Do you know Rasulullah’s (saw) real Station

Summary of Maulana Shaykh Nazim’s Daily Suhbah

12th January 2010, Tuesday

Do you know Rasulullah’s (saw) real Station

A’uzubillah himinsh shaitan nirrajeem

Bismillahir Rahman-nir Raheem

Assalamu’alaikum wrh wbkt

  • Maulana speaks out against the emergence of so-called modern day scholars, who are only seeking out the faults of Muslims, raising controversial topics, highlighting petty issues, and creating divisions amongst the Ummah. Is that the sort of knowledge that was brought by Rasulullah (saw)? These so-called scholars believe they are inheritors of the Prophet, but was this the type of knowledge that was propagated by our beloved Rasulullah (saw)?
  • The Prophet (saw) brought heavenly knowledge, knowledge of Allah’s greatness, knowledge that leads Mankind to purification, realisation, submission and love. The Prophet brought knowledge befitting the Station (Maqam) of Bani Adam, as Allah’s Khalifa on earth, the highest station of Creation. There is no creation, above the Station of Mankind.
  • Hence, we were given the Holy Qur’an, no other Holy Book is at the same level/station/maqam as the Qur’an. Why? Because, no other Prophet (who received the other Holy Books), was at the same Maqam as Rasulullah (saw). Since our Prophet has the highest Maqam, he is given a Book befitting his perfection and highest status.
  • The Qur’an teaches us about the creation, and the existence of all creation points to the Creator, so that we may learn to admire and glorify Allah, and submit and serve and love Him unceasingly. But the Qur’an was not sent directly to the Ummah, it was sent to the One who was authorized to receive it, to understand it, to teach it, to explain it. It was sent, not to an ordinary human being, but to One who stands highest in the Divine presence, Sayyidina Muhammad (saw).
  • Even in this worldly life, a great book is judged by the greatness of the author, and such a book is edited/published by a renowned source. The Qur’an is the Divine Word of Allah, and He has chosen to ‘publish’ these words via the tongue of Rasulullah (saw). Why? So that we will acknowledge the high standing of Rasulullah (saw), and study his traits and characteristics and behaviour, as his is the epitome of perfection.
  • Many scholars today tread a path of sin and Allah’s displeasure, by demoting Rasulullah (saw) to a mere postman, a mere despatch bringing the message of His Lord. They have tried to relegate him to the level of an ORDINARY man, and are denying him any special praise, salutations or respect. They forbid the recitation of mawlid, selawat or the showing of any love and affection for this man, conveniently labelling such acts as associating partners with Allah. And yet scholars must teach what is contained in the Qur’an, so Maulana asks, what is the status of Rasulullah (saw), as stated in the Qur’an? Is he a mere postman as claimed by these so-called scholars?
  • Maulana asks these so-called scholars, what were the characteristics/behaviour/traits given to Rasulullah (saw)? What is his personality? What is his Maqam? Is it as lowly as these modern day scholars claim? Do these people not see, that the Maqam that was given to Rasulullah (saw) was the very same Maqam that Iblis (back then, he was known as Azazil, leader of the Angels) was eyeing and was desiring? Iblis was yearning to be given that highest Maqam, to be raised above all creation, and he defied Allah upon learning that the Maqam that he was coveting, had been given to Rasulullah (saw). Do you think, that Iblis would be yearning/coveting/desiring the lowly Maqam of a mere postman? Surely not! What he desired was a Maqam of the Greatest Honour and Status, bestowed upon Rasulullah (saw), so why are the modern day scholars not giving Rasulullah (saw) his due respect?
  • Maulana warns, that DISRESPECT for Rasulullah (saw), is kufur to Allah! For Allah had said in the Holy Qur’an, “Oh Muhammad, I will bestow upon you, Maqam Mahmuda (the Station of the Most Praiseworthy).” Maulana says, look at the high respect that Allah gives to Rasulullah (saw), raising him to the pinnacle of all creation. How is it that many scholars are belittling Rasulullah (saw)? Maulana says, we must teach ourselves and our children, about the personality of Rasulullah (saw), we must study him, emulate him, follow him, respect him, and ask for his intercession on Judgement Day. How is it that you are seeking his intercession, but you do not respect him, Oh Muslims?
  • Maulana gave a beautiful example of why scholars in Islam are at different spiritual levels. He likens it to a man who is climbing up a narrow minaret, to give Azan, at the top. The walls of the minaret have small openings, through which one can see the surrounding areas. A man who is climbing upwards though the minaret, is able to glance through these small openings to view the outside world. But he will only have a narrow view, facing just one side of minaret. But a man who has reached the balcony at the top of the minaret, will be able to see a panoramic and complete 360 degree view of the scenery – unblocked, unbiased, and unskewed. Allah says, “Above every Knower, is another Knower”. So when a scholar’s knowledge is shallow, it is because his view is stunted, he has yet to reach the top of the minaret. But a Master who has reached the top of the Minaret, will give you teachings and advice that is based on reality, and you will find the knowlwdge broad and all-encompassing.
  • You MUST study the life and personality of Rasulullah, and teach it to all Muslims. A human who does NOT know Rasulullah (saw) HAS NO VALUE IN THE SIGHT OF ALLAH! Shaitan is planting the teaching all over now, that Rasulullah (saw) was an ordinary man, he is a mere postman, he is of no special value, discard him from your study/curriculum, he is not important or relevant to your journey in Islam! On the contrary, says Maulana, Rasulullah (saw) is the central point of your entire journey, for NONE knows Allah as he does, and NONE knows the secrets of the Qur’an as he does, and NONE other than he, is dressed in the Maqam of Perfection. So his attributes, behaviour, traits and personality are the central core of your study of Islam!
  • There is no creation equal to Bani Adam, in status/maqam. And from amonst the Bani Adam, there is none equal to Rasulullah (saw) in status/maqam. Be thankful that you are one of the Ummat of Muhammad (saw), that is a great honour bestowed on you. Study Rasulullah’s personality, and give him your highest salutations, love and respect.

Allahumma salli ‘ala Sayyidina Muhammad, wa ‘ala ali Sayydina Muhammad.


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