Close your heart to this worldly life: 10th October 2010

Summary of Maulana Shaykh Nazim’s Suhbah

10th October 2010

Close your heart to this worldly life

A’uzubillah himinsh shaitan nirrajeem

Bismillahir Rahman-nir Raheem

Assalamu’alaikum wrh wbkt

  • Maulana welcomed attenders and asked how their businesses were doing. He said that paper money was something that went against the Shariat of Allah, so anyone or any country who depended on it, would plunge deeper and deeper into recession and crisis. Advice as to how to solve the economic crisis had been dished out fifteen centuries ago by Rasulullah (saw) – to use gold, silver and copper as currency – not fiat (paper) money, which in reality, is worthless. Once we switch to using these metal commodities as currency, within forty days, this entire economic crisis will be over. Till then, there is no solution, as long as paper money is being used as a medium of exchange.

  • Maulana asked that question (about our business) deliberately, as it is a Sunday today, so no one was working actually. Maulana wanted to show, how you know to divide your time for worldly purposes, having a six-day work week, and setting aside Sundays for rest. For your worldly matters, you have put in so much thought and planning. But are we doing the same for our hereafter, our next life, our eternal abode? Are we dividing our time to include time for the pursuit of closeness to Allah? No. We are completely focused on dunia; the hereafter is just an after-thought. Such are the signs of the foolish and heedless ones.
  • On Judgement Day, our deeds will be made visible to all, and Angels will say to the blind ones, “While you were in dunia, you were dividing your life for work, to gain money and riches! And in the twenty four hours that Allah gave you daily, you only thought of worldly profits! You never thought about ‘heavenly profits’ for your ‘final station’ where you will remain forever? Each time you made money, you were so happy, yet today, when you are looking at yourselves, you see that you have no heavenly profits, you stand ashamed today!”
  • You are so happy to earn the limited profits of this world, and yet you are ignoring the limitless profits of the hereafter? Such heedlessness, oh Mankind of today! Don’t you know how to differentiate between the temporary and permanent life? You may even die tomorrow, so why are you working so hard for a temporary life, and why are you completely ignoring the permanent life? “Are you drunk?” Maulana asks.
  • Everything in dunia is limited – its pleasures, profits, enjoyment, honour and life – all limited, and will end in death. So even if you are gaining in your worldly profits, you are losing, as long as you are not acquiring the real and permanent profits of the hereafter.
  • Oh Scholars, remind people of the futility of collecting a temporary profit – explain the difference between the temporary and permanent lives! Clarify to your congregation the purpose of their creation! Remind those around you constantly, as to why Allah created them.
  • We must use all means available, to invite people to know their reality of their creation. We must harness all forms of media in existence today, to spread the message. Man is using media to spread entertainment (movies. pornography, social free-mixing, music) – all that is just for the pleasure of Man’s dirty egos.
  • Man today gives priority to his ego’s desires over heavenly Commands. Many Muslims are migrating to Western countries on the pretext of spreading Islam. In reality, they are in the West because they enjoy the freedom to do as they please, they like the permissive and decadent lifestyle of the unbelievers. Although they pretend that they are there for religious reasons, Allah knows their real intention. “One can cheat fellow humans, but one can never cheat Allah,” says Maulana, “He knows the secrets in your hearts.” Do you think that you can control your desires when you are in that environment of such unbridled freedom?
  • Oh (so-called) preachers of Islam, leave these countries (England, France, as well as the rest of Europe, and America) and return to your homeland! If you remain there, you will be written as liars and hypocrites. Heavenly lights will be taken from you, as you are becoming donkeys to your egos. Do your preaching (da’wah) from your own countries, there are numerous channels to send this message of realisation and Islam, to the people of the West. You may send broadcasts from your home countries, even twenty-four hours a day. “Look at me,” says Maulana, “I am in an unknown spot on the map, yet I am calling Mankind from East to West and from North to South, to Allah, and to declare to them their reality.”
  • Don’t ask for dunia anymore. Prepare your burial shrouds! You may be called ‘home’ at any time. And then, you will be he held accountable for your deeds. Open your minds, and accept this reality! The Signs of the Last Days are here, they have been foretold fifteen centuries ago. Now that you see them, why you not taking heed and teaching those around you. Scholars must say, “The Day of Qiyamat is fast approaching, its Signs have appeared!” Broadcast this to people around the globe. Now, only the big Signs are left before Qiyamat.
  • Allah’s punishment is stern, so beware the coming of Divine retribution, which will burn your bodies to a crisp, and crush you to dust.

إِنَّ بَطۡشَ رَبِّكَ لَشَدِيدٌ

Verily, the Seizure (Punishment) of your Lord is severe and painful. (Quran 85:12)

  • Those with the means to fund and sponsor such broadcasts of preaching, must do so, so that the message can reach widely. Mankind must realize that they are on a journey, and every journey has a destination. We have only have two possible destinations; one in safety and contentment, and the other in agony and regret, from which you can never be saved! Religious teachers must stop writing so many books, for people have no time to read books anymore. Instead, speak to people (which means conduct Suhbahs) and like a (Spiritual) doctor, explain to people what is dangerous to them, and share with them teachings that will illuminate their hearts, so that their illnesses are diagnosed and treated.
  • In the old days, when a train was about to enter a tunnel, the conductors would advise commuters to close all the windows, so that as the train hurtled through the dark tunnel, no dangerous insects or animals that were lurking in the tunnel, would enter the train to cause harm. Similarly, at the very least, we must advise people to close the windows of their hearts to dunia, and instead to seek the eternal life, so that they are not touched by misery, in this world or the hereafter.



  • Muslims are encouraged to buy gold, and to keep it as a form of Investment. Buy small coins and bars, which may be used for buying and selling, should the fiat (paper) currencies collapse. This advice had been given to us decades ago, and only today we are seeing how the paper-money system is slowly unravelling worldwide.
  • Many Muslims migrate, claiming that they are preaching in Western countries. Instead of pulling people to Islam, they are themselves attracted to the lifestyles and freedom of the West, and many of their family members, have become Westernised and drifted from Islam. Maulana calls people to return to their homelands, and in the environment of a Muslim Society, they can then preach from the safety of their lands, by means of electronic media that is all-reaching today. Those who have the means to sponsor these broadcasts and websites that spread Islam, should come forward and do so.
  • The fact that Muslim preachers are being swayed towards the lifestyles of unbelievers, instead of attracting the unbelievers to Islam, shows how weak we have become. In contrast, the Companions travelled and spread Islam to millions of unbelievers. Sa’ad ibn Abi Waqas travelled to China, and despite his inability to speak the local language, brought so many into the fold of Islam – there are more than fifty million Muslims in China today. Rasulullah (saw) mentioned in a Hadees, that the Muslims of the end of times, will be so weak, because they loved dunia, and feared death. How true! Sadaqa Rasulullah (true what is said by Rasulullah).
  • “Love for one’s homeland is a sign of faith,” said the Seal of Prophets (saw), so those who have migrated, should feel the desire to return to their homelands, if they have faith. And since Man’s real homeland is Paradise (Sayyidina Adam was created and started his journey there), we should all feel the urge to return there, and preparation towards that goal is a sign of faith.
  • Man must be made aware of the difference between what is temporary and what is permanent. If we work for this worldly life, it gives us a temporary, limited profit that we eventually leave behind. If we work for the hereafter, it gives us an eternal, limitless profit, which we take with us to meet our Lord. Surely the choice is clear, for those of understanding.
  • The train mentioned at the end, symbolises the ummat of Muhammad (saw). It is now entering a dark tunnel of ignorance, within which lies innumerable dangers, which are lurking in the dark shadows. Ulama are being called to board the train (return to homeland), and to explain to common people the dangers of what lies outside the windows in the dark, so that they will close them. That is fazakkir, reminding the people whom your have the means to reach. For those who close their windows, they are protected. For those who defy, they will be confronted by the horrors of the dark tunnel, and by the time they realize and regret, it will be too late to close the windows. Oh people, close your hearts to dunia, for dunia is filthy, it is a carcass, and if enters your heart, it brings along its dirt and diseases which will drag you down into the darkness of the sufferings of Jahannam. May Allah protect us from a bad end. Ameen.

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