Darwin versus 124000 Prophets

Summary of Maulana Shaykh Nazim’s Suhbah

19th December 2009, Saturday

Darwin versus 124,000 Prophets

A’uzubillah himinsh shaitan nirrajeem

Bismillahir Rahman-nir Raheem

Assalamu’alaikum wrh wbkt



  • There is ONE earth, ONE Lord, and only ONE Will can prevail. There cannot be TWO Wills prevailing. Only ONE can do anything He pleases, and that ONE is the Lord Almighty. We must bow/submit to Allah’s Will, but our egos want us to bow to its desires.


  • Maulana warns us not to be slaves to our desires, to our egos. Abidu nafsak, that is a slave to his ego, such a slave, is the dirtiest one, and is thrown from the Divine Presence. Strive to be Abdullah, Slave of Allah. So beware of our egos, and we must also be equally beware of shaitan.


  • Many scholars announce that they are learned ones, as they have memorized certain passages from the Holy Book and also thousands of Hadees. Although true to a certain extent, Maulana says that there is a difference between knowledge that springs from the mind, and knowledge that springs from the heart. Also, human knowledge has a limit, so beyond that limit, we cannot say we are learned anymore. Maulana says, it is better that they say, ‘I am a student, I am still learning….”, that is humbler and a more honourable disposition.


  • The existence of every living creature on earth, be it a plant or an animal, points to the EXISTENCE OF A CREATOR. For Creation cannot exist without a Creator, as none from Creation has ever created itself. So every living creature is proof of Allah’s existence.


  • In this time and Age, many Professors are teaching the process of Evolution, and they are teaching the young of today, that Man descended from Apes. They say this without proof and accept this ludicrous idea without question. Some say Man developed by itself, from nothing, coming into existence by a mixture of gases that formed the first living creatures, who eventually evolved into Man.


  • How can Man develop from nothing? How can a creature create itself? Has Man no shame to claim to be related to an Ape? Maulana asks, if it makes you happy and honoured, to be related to an Ape?


  • If Man is but an animal that has evolved, then we shall have no fear on Judgement Day, for on that Day, Allah will bring to life all animals, then He will say to them, “Be as you were before…”, and they would turn to dust. But Man, unlike animals, will face Judgement and receive his dues.


  • It is true that we possess a physical body, just like animals do. But what makes Man special, is not the flesh and bones. For when Allah had fashioned Man from earth, Man was just a piece of clay, that was dead, and had no movement. Allah blew His breath into Man, and the lifeless form began to move, and his eyes opened, and a secret power from Allah moved through his entire body, and the piece of clay, amazingly, came to life…..so Man has been granted something more, a secret, that makes him very special. No other creation has been given the secret with which Man has been bestowed with.


  • So many so-called learned Professors who believe and teach this theory, are actually ignorant ones, who know absolutely nothing about the secret of Man. Do they not see that Man is vastly superior, not only to the Ape, but to ALL the animals? Don’t they see that no animal has been given a mind like Man’s? And if Man is indeed related to an Ape, surely we could use Ape organs to replace human ones easily.


  • How can you be proud to be related to an Ape, when you have been created as the pinnacle of creation, the most honoured Khalifa, and you are making a claim that would lower you to the level of an animal? Maulana asks, would you say to someone, “My grandparents were Apes, but I am a man.” Does that bring honour and respect to you? Only someone without a mind, would accept such a statement.


  • Maulana says, if your ancestors were indeed Apes, surely you would behave like one too….yet how is it that you can communicate and live as you do today? Look at how Man’s abilities are so vast – we can talk, walk upright, run, swim, think, create, design….and compare that to the Ape….how can we be from them, when there is NO RESEMBLANCE AT ALL IN WHAT WE ARE ABLE TO DO, AS COMPARED TO WHAT THE APE IS ABLE TO DO?


  • Maulana is intrigued at how such a BASELESS AND NONSENSICAL IDEA has taken root in our education system, and is now widely taught, AS IF IT WERE THE TRUTH, and it is being accepted without question, by millions of youngsters, who then deny their Creator!


  • Because of this claim by one madman (Majnun), Charles Darwin, many people have taken his laughable theory, and rejected the teachings of 124 000 Prophets, all of whom came to tell Man that Allah is their Lord & Creator. People are rejecting 124 000 Prophets, and accepting the deviant claim of just one man. How utterly foolish and incomprehensible! One who insists on believing Darwin’s claim, is not only an ignorant fool, he is also a shaitan, for he is rejecting the call of 124 000 Prophets that were sent by Allah to teach Man his origins. Such people, Maulana says, will never smell Paradise, for they have been misguided by shaitan into the waiting flames.


  • If Man evolved from Apes, then from which animal did cats, dogs and pigs evolve from? Maulana joked that, since the cat was a proud creature, it would claim that it descended from the majestic lion, since the domestic cat does look like a small lion. But if we were to ask the lion, it would not want to acknowledge being related to the puny cat. Similarly, a jackal will claim to be descended from a tiger, but the tiger would disclaim any relationship with the dishonourable jackal. See how the more honoured creature would like to distance itself from the one that it considered to be of a lower level? Yet, it is mind boggling how Man, the most honoured of Creatures, instead of dis-associating itself from the Ape, seeks to be related to it instead!


  • Finally Maulana asks those who believe that they are from Apes, to take a good hard look at the Ape, then to look into the mirror, and then to ask themselves if they feel that they are related to the creature.


  • It is because of the spread of these deviant teachings, that Divine Anger has descended, and there is widespread killing, mayhem and chaos in the world today.


  • This is the time of deviant ideologies, so save yourselves by taking time to study the Qur’an, learn about yourselves and learn about your Creator. If you do not know this, you will go astray.


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