You must take blessings from April’s rain!

Maulana Shaykh Nazim’s 500 Suhbah Series

You must take blessings from April’s rain!

9th May 2010

A’uzubillah himinash shaitan nirrajeem

Bismillah-hir Rahman-nir Raheem

Assalamu’alaikum wrh wbkt

(This Suhbah was given a year ago, and is part of the 500 Suhbahs that Maulana told us to study in detail, for our Spiritual preparation in Tariqah to attain the Station of Rabbani. We have started Summarizing those Suhbahs, but Maulana is also giving daily short snippets of advice, so we are struggling to keep up, and at the same time, dig into this mine of treasures.

This past Suhbah is about the importance of April rain, and since there are a mere three days for us to collect and use this blessed rain, we decided that this Summary takes precedence over others for the time being.)


You are Ahad, he is Muhammad (saw)


  • Maulana began by standing up to praise Allah as he customarily does, and he declared for mureeds to hear, that Allah is the Absolute Owner of the Sultanate, of all Praisings, of all Honors, of all Glorifying, and of all Majesty.
  • “They are for You only, O our Lord! Give more honor and glory and majesty for Your Most Beloved, Most Respected, Most Praised One, who represents Your Holy Name from the beginning up to the end, Sayyidina Muhammad (saw)! You are “Ahad,” he is Muhammad (saw)! Absolute Greatness is only for the Lord of `Arsh, the Holy Throne.”
  • Maulana then asked for support from his guide, so that an understanding may be given to attendees attending this Suhbah.

Every creature seeks the honour of being addressed by the Divine

  • Every creature is asking to be honoured, the honour to be addressed from the heavens with the heavenly greeting of As-salaamu `alaykum! It is such a great honour granted to Mankind to be addressed by such a noble and blessed greeting, no one can measure the value of saying As-salaamu `alaykum. That greeting is a heavenly grant for everyone!
  • Today, every creature on Earth is thirsty, their Souls are yearning for heavenly Divine mercy. If Man had not been sent to Earth, then the heavenly greeting of As-salaamu `alaykum would never have been sent down to Earth. It is for the honour of the children of Adam (as), that this loving, heavenly greeting of Peace was brought from the Heavens to dunia. If not for Man, creatures on Earth would not have been honoured to hear and draw blessings and rahmat (mercy) from the Holy Salaam – every creature is seeking a portion of that heavenly mercy.

The Secret of April’s Rain

  • We all know that the Lord of Heavens created four seasons on Earth, and of those seasons, spring is known for its rain; there is something very special and valuable about spring rain which falls in March, April and May. Yet the most precious month of spring is April, and there is wisdom and reasons for that month being so special. It has been selected to have such a quality because the Seal of the Prophets (saw), the Most Beloved One for whose honor all was created, was born in April!
  • Heavenly knowledge reaches some special, chosen and selected people, and it has also reached Maulana through Grandshaykh (qs). Knowledge that April rain is special, is hidden knowledge and it carries hidden treasures that are hidden wisdoms. Of the twelve months, April is so beloved and hence, the most valuable treasures are granted in that month. In April, the Lord of Heavens sends a special and blessed rain from the heavens; such rain that reaches Earth and gives it new life. If it did not rain in April, the Earth would dry out and nothing more would grow on it.
  • It is well-known to heavenly, holy people that, blessed April rain comes from under the Holy Throne. If one drop of that blessed rain falls onto the earthly rain clouds, all that rain takes barakah, blessings from it, then that rain gives new life to everything – it changes them and takes terrible burdens from everything, particularly  from Man. And whoever knows that secret wisdom will stand under that rain, allowing it to completely touch their bodies. When those drops of April’s rain falls, even the fishes in the oceans come up, opening their mouths to reach just one drop of that blessed rain, they are opening their mouths and waiting at the ocean’s surface. Allahu akbar! All of creation is waiting to reach those Divine Waves of Mercy.

The Power of Salaam

  • Similarly, when one person says, As-salaamu `alaykum, that salaam comes with such mercy, that everything in Creation, everything on this planet, looks and asks for more and more of the blessings to reach them from that single salaam; they are opening themselves to receive the blessings from it, just like those fish. Allahu akbar!
  • But Mankind is so ignorant and heedless, they do not bother to offer this salaam when they meet! That salaam is the biggest heavenly grant to those living on this planet, and it is only for Mankind. Other creatures have not been granted this salaam, but still they are asking to reach something from the holy blessing that reaches Earth, when humans give salaams to each other.
  • Every creature in existence takes its share of blessings and rizq, and to them also comes an opening of mercy, when humans exchange salaams – that is how powerful a salaam is! It is a fact that when Prophet (saw) says to a a dead person, As-salaamu `alayka, that person must stand up. Such is the power is granted through salaam!

Hadees: Say Salaams before speaking

  • Maulana says, “O People! Always say to each other, As-salaamu `alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh.” When Maulana says As-salaamu `alaykum to the attenders via the internet, the Lord of Heavens grants heavenly blessings which reaches everyone from His Most Beloved One’s nation, who hears it. Therefore, He has ordered, if a person arrives at a meeting, he must say, As-salaamu `alaykum first; that opens the doors of rahmah, doors of mercy, for people.
  • Every single creature is asking for this mercy and blessing. Therefore, Sayyidina Muhammad (saw) said, “As-salaam qabl al-kalaam”, “Say salaam before speaking.” Salaam is the first thing you must utter, to bring your meeting under heavenly protection. Don’t speak before giving salaam. Because if you are not saying salaams,the most dangerous enemy of Mankind may join you. When you are saying, As-salaamu `alaykum, that salaam cannot reach Shaytan, so he has to leave. Once Iblees came to Rasulullah (saw) and said, “As-salaamu `alaykum.” The Seal of Prophets (saw), said,”O enemy of Allah! O most hated one in the Divine Presence! Salaam belongs to us. We are not saying to you, ‘Wa `alaykum as-salaam.’ No! It is for us!”
  • So Salaam is a powerful, honored word that is a heavenly address to people living on this planet. Spread the salaam! When you say, As-salaamu `alaykum, it gives you an honor from heaven, and through that honor comes mercy and rain over people, renewing their real beings, and they become stronger and stronger servants of the Lord.

Don’t Judge, you will be Judged

  • Knowledge like what is revealed above, will always get the Salafi and Scholarly ones agitated. Where is the daleel, they ask (when in reality, these are hidden knowledges revealed to a select few). Is it from a Maudhu or Dhaeef Hadees?
  • Many Scholars are quick to pass judgement that a Hadees is Weak or False. Maulana advised them to learn this – that one must not judge, because judgment is ultimately for Allah Almighty! Instead of judging, they should learn to humbly accept, and if they do not believe the news, they should be humble enough to accept that indeed, there are those who have knowledge beyond what they have studied in their books. They are free to follow the advice, or to walk away from it, but to pass judgement on it, is an act of pride and arrogance – they cannot say for certain, that such an advice was never extracted from the heavens.

Don’t seek Honour from Creation, seek it from the Creator

  • So many Scholars also give themselves impressive titles like Doctor of Shariah, and Shia Ulama’ call themselves Ayatollah and Hujjatollah. Maulana advises them to leave such arrogant and futile practices, these are acts against Shariatullah. All worldly imitated titles do not bring one iota of respect, benefit or honour, here or in the hereafter. On the Day of Resurrection, such Man-made and Man-given titles are worthless, not one shred of honour will be dressed on you on that Day because you have such a title.
  • Oh Scholars, don’t run after any imitated title, hoping that will give you honor. That never gives you honor in the Divine Presence. How does one attain honour? You must learn this, practice it and teach this – the highest honor is for you to become an obedient servant of Allah devoted to his Divinely service – now that is true honour.
  • So be simple and humble ones. Instead of putting PhD alongside your name, write at the beginning of your names, “A humble servant of our Lord.” Or, “A weak servant, hoping to be accepted in the Divine Presence as the weakest servant.” That gives honor to whoever writes it! Why do you not begin your speeches by saying, “O my listeners, you are listening to a very weak servant of our Lord. Listen! Perhaps the Lord of Heavens will grant you some real value, such that you will be happy here and in the Hereafter.”
  • Man-given titles give an imitated honor to you on this planet, through people. Don’t ask an honor from the Creation. Ask honour from the Divine Presence of the Creator. People who seek honour from the creation, are destroying their spirituality with these imitated titles of no value!

Oh Ulama’, Religious Scholars – what is your aim?

  • Maulana spoke then to the Scholars, “Oh Ulama’, you are writing, speaking and teaching so much, but you are not teaching such important points (as is taught above). What a waste! You are losing your chance of attaining heavenly honour, because you are not applying these points to yourselves, nor are you passing them to people and teaching them!
  • Instead, you are aiming to be known as big scholars! No, don’t do that! That has no value before Allah. Allah Almighty will ask you, “Your aim was to be the most well-known scholar, but why did you not ask to be a servant, in My Divine Presence?” Allah will put this question to everyone who claims to be a big ulama’!
  • O People! Come and accept reality, then you will be happy. You will be granted heavenly grants here and Hereafter.”



Bathe in, and drink the blessed rain drops of April...





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