Be with the Sadiqin

Summary of Maulana Shaykh Nazim’s Daily Suhbah

6thFebruary 2010, Saturday

Be with the Sadiqin

A’uzubillah himinsh shaitan nirrajeem

Bismillahir Rahman-nir Raheem

Assalamu’alaikum wrh wbkt

  • Maulana says that it is because there are keen students amongst the attendees each night, that Allah’s grants and blessings descend upon all present. Maulana prays for the strength and ability to be obedient to Allah.
  • Allah has bestowed such immense honours on Man. Each time Allah mentions Man in the Qur’an, it is an added honour and blessings for Man, it is a gift and pleasure upon the souls of Man, and these descend on Man like rain falling from the sky. We have yet to understand the magnitude of that honour and the respect that Allah is giving to us, it is an honour with no boundaries, but our minds cannot grasp that gift. (Imagine if the Prime Minister mentioned you with respect in his National Day Speech to the nation, how honoured and special and touched would you feel?)
  • Maulana says that Angels stand for eons in honour of Allah, we humans are so weak that we get tired very quickly. If only we could stand for all our lives, to honour Allah, without complaining, like the Angels! Angels do not complain, they are happy to be in Allah’s service, we must be like that too, happy to be in His service.
  • Maulana asks, why some people, especially the so-called learned scholars, are always glum, grouchy, fierce and unapproachable? They try to create an aura of holiness around themselves by doing so, and they frown and scowl when they teach and advise. Some appear serious and angry all the time, so that the unbelievers will fear them. Why? Why do they not smile? Is it an Islamic teaching, that unbelievers must fear you for your bad characteristics, your bad behaviour, your violent disposition (like many who ascribe to terrorist beliefs)? Is it a sign of your own perceived importance when you behave in this crude and indifferent manner? None should consider himself above another, for isn’t their Lord and your Lord, one and the same Lord?
  • So where do these people learn such behaviour? From shaitan! Is shaitan happy or angry now? Shaitan is angry, he has been, ever since the day Allah commanded him to make prostration (sajdah) to Sayyidina Adam (as). He has been angry ever since that moment, and he will remain so, till Judgement Day. At every moment, Iblis is an angry creature, he is created from fire, and anger is also from fire. He has hated Man ever since, he is never happy to see Man being happy, for shaitan is a miserable creature, filled with hatred, bitterness, unhappiness and vengeance.
  • At the very moment Allah commanded Iblis to prostrate to Sayyidina Adam (as), his anger erupted, just like glowing coal bursting into flames, and that burning ocean of anger engulfed this world, from East to West, and from the North to the South, and that fire will continue to burn till Judgement Day. That burning ocean does not grow weaker – no, instead, day by day, it grows in intensity, engulfing more of the Children of Adam, and shaitan is pleased to see them destroy themselves by fighting amongst themselves, with the spreading of hatred, racism, discrimination, wars and terrorism. When shaitan saw the wide-spread effects of this burning anger engulfing humans, he was pleased, and he said, “I shall ensure that Man will burn on this earth, that Man will never feel happy here, and I shall work day and night, using all my might and resources and ability, to make this happen!”
  • Shaitan works diligently to bring tears to Man’s life, he wants to see us in sadness, and he brings us diseases, sets traps and whispers evil suggestions to distract and mislead Man at every moment. When Man falls into sadness, shaitan has achieved his diabolical objective!
  • Seeing the expanding mayhem on earth, shaitan said defiantly to Allah, “Look Oh Allah, Lord of the Universe! Look at what I am doing! You have given me freedom till Judgement Day, and I am working hard to ensure that your servants are never happy, never contented, never satisfied, never at peace, never smiling!” Look at how vile shaitan is! He shows no adab, even to his Lord who gave him life, and is proud of defying Allah. The Angels cursed shaitan when he said those words, saying, “Be quiet, oh dirty and accursed one!” and shaitan fell into a coma for 40 years from that curse, and when he awoke, shaitan has not smiled again since.
  • So Maulana reminds us again, to always make doa that Allah save us from Shaitan’s traps, for these traps are meant to drag ALL of Mankind into sadness and destruction. Shaitan has spread so many insurmountable problems today, everyone feels miserable and dejected, even Kings and Governments are not spared his evil influence. Everyone has been touched by shaitan’s darkness, and shaitan extends his work through his appointed representatives, dictators who bring untold sufferings to millions. Cruel leaders like Hitler and Stalin killed millions, and Maulana said that close to half a billion people died under such cruel dictators, who were shaitan’s tools in dispensing suffering and sadness in this world.
  • The Prophet (saw) said that after the rule of Sultans, will come a time of tyrants and dictators. We have seen the truth of his words. After the French Revolution that removed the Monarchy and removed Christianity and God from the government of the country, democratic movements began throughout the world, Kings were overthrown, and many tyrants and dictators, under the guise of bringing a better life to their citizens, ruled with iron fists, killing so many people in that process, bringing a chapter of misery and suffering never seen before in this world.
  • By manipulative use of the media, shaitan’s representatives, who are promoting shaitanic ideas, are able to portray them as the BEST SOLUTION for Man’s problems, and they depict these un-Godly teachings as wise, modern and innovative substitutes for the out-dated and silly ideas that come from religion. This is a revolution that is being brought by shaitan and his representatives, and by the judicious use of the media (internet, books, magazines, television, cinema, computer games etc), they hammer home the message, that shaitan’s teachings (the worst for Man) are actually, the best for Man! So, shaitanic teachings promoting murder, killing, racism, terrorism, war, the arms race, neo-Nazi movements, aggression, persecution, revenge, gang-rivalry, social unrest, political upheavals, street demonstrations, defiance of authority, witchcraft….the list is endless…..these ideas are now firmly entrenched in the minds of billions of humans, who practise them, believing these to be a solution to their miseries, and in doing so, they fall deeper and deeper into the pit of despair and disgrace, and all this while, shaitan is standing by, watching his anger engulfing many in the fires of dunia, and leading them to the Fire of akherat.
  • In reality, a government/King/ruler is to serve its people. If they do so, there will be peace, prosperity and happiness in that country. If they do not, then shaitanic ideas will prevail. Look at today’s world – there is widespread unhappiness throughout the world today, and there doesn’t seem to be a solution in sight.
  • The solution lies in the following Hadees Qudsi. Allah says to Man, “Oh Man, be my good and sincere servant. Follow the True Guides (Sadiqin) that I have sent you, do not follow evil people. Oh Man, you have left the good deeds that I have enjoined, and you are immersing yourselves in evil, so My curse befalls you, and calamities descend upon you, you are besieged by countless disasters and endless difficulties, because you reject the Ones that I have sent to guide you. You have rejected my Chosen Ones, whom I have tasked to guide you to safety, and you have chosen to give your allegiance to evil ones, who seek your destruction.”

O ye who believe! Be careful of your duty to Allah, and be with the truthful (sadiqin). (Quran 9:119)


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