Know your Muslim Calendar and Ethics: 3rd December 2010

Suhbah after Friday prayers by Maulana Shaykh Nazim

Know your Muslim Calendar

3rd December 2010

A’uzubillah himinash shaitan nirrajeem

Bismillah-hir Rahman-nir Raheem

Assalamu’alaikum wrh wbkt

  • Maulana lamented that many Muslims are ignorant of the Islamic calender, and instead have grown up only aware of the Western (Christian) calendar. They are not aware that we are now in the last days of Zulhijjah, and that this Monday (6th December 2010) is the last day of the Muslim Hijriyyah Calendar for the year 1431.
  • What is the Christian Calendar based on? They claim it is based on the day Prophet Jesus (as) was born. That is an unsubstantiated fact, for no one knows when he was born. Also, was it stated in any of their Holy Books that the Calendar should begin from that day?
  • In contrast, the Hijriyyah Calendar is based on a momentous and significant event, in which the Seal of Prophets (saw) migrated from Makkah to Medina. The Islamic Calendar is based a solid foundation, and we should be aware and proud of it. When we abandon it, we lose our honour, as is evident today.
  • In Islam, a new Islamic day begins at sunset (Maghrib). Each sunset heralds the start of a new day eg when the sun sets on Thursday night, it means that Friday has already begun. In the Western world, their new day begins at midnight. Where did they find such a teaching – from their Holy Books?
  • Today’s two billion Muslims are the weakest in faith, in the history of Islam. We are in the period of greatest ignorance and weakness, they are following Western beliefs and lifestyles eagerly. It is strange that people believe that the Western way of life is the highest point of civilisation, whereas they are in fact the wildest people (with respects to obeying their desires and egos) in existence. Most ironically, the beliefs and way of life of the Westerners erode and destroy our Islamic Way of life, yet we are running after and practising their ways fervently. Have we ever thought, that as much as we honour and emulate their ways, do they do the same for our ways? Whilst we abandon our calendar, and use theirs, have you ever seen them using our calendar? They do not do so, because it is based on the Holy Prophet’s (saw) migration, and they reject the fact that he was indeed a Prophet. So by following them, and relegating the importance of our calendar, we are also turning our backs on our own Prophet (saw).
  • We must examine the beliefs of the Westerners, and ask ourselves if that is what we believe in. They believe that a man (Jesus Christ) is the Lord of the Worlds. They believe that their Lord was overpowered by a handful of men, and crucified. Even now, as the world prepares to celebrate Christmas, ask yourselves, from where did this celebration arise? They say it is to celebrate Jesus’ birthday. Was he even born on that day? Was it stated in any of their Holy Books?
  • Has Mankind ever pondered, who was it that created Jesus? Who placed that seed in Maryam’s (as) womb? Who fashioned that child in the womb, and taught it to speak when it was born? Ponder, so that you will understand realities, and not base your life on fiction and imagination. Whilst the Westerners celebrate Christmas with joy, they are also weeping at the crucifixion of their Lord? And Muslims, by the billions are following them in these celebrations! Maulana expressed anger that so many so-called Muslims, who have Muslim names, are eagerly awaiting to celebrate Christmas, whilst at the same time, being blissfully unaware of our own New Year just days away! In doing so, they are losing their honour, and they incur the wrath of Allah Almighty. Maulana said that both Muslims and Christians today, are under Divine Anger.
  • Hence, Maulana is trying to awaken the sleeping Muslims, to honour and respect their own Muslim calendar. Good tidings await those who honour the Muslim calendar, but those who discard it will have a miserable year ahead. Fast this Monday as the last day of the year, and on Tuesday too, as the first day of the new year, and you will be rewarded as one who has fasted all year round (Hadees).
  • Maulana also sent a grim reminder to those who are in power, not to be cheated by the assumption that they really posessed power. One could be seated on the Throne one day, and be a corpse headed for the graveyard the next morning. So all of us, be it those in power or ordinary citizens, should fulfill our responsibilities towards our Lord, to avoid the Arrow’s of Allah’s curse from targeting us.
  • Maulana prayed that Allah sent us His servants, who were chosen to unite our hearts, not our physical beings, to real faith.



  • Read the end-of-the-year doa after asar on the last day of Zulhijjah (after asar this Monday).

Bismillaahir rahmaanir rahim.Washallallaahu ‘alaa sayyidinaa muhammadin wa’alaa aalihii wa shahbihii wa sallam. Allaahumma maa ‘amiltu fii haadzihis sanati mimma nahaitanii ‘anhu fa lam atub minhu wa lam tardhahu walam tansahu wa halimta ‘alayya ba’da qudratika ‘alaa uquubatii wa da’autanii ilat taubati minhu ba’da jiraa-atii ‘alaa ma’shiyatika. Fa innii astaghfiruka faghfirlii bi fadhlika. Wa maa ‘amiltuhuu fiihaa mimmaa tardhaahu wa wa’adtanii ‘alaihits tsawaaba wa as-aluka allahumma ya kariimu yaa dzal jalaali wal ikraami antataqabbalahu minnii wa laa taq tha’a rajaaiiminka yaa kariim. Wa shallallahu ‘alaa sayyidnaa muhammadin wa’alaa aalihii wa shahbihii wa salam.

Selawats upon the Holy Prophet (saw) and his family. Oh Allah, in this past year, I have done forbidden acts, but I have yet to seek Your forgiveness, and You neither accept nor forget our evil deeds. You have held back the punishment due to me. You have commanded us to seek Your forgiveness for our sins, so I am seeking Your forgiveness for all sins that I have committed in this past year, and I am asking You to accept the good that has been done in that time, Oh Allah, Oh Generous One, Ya Dzal Jalali wal ikram. Salam and selawats upon the Prophet and his companions.

  • It is said that one who recites this doa 3 times, shaitan pours dirt on his own head, in sadness that the sins of the believer in the previous year had been forgiven. Just like in business, we must take account of our closing-year-accounts, so after this doa, ponder with regret and remorse, about our wrongs in this past year, and spend these last few moments of the year, in repentance and doa.
  • Then after Maghrib prayer on the same day, recite the beginning-of-year doa to welcome the New year, as that is the first day of Muharram (after maghrib this Monday).

Bismillaahir rahmaanir rahim. Washallallaahu ‘alaa sayyidinaa muhammadin wa’alaa aalihii wa shahbihii wa sallam. Allaahumma antal abadiyyul qadiimul awwal. Wa ‘alaa fadhlikal ‘azhiimi wa juudikal mu’awwal. Wa haadzaa ‘aamun jadiidun qad aqbal. Nas-alukal ‘ishmata fiihi minasysyaithaani wa auliyaaihi wajunuudihi wal ‘auna ‘alaa haadzihin nafsii ammaarati bissuui wal istighaala bimaa yuqarribunii ilaika zulfaaya dzal jalaali wal ikraam. Wa shallallahu ‘alaa sayyidnaa muhammadin wa’alaa aalihii wa shahbihii wa salam.

Selawats upon the Holy Prophet (saw) and his family. Oh Allah, you are the Eternal One, by Your Honour and Generosity, I beseech You in the coming year, to protect us from the accursed devil, from his helpers and his armies. I also seek protection from my evil desires and ego, who always push me to defy You and who lead me to spend time on useless activities that take me away from You. Salam and selawats upon the Prophet and his companions.

  • It is said that whoever reads this doa 3 times, Allah will appoint two Angels to accompany that believer, protecting him from fitna from shaitan, in the coming year. After reciting that doa, make many virtuous intentions, to be a better believer in the coming year.
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Practises in Muharram

Suhbah on 30th November 2010

  • Maulana spoke of the confused Ummah who has lost its way, they are no longer aware of their own Muslim calendar. He encouraged us to fast as much as possible during the first ten days of Muharram (7th Dec 2010 till 16th Dec 2010) – one could fast for the entire ten days, or as a minimum, just on the 10th day (16th Dec 2010), the blessed Day of Ashura. Or one could fast on the 8th, 9th and 10th of Muharram, or on the 9th, 10th and 11th. Whatever the case, do not leave Muharram without fasting for at least one day, from it an honoured month, and Maulana said that it is coming ‘loaded’ this year.
  • Maulana asked us all to add to our daily Zikirs:
40 times Salawat Tunjina
100 times Hasbuna Allah Rabbuna Allah
100 times Bismillah r- Rahman r- Rahim
100 times Ikhlas al Sharif
100 – 1000 times Salawat al Sharif
  • For those uncertain, this is the Salawat Tunjina:

  • Maulana reminded us to be especially careful to look after our daily prayers. Those who wanted to please Allah more, and to attain higher stations in Paradise, are to perform more fasting and Zikir in this Holy month. Maulana reminded us that dunia is temporary, and we were not created for dunia, we were created for servanthood to Allah. The Hereafter is eternal, and so our efforts must be directed at the hereafter. Dunia is worth nothing; even if you managed to collect all the treasures of dunia in your hand, you would leave it all behind when you die. Be good servants, try to seek a good place in the hereafter, in the heavens. No doubt, you may find some comfort in dunia, but seek the eternal comfort of the hereafter.
  • In an earlier Suhbah, Maulana had mentioned that he saw dark clouds of punishment on the horizon during Muharram this year. There is trouble and violence everywhere, these are uncertain and trying times, so it is best not to go anywhere during this month, stay in the safety of your homes, especially at night. Ladies should stay indoors, avoiding even going to the mosque or the market – the menfolk should take over the grocery-shopping responsibilities for now.
  • It is a topsy-turvy world now, with men wandering the streets having fun, and with women going to work to earn the daily bread. Children are thrown into day-care and child-care centres – they are no longer brought up by their parents, and they seldom taste of that parental love. The youth seek higher and higher education, yet the secular nature of that education leads them lose their faith and adab. What is the point of higher education, if it makes one defiant and ignorant about one’s Lord? How high can one climb, being blind to the truth and reality? Such an education will lift one higher, and when one falls from such a height (due to unbelief), it will break that person.
  • Man has thrown away Divine Laws and are enacting their own Laws to suit their desires. Such human-made laws bring no benefit to Mankind, sowing only chaos and injustice. Those who uphold Allah’s laws are honoured and elevated, those who follow their own laws are at at the lowest level of creation. When Man defies Divine laws, the world is filled with fire, flood, earthquakes and natural disasters.
  • Muslim countries (eg Turkey) no longer have Friday as a holiday; instead they are all following the ways of the Westerners by making Sunday a holiday. What is our connection with Sunday, Maulana asks? None. Friday is the honoured day that has been bestowed on the people of faith. Friday is our Holy Day, it is the festival day of believers! When Muslim governments make it a working day, it means everyone is busy working, few go for Juma’ah prayers, the day is no longer honoured, it is forgotten – it is just like any other ordinary working day. Juma’ah cannot be forgotten, Rasulullah (saw) has cursed those who disregard Juma’ah, and such people will never be able to rise above their problems.
  • Ideally, women should remain at home as housewives, they should not work. They should guard their virtue and honour in their homes, and tend lovingly to their kids, and raise them well. Ladies have never been created to work outside their homes, and even in seeking an education, girls should go to single-sex schools, so that they do not lose their sense of shame due to free mixing with boys.
  • Keep your children close to you, look after them well. Make them accustomed to worship, gently nudge them to join you for prayers when they are still young (between the ages of 5 and 7), and do not torture or hurt them. Be patient with them, they are innocent creatures, do not treat them roughly or beat them. Do not make them cry, for that will result in you crying later. No matter how much they misbehave, guide them gently, do not force them or inflict suffering upon them. You may reprimand them a little if they are really wild, but no more than that. A little punishment is acceptable, but nowadays there are very evil people who abuse, torture and beat up their children very badly. Maulana warns that there is no limit to how much such people will be beaten and tortured in the hereafter. Similarly, there are men who beat and abuse their wives violently. They too will taste a grievous torment in the hereafter. Maulana called upon all men, to be good to their wives.

Oh Muslims, listen! If you don’t listen, troubles will befall you!


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