Be careful where you plant the seed: 12th November 2010

Summary of Maulana Shaykh Nazim’s daily Suhbahs

12th November 2010, Friday

Be careful where you plant the seed

A’uzubillah himinash shaitan nirrajeem

Bismillah-hir Rahman-nir Raheem

Assalamu’alaikum wrh wbkt

  • Maulana began by sending heavenly salutes to those who believed in their Creator, and he sent heavenly greetings to those believers who lived just for their Lord’s servanthood. He reminded all, that Man was not created to enjoy his ego’s pleasures, for that is a meaningless pursuit. The real honour granted to us, is when we honour the real Deputy of Allah, Sayyidina Muhammad (saw), for in reality, Allah Almighty is not in need of our glorification or praises. Allah is the Sole Owner of Endless Dominions. The whole world and its contents are less than an atom, when compared to the Endless Dominions of the Lord of Heavens. Allah is He, who needs not our worship.
  • Yet Allah is granting honour to Man by his worship. Allah wants to bestow honour on Man! Allah wants Man to humble himself, and to give his highest respect and glorification to His Majesty – but what are we doing with our lives? Man is doing nothing, he is behaving like a drunk and incapacitated one, he is pursuing enjoyment, he is constantly on the hunt for pleasure of his ego.
  • Time passes so quickly, life is so short, yet even in that short time, we cannot fill it with obedience to Allah and respect for His commands, we still insist on seeking to fill every moment of our fleeting lives with disobedience and gratification of our desires. Oh Mankind, a hundred thousand years is but a momentary spark in the passage of time. Don’t live as drunk ones; wake up, sober up, and take from that honour that Allah is offering us, especially in these Holy days.
  • Awaken from your slumber, and ask, Who created you! Stop drinking from the wine of this dunia, and ask yourself, what is He asking from you during this short stint in dunia. Learn about the message that He has sent you via His deputies and Messengers, what He has sent from the Heavens to you. Animals know these facts, but Man is ignorant, as he is not asking himself these pertinent questions: Who brought us into existence, and Who is taking us from this existence? We are appearing in this world, for only a short time – so Who placed us here, and why? Why this short existence? Ask yourself, ponder and reflect. Yesterday, we were all infants, tiny humans appearing from the wombs of our mothers. Some are born a mere 40g, others at 3kg, and still others are born as twins. Who created all these people, and gave them their individual existences? How can any one with a mind, reject the existence of an Almighty Creator, seeing baby after baby appear, each one crafted and moulded in his/her own unique manner?
  • It is important that we send our children to schools that build their faith in the Creator. Some schools build a foundation on unbelief towards Allah – they reject the notion of a Creator, and attribute everything to an unseen force called ‘nature’. This secular way of teaching knowledge, is the cause of the weakening of faith amongst our youngsters today. Even institutes of higher learning have become secular, refusing to allow the mention of God’s name in their teachings.
  • We must expose our children to heavenly teachings from a young age. Why would we want our impressionable children to grow up in an environment, where the belief of ‘no God in existence’ is prevalent? Such places of learning are cursed, for they plant and implant unbelief and faithlessness in our children from a tender age, and they nurture and tend to that mindless teaching, all through their lives, breeding adults who are atheists and agnostics. Have we no fear of Allah’s wrath, to send our children to study in such places?
  • Rasulullah (saw) has said, “Take your knowledge from the Holy Qur’an.” Everything is found in the Holy Qur’an. Knowledge that come from human’s opinions, thoughts, and so-called ‘intelligent positive thinking’ are, in reality, corrupted and dirty teachings, that corrode our faith and soil our beliefs. Do not blame anyone if punishment befalls those who continue to pursue such meaningless teachings.
  • Those who reject the existence of Allah are at the lowest level of creation, they are trapped in an underground abyss of darkness and aimlessness, and sadly, many are not asking to emerge from that darkness into the vast Universes of Light that can save them. How can one be in safety, enjoyment and happiness, how can one taste the sweetness of life, whilst rejecting He who created that safety, enjoyment, happiness and sweetness? It is an impossibility! Such people live poisoned lives, full of emptiness and meaninglessness.
  • Those who have the means to open Centres of Learning that teach Heavenly Knowledges of the Holy Qur’an, should do so. Only by walking on the true knowledge of the Holy Qur’an, will one attain sweetness in this world, and safety in the hereafter.
  • To illustrate an example of those who practised a way of life that was not based on Heavenly teachings, Maulana spoke of those who were performing Haj at the Lord’s house at that moment. So many of them were completing the Haj in order to be given the title of Hajji. And many of them shave off their beards and moustaches (it is Sunnah to keep them), whilst proudly proclaiming themselves as Hajjis. Where did they learn to shave off their facial hair, until they resembled women? Maulana made a do’a, that such people would remain clean-shaven all their lives, just like his grandmother. (Ameen!)
  • On a more serious note, Maulana prayed for Allah to send us a Sultan, one who would unite the believers, and destroy the Sultanate of shaitan.



  • The main thrust of this entire Suhbah is that we should base all our knowledge on what the Qur’an is teaching us, and we must ensure that our children learn this from a very young age. By teaching our children about Allah in every aspect of their lives, they will begin to see Allah’s wonders and greatness in every little happening in creation. The blossoming of a flower, the metamorphosis of a caterpillar, the spinning of a web by a spider, the tides and eclipses, the growth of a baby in the womb – everything proclaims Allah’s unlimited abilities and greatness. We want our children to grow up with a real belief in Allah Almighty, and that everything around us is a proof and a wonder. If instead, they learn to attribute everything to ‘nature’, then they will grow into skeptical and cynical adults, as taught to us in the Holy Quran:

Does not Man see that it is We Who created him from sperm? Yet behold! He (stands forth) as an open adversary! (Quran 36:77)

  • Despite having been made from a drop of sperm, Man himself questions his own Creator. If only he took time to ponder how Allah made that drop of sperm into a baby in the womb, complete with all its organs in the right places, and expelled the foetus from the womb at the appointed time, and then prepared loving parents to care and tend to the helpless infant, and sent the milk to his mother’s breast for his rizq. Anyone with half a mind, can see how it is madness to reject the existence of a Creator. Yet, if the child is ‘planted’ in a system of teaching that ‘brain-washes’ him/her to reject the existence of a God, then he may became an open enemy to Allah, as stated in the Verse above.
  • The next point in this Suhbah is to take honour, by being His servants. Worship is of no benefit to Allah, yet it is a means for us to be given more and more honour. So immerse yourself in His worship, show the utmost respect for His commands, and honour and love His Deputy, Rasulullah (saw). That is the way out of the dark alleys of Servanthood to our nafs, into the sweetness of Lighted Dominions of Servanthood to the Lord Almighty.

I have only created jinns and men, that they may serve (worship) Me. (Quran 51:56)

That is the only reason for our creation. Life is so very short. Live it all, for Him. That is true honour.

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