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May our faces be full of light and our hearts pure!

In this Suhbah filled with general advice, Maulana touched on University education, free-mixing in schools between sexes, the advantages of early marriage, as well as the blessings of being a housewife. He also gave detailed instructions for seeking protection at night, with special advice for citizens of Istanbul. Maulana also taught attendees, a powerful do’a that is never rejected, which will result in us having lighted faces, clean hearts and honour in the Divine presence. Continuer la lecture

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The Deadly Kiss Of Iblis

At the instant shaitan plants his kiss on the forehead of the condemned one, ugliness begins to seep into this person’s face, and gradually, his features change into shaitanic ones, throughout his life, until death comes. After death, worse is to follow – the facial features become even uglier and more horrifying, it acquires an added shade of darkness and a foul odour begins to be emitted from the body. Continuer la lecture

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