There are two categories of Humans

Summary of Maulana Shaykh Nazim’s Suhbah

13th December 2009, Sunday

There are two categories of Humans

A’uzubillah himinsh shaitan nirrajeem

Bismillahir Rahman-nir Raheem

Assalamu’alaikum wrh wbkt

  • Maulana spoke of the blessed position the Walis (AwliyaAllah) have attained, for they have one part of their being always facing Allah and the other face of their being facing the Creation. Their honour lies in the fact that their remembrance / love / attachment / devotion to Allah is unwavering, unstinting, unaffected by the worldly distractions that surround them. They never falter in their remembrance of Allah!

  • In a Hadees Qudsi, Allah says, ‘Qolbu mu’min arshullah” which means “The heart of a Mukmin (a true believer) is the Arash of Allah”. Such are the hearts of the AwliyaAllah, where the Allah is always present in their intentions, thoughts, actions and utterances.

  • Has it never occurred to you about how meticulously precise our body functions are? The heart pumps blood to all parts of the body, and the blood that flows to the scalp is different from the blood that flows to the eye. The rate of flow of the blood, the contents of the blood (nutrients, hormones,cells etc) that is sent to every cell, is different. Who arranges this precise mechanisms and levels of hormones/nutrients for each and every cell in your body?

  • Allah has assigned pure, holy beings to remain in the physical heart of humans, to govern the actions of every cell in the human body. And these beings themselves take instructions from the Qutb (Head Wali) of this earth, so no human is outside the realm of divine control, and no human can determine what disease will strike him and when death will come, for it is easy to Allah, through instructions given to the pure being in our hearts, to bring illness and death to us.

  • Has it never stuck you how an atom can exist? Is it conceivable that an atom, with its whirling electrons and intense energies stored within its orbitals, can create itself and the energy within it, and cause its own electrons to whirl around it? An atom cannot even determine for itself, if it is to be an Oxygen atom, a Hydrogen atom or an Iron atom (just like humans, who have no say what race and gender they will be created as).

  • Each atom exists upon Allah’s Will and Command. Our Periodic Table, based on Mendeleev’s model, has today, about 118 elements. Only 99 of those elements are naturally occurring, the others exists only momentarily and under laboratory conditions, they are unstable and are unable to exist naturally. So, despite Man’s valiant efforts to ‘create’ new atoms, only those atoms that Allah has ordained, of the 99 elements, will exist in nature. If Allah removes the power of any one atom, it ceases to exist.

  • Our bodies’ complexities and the creation of atoms are just some of the signs of Allah’s Immense Power and Knowledge. Pondering (tafakkur) on such things increases our faith and rewards, as conveyed by Rasulullah (saw) in a Hadees, “One hour of meditation (upon Allah’s greatness) is better than 70 years of Sunnat worship.” Why? Because it is possible to be day-dreaming/heedless/absent during your prayers, but it is impossible to be thinking about Allah’s greatness, while being absent/heedless. So we are concentrating (khusyuk) during meditation on Allah’s greatness, though we may be day-dreaming during our prayers.

  • The true path to servanthood, is the acquire Makrifatullah, knowledge of Allah’s Names & Attributes, that is the most important Ocean of Knowledge that is open to Man, not animals. When we know Allah’s Names & Attributes, and we glorify Him, that differentiates us from the lowest of creation, the animals. Such knowledge is not available through books, it is acquired through seeking out a heavenly guide.

  • Knowledge about the Names & Attributes of Allah, does not teach us about the Real Being or Essence of Allah, as that is beyond human intellect to grasp. We must know there is a Sultan, we must glorify and praise the Sultan, but the true identity of the Sultan is beyond all Creation.

  • Allah says in Surah Ar-Rahman, “Ar-Rahman, Allamal Qur’an.” which means, “The Lord most Compassionate, who taught the knowledge of the Qur’an”. Angel Jibrial (as) merely conveyed the message to Rasulullah (saw), but the real Guide & Teacher to Rasulullah (saw), was Allah Almighty. Allah taught the best of creation, and we must learn from Rasulullah (saw) and his inheritors. Allah did not teach such divine knowledge to animals. Are we amongst those who are inheriting divine knowledge, or are we like animals, ignorant and lowly?

  • The worst label than can be placed on a human being is ‘IGNORANT ONE’. Millions have that label today. Despite paying so much money, and going to so many higher institutes of learning, they have remained ignorant of their purpose and mission in life, ignorant of their Lord, and ignorant of the hereafter. What they have studied, has merely inflated their egoes, nothing else.

  • Even every cell in our body is aware of its purpose and responsibilities, yet we are blissfully ignorant of ours.

  • All of Mankind is being divided into these two groups, the ONES WHO POSSESS DIVINE KNOWLEDGE and the IGNORANT ONES. Which one will you be?

  • This world is dirty, as much killing is taking place now. Allah is angry at those who take innocent lives, He did NOT place us here to kill one another. Allah has decreed that he who takes one life, is an oppressor, a bad servant, it is as if he has taken the lives of all of Mankind till the end of this world. Maulana urges Mankind to stop the arms race, to stop inventing more and more weapons, and to stop bloodshed. Allah will bring a Divine Chastisement on all cruel oppressors.

  • This Friday (18th Dec 2009) is the 1st of Muharram 1431. (It is a Sunnah to fast on the last day of the Muslim year and the first day of the Muslim new year, so it is Sunnat to fast this Thursday and Friday).


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