “May it come from your nose.” It comes from their noses anyway. When they take it, they blow with their noses and mouths. What’s left is that it comes out from their ears. May Allah ﷻ save us all. Al-Fatiha.


Mawlana Sheikh Muhammad Adil ar-Rabbani

08 August 2023/21 Muharram 1445

Akbaba Dergah, Istanbul

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