Only Clean ones are accepted by ALLAH

Summary of Maulana Shaykh Nazim’s Suhbah

20th December 2009, Sunday

Only Clean ones are accepted by ALLAH

A’uzubillah himinsh shaitan nirrajeem

Bismillahir Rahman-nir Raheem

Assalamu’alaikum wrh wbkt

  • Maulana says that Man must listen, understand and obey the advice given to them. And before one can advise others, he must advise his OWN ego, and be able to control it, for he who cannot bring his own ego to SUBMIT to advice, has no value in this world and in the hereafter.

  • Allah has raised us to be His Khalifa, so we must listen to and obey all heavenly orders. In the Qur’an Allah says, ‘and advise people about what is the Truth”. By accepting advice and obeying it, and by preaching this advice to others, it is a means of safety for us and for the whole Community.

  • Amongst all of Allah’s creation, only Man has been honoured by Allah. Allah gave Man many gifts – abilities, attributes and understanding – that were not given to any other creature. These gifts are to aid us in carrying out our duties to our Lord, so that we can attain honour and closeness to the Divine Presence, yet Man uses these gifts to seek gratification and pleasure, to satisfy his lusts, desires and ego. Hence, Man misuses Allah’s gifts in an evil and lowly manner. Allah sends understanding to the hearts of Man, but he fails to act on it, as he is busy satisfying his ego’s demands.

  • Oh Muslims, preserve your honour by obeying Allah and avoiding evil. Just as an apricot has value as long as it is still attached to the branch of a tree, the moment the tree tires of the fruit, and lets it go, it falls to the ground, it gets covered in dust, mud and soil, and its value diminishes. Any human being who takes a path of evil, dirties himself from such acts, and falls from his honourable position in the heavens, to the earth (just as Sayyidina Adam fell from Paradise when he did wrong).

  • Allah created us as PURE creatures, placed us on a pedestal of HONOUR and PURITY, and gave us PRISTINE attributes. We must be thankful/grateful and use these gifts respectfully. Every act of disobedience, dirties us and takes us further away from Allah.

  • When the Angel of Death comes to take back our Souls to Allah, if that Soul is clean, it is brought to the Station of Lights, Station of Honour, the Station of Holiness, the Oceans of Blessings of Allah…..but, so many return as dirty creatures, steeped in sin and defiance. Oh Man, how did you dirty yourself in your SHORT time in this world? Why have you LOST your position of honour? Why have you not purified yourselves? Allah says, “Do not return to Me, dirty!”

  • “Cleanliness is Iman,” said the Prophet (saw). So unbelievers are unclean ones. An unclean person has no faith in Allah and His Commands. That is why every Prophet, including the Seal of Prophets, came to tell their Ummahs, to be CLEAN ones. They came to teach their Ummahs, how to use Allah’s gifts in order to become clean ones. That knowledge is ‘ilman nafi’an’, useful/beneficial knowledge, as it helps you attain cleanliness. Without such knowledge, Man will remain in his unclean state due to his acts, so we must seek such knowledge.

  • Cleanliness here is not referring to external/physical cleanliness, though that is also important in religion. Maulana says, CLEANLINESS in the hadees above is about cleansing internally – our heart, our Soul, our thoughts, our intentions, our spirituality. WHOEVER RETURNS TO ALLAH IN A DIRTY STATE, IS REJECTED. One cannot be accepted by Allah, unless he is clean. For example, before we perform solat, we must be clean from minor and major impurities, so we take ablution or we take the compulsory bath.

  • The main point you must remember in your journey through this life, is to keep yourselves CLEAN, purify yourselves, up to the end of your lives. You must take this message seriously and ponder about how to execute it, for if you disregard it, you will have no grant in this world or the hereafter. And if you return to Allah dirty, he will send you to Jahannam to clean you there.

  • Man has been seduced by shaitan’s persuasive whisperings, his ears are full of music, he can no longer hear the call to CLEANLINESS.

  • So many academics who teach Islam, believe that they are the authority on religion. They fail to understand that their degrees, PhDs, and book-knowledge, is not a means to CLEANLINESS, and that the knowledge of CLEANSING is not found in new books, it is from the ancient teachings of the Prophets. So many of these puffed-up and proud academics, are so dirty internally, yet they think so highly of themselves and are actually teaching others! A dirty person, will think dirty thoughts, and will emit dirtiness from himself – how can one teach about cleanliness in that state?

  • Hence Prophets exhorted their Ummahs, “Clean yourselves, clean yourselves…” and they brought the knowledge of cleansing the soul, by means of the constant glorification of Allah.

  • Dirty creatures stay in dirty places. Rats like to stay in sewers and toilets, they find what they are seeking there, just as the people who gather in pubs and discotheques find pleasure in being in such filthy places. There they remain, reluctant to leave, and shaitan whispers to them to invite more and more people to join the party, and they live this life seeking the pleasures of the night time, recruiting from amongst their friends, to gather and enjoy. It is for them the destination of their lives, they have found a place of blissful abandon, a place of freedom to pamper their egos and desires. Advertisements market such places are the hang-out of the elite, for the modern and forward thinking person, who is not afraid to do anything he wants. Their teacher is shaitan, and his aim is to get everyone lost in these channels of sewage, and to remain in DIRTINESS.

  • Initially, shaitan calls out to all, “COME, OH MANKIND, BE WITH US!” From that point onwards, shaitan’s followers are invited into a world where every night is like Christmas night, and every day is like Christmas day, they are invited to a world of never ending pleasure of food, and drink, and free mixing and music…and then, when these people start coming daily, and run out of clothes to wear daily, he tells them to forget about clothes, just to come naked, and when they have gotten hooked onto this lifestyle, shaitan tells them, “LEAVE EVERYTHING, AND COME, AND ENJOY YOURSELVES.”

  • Shaitan wants his followers to become apathetic bums hanging out in pleasure-slums, to forget about schooling, working, serving national service, fulfilling their social responsibilities – he teaches them to just drop everything, and to spend their life clubbing, pubbing and partying.

  • The representatives of dajjal are shaitan’s army, they are everywhere, from east to west, promoting this carefree lifestyle of promiscuity and indulgence. The youngsters of today have fallen into a cesspool of the dirtiest sins ever. And all of them will be cheated by dajjal and shaitan!

  • Allah calls to you, “Oh My Servants, try to be CLEAN ones. Be CLEAN and come to Me! CLEAN your mind, your body, your heart, Oh Man! If you are not CLEAN, you can never enter My Heavenly Presence!” Prophets call you to cleanliness, shaitan calls you to dirtiness. You have these two paths to choose from. There is no safety for you in this world or the hereafter, if you choose the dirty route.

  • In this modern life, we are proud of our technological advances, but our morals are like the people of jahiliyyah. People today, eat, drink and act, without care for halal (clean) and haram (dirty).

  • Because Muslim parents have sent their children to Western Universities, some of these youth return with a mentality like the western youths, and parents are no longer able to control or discipline them. They fear their kids more than they fear Allah.

  • Beware of partying like the unbelievers on Christmas night, for they wait the whole year for that one night of sinful activities, like rats in sewage channels. What is your relationship with Christmas, Oh Muslims? Aren’t you ashamed before Allah to be following shaitan and not Him? Leave the Christmas and New Year parties, leave the Western lifestyle, and beware of shaitan, for this is a heavy year ahead of us, Divine punishments are approaching, terrible events lie ahead, like a caravan of camels in the desert (disasters will befall one after another), which may leave us in regret, for the rest of the year to come. OH MUSLIMS, BE CLEAN ONES AND BE WARY OF SHAITAN!


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