Every mureed MUST read this Qaseedah / Do’a now

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On the 6th of April 2011, Maulana Shaykh Nazim instructed all mureeds to get a copy of this Qaseedah, and read/sing this Qasidah/do’a daily, either before or after azan, and to read it at least three times daily.

Mureeds must read this every night and in every Association (Suhbah), for it gives them power. It is very important that every Mureed of Maulana, read this all the time.

Maulana specially mentioned that the 300 million people in Indonesia must read this, “Tsunami is coming, the waves are coming! If they don’t read this, nothing can protect them.” This do’a is the only protection from the coming Tsunami!

Maulana also mentioned that it must be read in Cyprus and Istanbul.


The Arabic text, transliteration and approximate English meaning of the Qaseedah can be downloaded here.

The Arabic text, transliteration and approximate Bahasa translation can be downloaded here.

An extended version of this Qaseedah (Arabic/English) can be downloaded from here.

A rousing rendition of this Qaseedah can be watched here.

Read the meaning of the do’a, and you will be so moved.


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