Bring your best, to meet Allah

Summary of Maulana Shaykh Nazim’s Daily Suhbah

2ndFebruary 2010, Tuesday

Bring your best, to meet Allah

A’uzubillah himinsh shaitan nirrajeem

Bismillahir Rahman-nir Raheem

Assalamu’alaikum wrh wbkt

  • Maulana reminds us not to be heedless. We must always be trying to improve ourselves, clean ourselves and raise our spirituality and faith. We must know what Allah wants from us, and try our best to fulfill these Commands, to please Him. Try to be good ones, for Allah has given good tidings to good ones, and it is an immense loss and disgrace, if we are amongst the defiant and heedless ones. When a person’s personality is dominated by his ego, he becomes an evil person, he becomes a dirty one, he becomes impatient, and is unable to even sit through a short Suhbah, as his ego will be bored and restless, seeking entertainment and enjoyment. Man is heedless of the fact, that he will bring his deeds to akherat, to be shown to Allah, and to be Judged!
  • Maulana tells a story to explain this. In the olden days, when people stayed in farming and agricultural villages, they used to have a special day each week, when they would take their farming produce to the market, to sell them. The farmers would collect all the best fruits and vegetables, leaving the deformed and less-than-perfect ones for their own consumption, to the market. Hence, only the best of the harvest was put on display for all to see, and every farmer would be proud to show what healthy and well-grown fruits and vegetables they had grown.
  • Similarly, Man will gather on Judgement Day with his harvest, his deeds, and all these will be on display, for all to see, just like the farmers in the story above. People will be able to see what deeds others have done, and so many of us will be so ashamed when all our deeds – our secret and openly done evil deeds – are put on display for all to see! Are you prepared to have your deeds on show? Have you purified your intention, your beliefs, your deeds, so that all that goes on display does not shame you? Maulana tells us to bring our best deeds to meet Allah, so that what is on display is the best of our deeds, each deed done seeking Allah’s Greatest Pleasure (Ridwanullahi akbar). Some will be so proud and happy on that Day (just like the farmers above), yet others will be in dejection and humiliation. You have the choice to decide in which category you will be in.
  • Maulana says that only one who is drunk/intoxicated with this worldly life, will ignore such advice. How can we not be preparing for Judgement Day, when we already know that it is a Day of difficulty and repayment, a Day so chaotic and tumultuous that even Prophets will be trembling and in great fear and terror! Maulana exhorts us to bring our BEST deeds for that Day, for you will not dare present the King of Kings, defective and inferior goods (deeds). You MUST present Him, the VERY BEST of deeds, befitting His Majesty and Honour. Do you see animals making preparation for Judgement Day? No. So don’t be like animals, who are not making preparations.
  • The best deed that you can bring to meet Allah, is true faith and belief in Him, to believe in His existence and His Beautiful Names. Do not be like shaitan, for shaitan exhorts Man to reject the existence of Allah. How can the creation exist without a Creator? Shaitanic teachings have penetrated deep into schools, and many now attribute everything to ‘nature’ – an occurrence that happens by itself – and they reject the existence of Allah completely. Such is the state of Man in the 21st century, Man is proud to be at the pinnacle of his technological advances, yet he is actually at the bottom of the deepest pit of spiritual poverty, billions reject the existence of Allah, and even from those who believe, many are not leading clean lives, having no clue as to what is required of them by their Lord, what is their Divine purpose of creation – so many, almost all, have fallen into the traps and clutches of shaitan. We are in the Dark Ages of the end of times….
  • Maulana tells us to think. Have you ever seen anyone who created himself? Have you seen any human who has come into existence without a liaison between a man and a woman? If Man is truly independent of God, why can’t he prevent aging? Why is he growing older (developing wrinkles, balding, old-age ailments, deteriorating eyesight etc), who is making him grow older? And why is he dying, why is he not able able to stave off death? If there is no Creator, why has not ONE human in history, managed to stay alive and live perpetually? Who is making him die? If Man cannot exert his will, to stop aging and death, that shows him, that his existence here is not according to his will, but according to His Will! So why does Man still reject his Creator, in Whose Hands lie the power to create His creatures, to age His creatures and take their lives? Think – who suspended this earth in space, who filled this earth with living creatures, who created the mountains and oceans, who is making the earth spin on its axis and rotate around the sun, who has given Man intelligence (as compared to animals) and abilities, who created the different sexes, who created colours, who created the wide expanse of the Universe, who? The Key to every closed door, is to THINK! Animals do not think, so do not be like animals.
  • That is why Maulana says that people of the 21st century are drunk/intoxicated, they cannot see this simple logic, they no longer think, and their minds are unable to see the truth. Hence, Divine curses are falling onto Mankind, and Man’s life on Earth is never restful, it is filled with pain and misery, there is no more peace in the hearts, minds and souls of people today, hence they seek out hobbies, entertainment and psychiatrists to find that missing ‘peace’.
  • It is in times like this, when we must reach out to such people, as the Qur’an bring truth, and peace into the hearts of Man. This is the ideal time, for much of mankind is miserable, lost, and dissatisfied with life, and many are leading meaningless existences burdened with worldly boulders on their shoulders, and drowning in the pits of shaitan’s traps.
  • Maulana reminds us to constantly improve our knowledge, never feel that we already have enough knowledge, there is no limit to the knowledge that Allah send down upon His servants. Every moment, a new creation is being created, and new knowledge is being sent down to us. Look at Man’s knowledge of Science in the 19th century. They thought that they were very advance, yet compare that with the knowledge of the 20th century. And compare that with what we know today in the 21st century! Man’s knowledge has no limit, keep seeking knowledge and strive to know more about yourself, about your Lord, about your Prophet (saw). That is why Rasulullah (saw) said, “Seek knowledge from the cradle to the grave” And remember, all the knowledge that you seek, must bring you to Allah, as a sincere servant, it must lead you to realize Allah’s Greatness.
  • So do not run away from knowledge. Mankind is today running away from guidance, like donkeys running from a lion. Don’t be a donkey, Maulana says, be a lion!


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