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(تیرہ یادگار نصیحتیں (2

اس مختصر نصیحت میں مولانا غریبوں کی دیکھ بھال، عام لوگوں کے لیے روحانی اجتماع منعقد کرنے، کم سنوں کو مغرب کے بعد باہر جانے سے روکنے، پر ہجوم اور گھنے شہریوں میں رہائش سے اجتناب، بچوں کو روزی کمانے کے لیے عملی کام سیکھانے، جلدی شادی کرنے، خاندان اور گھریلو کام کے متعلق نصیحت اور معاشرے میں محروم افراد کی مدد کے لیے بیت المال قائم کرنے کے متعلق مختصر مگو واضع نصیحت کی ہے۔ Continue reading

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Four Divine Orders for all Mankind

We have entered a long tunnel that will lead, via the Armageddon, to the arrival of Mahdi (as). Maulana says, “We are passing through a very difficult tunnel. You can’t imagine the fear and the terribleness of that tunnel through which people must pass in order to reach the time of Mahdi (as)! Cleanliness is a main condition for being protected. Dirty ones will never be protected as they are put in the dustbin and taken away. Try to be clean ones with clean minds, clean hearts, clean bodies, clean tongues, clean work (source of sustenance), and clean intentions! If not, like garbage, you will be taken away. Who becomes unclean cannot be at the time of Mahdi (a), when there will be no more unclean people; there will only be Paradise people at the time of Mahdi (a) and no more Hell’s people, they are finished! May Allah grant you to be Paradise people, and forgive me.”

So only Paradise-bound ones will emerge from the end of this Tunnel of Subjugation! Read the four Orders that were revealed by inspiration into the heart of our beloved Warner, and make the necessary changes that you must, in order to survive the unfolding events. Continue reading

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