Four Divine Orders for all Mankind

Maulana Shaykh Nazim’s Friday night Suhbah

Four Divine Orders for all Mankind

7th April 2011

A’uzubillah himinash shaitan nirrajeem

Bismillah-hir Rahman-nir Raheem

Assalamu’alaikum wrh wbkt

(Maulana addressed a Royal delegation from Jordan, on some very serious matters, based on inspirations he received on that blessed night of Friday. Though Maulana was speaking to that delegation, he stated very clearly that these warnings were for all, ‘from East to West, and from North to South, so warn them!’ I have included commentaries within the Summary itself, and these are in a different coloured font.)

Maulana is bringing us a Divine warning just as the Warners tried to warn the people in Surah Yasin of impending doom

  • In Surah Yasin, Allah revealed a verse where Warners were sent to bring Divine Warnings and Advice to the inhabitants of a City.

وَاضْرِبْ لَهُم مَّثَلاً أَصْحَابَ الْقَرْيَةِ إِذْ جَاءهَا الْمُرْسَلُونَ

Set forth to them by way of a parable the (story of) the Companions of the City. Behold! There came Warners to it. (Quran 36:13)

  • From this verse, it shows that there has never been a period in time, where no Warners were sent to the Ummah! Maulana has been given such a task, and he brings warnings from heavenly inspirations, not from his ego, and we foolishly disregard them at our own peril! The disbelievers in that town said to the Warners:

قَالُواْ مَآ أَنتُمۡ إِلَّا بَشَرٌ۬ مِّثۡلُنَا وَمَآ أَنزَلَ ٱلرَّحۡمَـٰنُ مِن شَىۡءٍ إِنۡ أَنتُمۡ إِلَّا تَكۡذِبُونَ

The (people) said: “Ye are only men like ourselves; and (Allah) Most Gracious sends no sort of revelation: Ye do nothing but lie.” (Quran 36: 15)

  • To which the Warners replied:

وَمَا عَلَيۡنَآ إِلَّا ٱلۡبَلَـٰغُ ٱلۡمُبِينُ. قَالُوٓاْ إِنَّا تَطَيَّرۡنَا بِكُمۡۖ لَٮِٕن لَّمۡ تَنتَهُواْ لَنَرۡجُمَنَّكُمۡ وَلَيَمَسَّنَّكُم مِّنَّا عَذَابٌ أَلِيمٌ۬

“And our duty is only to deliver the clear Message.The (people) said: “For us, We augur an evil omen from you: if ye desist not, we will certainly stone you, and a grievous punishment indeed will be inflicted on you by us.” ” (Quran 36:17-18)

  • The Warners informed the people of the town, that they were not there to force them to follow the advice, but merely to deliver this clear warning to them, yet even then, the disbelievers threatened to stone and harm them.
  • What was the fate of those who poured scorn on the Warners mentioned in Surah Yaseen?

۞ وَمَآ أَنزَلۡنَا عَلَىٰ قَوۡمِهِۦ مِنۢ بَعۡدِهِۦ مِن جُندٍ۬ مِّنَ ٱلسَّمَآءِ وَمَا كُنَّا مُنزِلِينَ (٢٨) إِن كَانَتۡ إِلَّا صَيۡحَةً۬ وَٲحِدَةً۬ فَإِذَا هُمۡ خَـٰمِدُونَ (٢٩)يَـٰحَسۡرَةً عَلَى ٱلۡعِبَادِ‌ۚ مَا يَأۡتِيهِم مِّن رَّسُولٍ إِلَّا كَانُواْ بِهِۦ يَسۡتَہۡزِءُونَ (٣٠) أَلَمۡ يَرَوۡاْ كَمۡ أَهۡلَكۡنَا قَبۡلَهُم مِّنَ ٱلۡقُرُونِ أَنَّہُمۡ إِلَيۡہِمۡ لَا يَرۡجِعُونَ (٣١) وَإِن كُلٌّ۬ لَّمَّا جَمِيعٌ۬ لَّدَيۡنَا مُحۡضَرُونَ

And We sent not down against his People, after him, any hosts from heaven, nor was it needful for Us so to do. (28) It was no more than a single mighty Blast, and behold! they were (like ashes) quenched and silent. (29) Ah! alas for (My) servants! There comes not an messenger to them but they mock Him! (30) See they not how many generations before them We destroyed? Not to them will they return: (31) But each one of them all― will be brought before Us (for judgment) (32). (Quran 36:28-32)

A single blast, and they were burnt to ashes!

  • Maulana said that if nuclear reactors erupted all at once, nothing would remain, not a single living thing. Humans will fly like dried tree leaves in the air. Out of every five, only one person will survive.

We have entered a Tunnel

  • Maulana said in a past Suhbah, “We are passing through a very difficult tunnel. You can’t imagine the fear and the terribleness of that tunnel through which people must pass in order to reach the time of Mahdi (as)!
  • Maulana mentioned in another Suhbah on the 10th of October last year, we are like passengers sitting in a train speeding through a dark, unlit tunnel; we must remain within the train compartment in order to be safe. We must be careful not to open the train doors and leave while it is thundering through this dark abyss – it is suicidal to do so!
  • Even to stick our heads outside the window is madness, for you could be fatally hit by something. So stay inside the train, close the train doors and windows and remain safe within the compartment. Hence this Suhbah warns us to stay within the safety of our homes.

We are in the Tunnel of Subjugation now....

Why are we in a tunnel of catastrophes now?

  • Maulana said that the world is now filled with six or seven billion people who will be killed by the unfolding events, because they are not people living or existing to serve Allah; they are living according to Shaitan’s command. Allah created Man to serve Him, but now, Man serves shaitan and his own ego. Because of that, there will be limitless and uncountable number of deaths.

وَمَا خَلَقۡتُ ٱلۡجِنَّ وَٱلۡإِنسَ إِلَّا لِيَعۡبُدُونِ

I have only created jinns and men, that they may serve Me. (Quran 51:56)

  • Those who live a shaitanic lives, will face a shaitanic death as well, as, how one lives is how one will die (Hadees). They will not have any comfort here nor in the Hereafter! They have been sentenced to death, they have signed their own death warrants by their own actions. Maulana prayed, “We need your sanctuary, O my Lord! We seek refuge in Allah from bad consequences. Astaghfirullah, tawbah yaa Rabbee! God forbid. Forgive me, my Lord!”

How are we to make it through this tunnel alive?

  • In an earlier Suhbah, Maulana said, “All rubbish ends up in the dustbin, and one who lives for dunia, and not for Maula (Allah), is rubbish.” Hence not one person will remain from amongst those with shaitanic actions and characteristics, none with an atom of cruelty in their hearts can survive this difficult tunnel we are entering.
  • Maulana had said in previous Suhbahs, “Cleanliness is a main condition for being protected. Dirty ones will never be protected as they are put in the dustbin and taken away. Try to be clean ones with clean minds, clean hearts, clean bodies, clean tongues, clean work (source of sustenance), and clean intentions! If not, like garbage, you will be taken away. Who becomes unclean cannot be at the time of Mahdi (a), when there will be no more unclean people; there will only be Paradise people at the time of Mahdi (a) and no more Hell’s people, they are finished! May Allah grant you to be Paradise people, and forgive me.” So only Paradise-bound ones will emerge from the end of this Tunnel.
  • Take these following orders seriously. When Maulana was questioned, if these Warning were to be enforced now, or after the coming of Imam Mahdi (as), he said firmly, “Now, for after Mahdi (as) comes, it will be enforced with the Sword!”

Who are most at risk?

  • Parents must take note, that 99 out of 100 youths will be swallowed up by the coming events, as most of them have taken shaitan as a good friend.
  • Today’s youth have taken shaitan as a ‘holy friend’, seeking the pleasures of the flesh and the sweetness of following the desires of the ego. They live in a world where technology is their God, they cannot imagine life without music, socialising, fashion or gaming. They follow the devil, and are under his control, so they develop devilish characteristics, from which sprouts devilish deeds.

The First Order – return to your homes for safety

  • Return to your homes; you must go inside your houses and stay there! This is an order from the beginning until the end for whoever wishes to be in safety. If anything happens, any crises or disaster from the heavens, one must go back home, make ablution, pray two prayer cycles on prayer mat and sit there, staying with his family. Whatever happens outside, will never affect them. However, those who come out, that’s it.
  • This declaration is not for the sake of storytelling!

In Surah An-Naml, Allah taught us what the ant cried out to his followers:

قَالَتْ نَمْلَةٌ يَا أَيُّهَا النَّمْلُ ادْخُلُوا مَسَاكِنَكُمْ لَا يَحْطِمَنَّكُمْ سُلَيْمَانُ وَجُنُودُهُ وَهُمْ لَا يَشْعُرُونَ

One of the ants said, “O ants! Enter your homes unless Sulayman and his armies unknowingly trample you. (Quran, 27:18)

  • Those who enters his dwelling place will be safe and secure. When the Prophet (saw) conquered Makkah, he declared a general amnesty, declaring, “Whoever enters the house of Abu Sufyan is safe. Whoever stays in his house and locks his door is safe. Whoever enters the mosque is safe.”
  • This is as was done by Sayyidina Yusuf (as) who forgave his ten brothers who had plotted against him.

قَالَ لَا تَثۡرِيبَ عَلَيۡكُمُ ٱلۡيَوۡمَ‌ۖ يَغۡفِرُ ٱللَّهُ لَكُمۡ‌ۖ وَهُوَ أَرۡحَمُ ٱلرَّٲحِمِينَ

He said: Have no fear this day! May Allah forgive you, and He is the Most Merciful of those who show mercy. (Quran 12:92)

  • The matters of this world are managed by Saints, and they have decreed that Man has reached their limit now. Return to your homes, and you will be safe, if not, you will fall in a bottomless pit.
  • Maulana has been making this call in so many Suhbahs since the uprising in Tunisia and Egypt began, telling believers to stop protesting in the streets, and to return to the safety of their homes whilst reciting, “Hasbunallah, Rabbunallah.”
  • The world has now entered into the Tunnel of Subjugation, where the Holy Name of Allah, Al-Qahhar is being manifested. It is a danger zone, where the ants are in danger of being trampled on by the armies of Sayyidina Sulaiman (as). Like those ants, we must run for cover and submit meekly to Divine Commands as they are being revealed to us. The Quran is not a bedtime story of mythical stories, they are filled with Divine teachings that we must obey.

This First Order is especially for the youths

  • Maulana says, parents must now take control of their children and observe their activities – look after your kids! None of your kids must be outside their homes after sunset; they must return to their homes, leaving the pervading corruption outside. In these times, fitna’ is widespread.
  • So many night activities are immoral and corrupting – youngsters go pubbing, clubbing, partying, drinking, and end up committing fornication and taking drugs. Permissiveness is now rampant, so widely spread is the corruption today.
  • Take your children inside your homes and stay inside! Don’t make excuses that they have tuition, classes or whatever, Maulana says, none of those excuses are acceptable. Stay at home! Only those who keep inside their homes, will be safe and secure. If they go out, they may be affected by something on the way out or on the way home.
  • Maulana reiterated, “After sunset, we don’t want anyone to be outside their houses, especially the young people. We cannot give you any guarantee otherwise. Even a saint with seven heads will not be able to carry any responsibility! You must warn them that no one may stay outside after sunset, particularly the youth! It is absolutely forbidden as of today, up until the Day of Judgment. Whoever wishes to be safe and sound should never leave home after sunset.”
  • This is a general warning to the people of the world in the east, west, north and south. Starting from today until the Day of Judgment, it will be forbidden for youth to leave their homes after sunset, except for those heading towards mosques. For those wishing to go to the mosque, it is best if they are accompanied by their fathers.
  • Some have protested that this a difficult and extreme instruction. But is it? In a Hadees, the Prophet (saw) said: “When night falls, keep your children indoors, for the devils are out and about at this time.” The Prophet (saw) also said: “Cover your dishes, close your containers, shut your doors, and keep your children indoors at nightfall, for the Jinn are out and about and stalking.” With marauding wolves on the prowl at night, poised to steal our children’s faith and chastity, especially within this tunnel of the end-of-times, this is really an advice given out of love and concern, and not for any other reason.

Second Order – concerning ladies working outside their homes or flaunting their beauty

  • There are actually two instructions pertaining to ladies here. Ladies are not permitted to work outside their homes. And they are not permitted to show their beauty when they do leave their homes. If a lady with the most beautiful face digresses from this command and exposes her beauty in the streets, she will return to her home very ugly so that she never dares to go outside like that again!
  • Allah Almighty says:

وَقَرْنَ فِي بُيُوتِكُنَّ وَلَا تَبَرَّجْنَ تَبَرُّجَ الْجَاهِلِيَّةِ

And stay quietly in your houses and make not a dazzling display like that of the former Times of Ignorance. (Al-Azaab, 33:33)

Nowadays, in this second period of Ignorance, one sees ladies everwhere, hanging around in the streets, in markets, and in offices. The one who permits them work, will also be held responsible.

  • In the Nikah Khutbah of Sayyidina Ali (ra) and Sayyidatina Fatimah (ra), Rasulullah (saw) said, “Ali is to be (working) outside, and Fatimah, (is to remain) inside the house.” The exposure of women to non-mahram men in these times has lead to so many social issues, from fornication to broken families, abandoned children and a fractured community. Mothers are the religious and moral institutions within families, without their continued presence with the children, children grow up without tasting true parental love and guidance, and they then fall easily into the clutches of shaitan, who will offer them love and guidance, of the most perverse of sorts.

The Third Order – concerning advertising

  • There is no need for us to advertise to promote our products or services, nor are we to read or look at the advertisements that are found around us. Allah will inspire the hearts of customers to come to buy our goods, if it is written as part of our sustenance, there is no need to advertise.
  • Advertising is a booming billion dollar business today, and believers actually have faith that these campaigns can bring in extra sustenance. Not only is that false, advertising has been corrupted by two things today – the use lies and the exploitation of women, both of which are against Shariah. It is forbidden to lie, yet so many advertisements contain lies, half-truths and inaccuracies, with the sole intention of enticing people to buy the goods/services, even if it is unable to deliver on its promises. And so many advertising campaigns use sexy, voluptuous ladies in titillating poses to get us to buy just about anyything – be it a toothbrush, a car or an apple – there is always a lady posing seductively in the adverts, when one cannot find a sane reason for a half-dressed woman to be in the advert. While Islam came to lift the status of women from mere sexual-playthings to the level of a human being with rights, the Westerners, with their so-called freedom of expression, have once again degraded women to what it was before, during the First Era of Ignorance – objects to be ogled at, lusted after and traded like meat. Maulana’s advice is spot on – we must stop participating and supporting this degradation, and in doing so, we save money and are no longer abetting the evil-doers in their nefarious activities.

The Fourth Order – for Kings and those in authority in their countries

  • People follow their kings’ religion. If their prince is righteous, his subjects are bound to be just as righteous. If a king is corrupt, his subjects would be licentious infidels.
  • Maulana said, “His Majesty (King `Abdullah of Jordan) must also formally forbid people to go out of their houses after `Isha prayer. This should be like a martial law imposed in the country. It is not acceptable for him to license bars, coffee shops, cinemas, or theaters. Anything that distracts people from Allah’s command, that keeps people busy with other than Allah, is forbidden. If such directives are not issued, something will befall the kings as well.”
  • A leader is responsible for his people. A hadees states that every leader will be questioned about his followers. Another hadees states that one who enjoins good, will also be rewarded equal to those who followed his advice, and those who spread evil, will also bear the sins of those who follow his citizens.
  • Zaynab (ra), the wife of the Prophet (saw) said, “The Prophet (saw) once awoke, and his face was dark, as he said three times, ‘There is no deity worthy of worship but Allah! Woe betide the Arabs, because of an evil which will soon come! Today, the barrier of Ya’juj and Ma`juj has been breached by so much,’ and he made a circle with his thumb and forefinger.” And Zaynab remarked, “I said, ‘O Messenger of Allah! Even when the righteous still dwell amongst us?’ and he said, ‘Yes, when khubth (moral degradation) becomes widespread.'”
  • This was in the time of the Prophet (saw)! So especially now, every King and Leader must strive against this moral degradation, as to correct a wrong, is a sign of faith. The Prophet (saw) said, “Whoever sees something evil should change it with his hand. If he cannot, then with his tongue; and if he cannot do even that, then in his heart. That is the weakest degree of faith.” A King has power, he must change these institutions of moral degradation with his Hand (Power).

Maulana’s concluding do’a

  • “Yaa Rabbee! O Allah! Do not leave us to our egos, not even for a blink of an eye! O Allah, grant us Your pardon, forgiveness, and mercy. Grant us Your forgiveness and rectify us and reform our lives and the state of Muslims. Grant victory to our Sultan, Sultan of the humans and jinns, Sayyidina Mahdi (as). May Allah reveal him, heed our prayer, and hasten his coming! Grant him honor and glory, and bring him closer, for the sake of the one on whom descended the Opening Chapter of the Qur’an, Suratul Fatihah”

Summary of Orders

In a nutshell, these are the instructions issued thus far:

  • for us to return to our homes when we sense danger, then we are to perform a 2 raka’at prayer and to make do’a, remaining in our homes for safety.
  • parents are to look after their kids, and they must ensure that their children are home by maghrib (sunset) daily without fail or excuse, except if they are going to the mosque, in which case it is best that they are accompanied by the father.
  • for adults also not to go out after sunset (except to the Mosque). Those who wish to be in safety, must never leave their homes after sunset, no Saint can protect them if they did. This order is in effect from now till Judgement Day.
  • for businesses to stop advertising their goods/services, and for the public to stop looking at and being influenced by advertisements.
  • for authorities to cease issuing licences for pubs, nightclubs and other sleazy activities, and to forbid people from going out after isha’ prayers. Promoting/Condoning any activity/business that distracts people from Allah’s command, is forbidden.



  • Beware of people trying to ‘soften the tone’ of this Warning by diluting it or trying to convince you that it was directed only at the Jordanian delegation. It was not. It was directed at Mankind from East to West, North to South, and is in effect till Judgement Day. Do watch the video yourself, to see how forceful and intense Maulana was with these warnings.
  • The Bani Israel were in the habit of diluting Allah’s warnings, and making the haram into halal. When told that animal fat was haram, they melted it and sold the liquid fat (known as oil) instead, arguing that, technically, they weren’t dealing with the solid fat that was prohibited, but with the liquid fat, whcih was not mentioned in the warning. They also invented other ‘ingenious’ ideas to go around the Sabbath prohibitions as well. Read what Allah did to such people:

فَبَدَّلَ ٱلَّذِينَ ظَلَمُواْ مِنۡہُمۡ قَوۡلاً غَيۡرَ ٱلَّذِى قِيلَ لَهُمۡ فَأَرۡسَلۡنَا عَلَيۡهِمۡ رِجۡزً۬ا مِّنَ ٱلسَّمَآءِ بِمَا ڪَانُواْ يَظۡلِمُونَ (١٦٢) وَسۡـَٔلۡهُمۡ عَنِ ٱلۡقَرۡيَةِ ٱلَّتِى ڪَانَتۡ حَاضِرَةَ ٱلۡبَحۡرِ إِذۡ يَعۡدُونَ فِى ٱلسَّبۡتِ إِذۡ تَأۡتِيهِمۡ حِيتَانُهُمۡ يَوۡمَ سَبۡتِهِمۡ شُرَّعً۬ا وَيَوۡمَ لَا يَسۡبِتُونَ‌ۙ لَا تَأۡتِيهِمۡ‌ۚ ڪَذَٲلِكَ نَبۡلُوهُم بِمَا كَانُواْ يَفۡسُقُونَ (١٦٣) وَإِذۡ قَالَتۡ أُمَّةٌ۬ مِّنۡہُمۡ لِمَ تَعِظُونَ قَوۡمًا‌ۙ ٱللَّهُ مُهۡلِكُهُمۡ أَوۡ مُعَذِّبُہُمۡ عَذَابً۬ا شَدِيدً۬ا‌ۖ قَالُواْ مَعۡذِرَةً إِلَىٰ رَبِّكُمۡ وَلَعَلَّهُمۡ يَتَّقُونَ (١٦٤) فَلَمَّا نَسُواْ مَا ذُڪِّرُواْ بِهِۦۤ أَنجَيۡنَا ٱلَّذِينَ يَنۡہَوۡنَ عَنِ ٱلسُّوٓءِ وَأَخَذۡنَا ٱلَّذِينَ ظَلَمُواْ بِعَذَابِۭ بَـِٔيسِۭ بِمَا كَانُواْ يَفۡسُقُونَ (١٦٥) فَلَمَّا عَتَوۡاْ عَن مَّا نُہُواْ عَنۡهُ قُلۡنَا لَهُمۡ كُونُواْ قِرَدَةً خَـٰسِـِٔينَ (١٦٦)

But the transgressors among them changed the word from that which had been given them; so We sent on them a plague from heaven for that they repeatedly transgressed. (162) Ask them concerning the town standing close by the sea. Behold! they transgressed in the matter of the Sabbath. For on the day of their Sabbath their fish did come to them openly holding up their heads but on the day they had no Sabbath, they came not: thus did We make a trial of them, for they were given to transgression. (163) When some of them said: “Why do ye preach to a people whom Allah will destroy or visit with a terrible punishment?”― Said the preachers: “To discharge our duty to your Lord and perchance they may fear Him.” (164) When they disregarded the warnings that had been given them, we rescued those who forbade evil; but We visited the wrong-doers with a grievous punishment, because they were given to transgression. (165) When in their insolence they transgressed (all) prohibition, We said to them: “Be ye apes, despised and rejected.” (166) (Quran 7:162-166)

  • In the Verses above, Allah sent a plague against those who changed the Divine Words, and Allah changed those who defied the Warnings into apes, while the Preachers (Warners) were saved!
  • Maulana said, “You know that this (heavenly) news came on this Friday night, and whoever receives this news and violates these orders will be punished by something he does not like, God forbid.”


This Summary was compiled from a 20 minute Arabic Suhbah titled Warning, given on the 7th of April 2011, and it can be viewed here at, There is a SUBTITLE button next to the Volume control at the bottom of the screen to choose choose subtitles in eleven languages, choose from Arabic, Bahasa Indonesia/Melayu, German, English, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Mandarin, Dutch, Italian and Turkish. Click the AUDIO button, for a translation into other languages. Should the video no longer be there, please look for it under the video archives of the Saltanat TV site.

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